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Author:  Sarandipity [ Sat Jul 07, 2018 7:14 am ]
Blog Subject:  Routine

Out of current relationship. He's saying lots of emotional stuff to draw back it.

Plans for the weekend, go watch a film.

Work was good, routine is good. Not been paid and I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be this week as I put it on the calendar, must phone relevant people Monday.

There's alot of office politics even though am not in an office. They seem to live under constant threat and pressure from one administration person. The boss is always threatening the place won't survive. I'm ignoring it all. I don't think it's a good work condition to live under so I'm seeing it as, people loose jobs every day and what will be will be. The crazy admin lady I pretend I don't know who she is every time she calls to harass our admin lady and say whatever I want now because the woman is rude and horrible. Our admin lady is lovely. I told her to ignore the other woman and she started to stand up for herself which was nice to see.

I'm learning loads. If I move job it will be much easier because I've learnt so much. But i do love it there - in our place, wouldn't want to be where that horrible admin lady is.

Getting used to home life with this 9-5 routine. Because I've always worked for myself it's an adaption. Not being paid when I think I'm supposed to, that's what they said, is the only real annoyance to me.

Wanted a lay in but used to getting up early on Saturday so not happened although I might try to go back to sleep for a bit.


Author:  Snaga [ Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:26 am ]

Lot of crap where I work. I have a hard time doing it but you're right, sometimes you just have to close your mind to all the negativity going around or you'd go mad.

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