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Author:  seabreezeblue [ Fri Jul 18, 2014 6:34 pm ]
Blog Subject:  tired..

I'm so so tired..

In a good mood but so tired.. I've just woken up after falling asleep on the sofa for about an hour and now my neck aches - it's quite odd actually.. the sofa always feels so comfy to curl into but my neck always hurts afterwards.
I may have to start pondering the possibility of trainee chiropractor goblins wandering in to practice on me while i'm sleeping.. :wink:
only on the sofa though - maybe they're like the old version of the Darleks and can't quite manage the stairs for some reason so can't get me in bed.. legs too short?

This week i've noticed my energy levels falling and falling fast.. I feel like i'm carrying around an elephant when i walk and i can't keep my eyes open when i sit down..

I really am looking forwards to my hospital appointment now.. I need to know if i have what my doctor and I suspect or whether this is something different.

It's so strange.. last week i thought i was okay and was practically bouncy with my energy levels but this week i seem to have absolutely crashed..

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