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Author:  sugarkillsall [ Mon Apr 09, 2018 4:19 pm ]
Blog Subject:  System Intros!

We are an OSDD-1b system, meaning that we don't lose time when each of us front, and many alters can front at once. We can also see each other in the "head space" when we're fronting!
Also, a lot of our alters are fictional interjects, we call them "Fictives"

Hanna (The host!)
-She/her pronouns
-perpetually tired
-ADHD, Social Anxiety, possible BPD
-says "Big spangle" and "hewwo" a lot. Ironically.

- A fictive of the character Kennith Simmons
- 18 years old, he/they pronouns
- Hella gay, also depressed.
- screams
- likes to pretend he's mean and doesn't care about things, but he's a total softy.

- 19 years old, he/him pronouns
- Polyamorous Bisexual
- Likes witchy things a LOT.
- Listens to music that people stereotype as "Emo Music"
- "HNNG"

- Ageslides from 5-19 (normally around 13/14), she/her pronouns
- small baby
- Loves her bunny
- Loves having honorary big sisters and brothers; does NOT like parents. they scare her a lot
- Takes on like 1200000000 forms. (jk only like 5)
- I asked for a quote and she just smiled

- Fictive of Ibuki Mioda
- 19 years old, she/her pronouns
- Super Lesbian Big Sister
- Loves being called Buki, only lets her gf call her Kiki
- Loves music more than her own left lung
- Says "Hai" and "XD" unironically and we love her for it
- not easily upset, but will fight you if you talk bad about anyone she loves
- for some reason thought i could take a picture of her posing and put it here

- Fictive of Yuzuki Yukari
- 15 years old, she/her pronouns
- sexuality? what is that? she doesn't know. She just likes people she likes.
- Big cuddly loser when it comes to Lily. (As I write this, shes giving lily the actual biggest hug ever)
- Futch lesbian except shes not technically a lebian
- "Wrow"

- Fictive of Kokichi Ouma
- Is offended that I almost forgot to put him here
- A gremlin
- oh yeah he ageslides 16-18, he/him pronouns
- whats a personal space
- for some reason is way too nervous to tell people out loud when he's fronting
- loud
- lays on the floor a lot
- "Crush Me Right Now"

- 19 years old, he/him pronouns
- grumpy
- has a weird accent
- is glaring at me right now
- i said i love him and he rolled his eyes
- uhhh gets in moods where hes pretty,.... homicidal. but has never acted on anything.
- "Stop talking to me"

- Old Probably????, She/Her pronouns
- she actually doesnt look older than like 20, but i feel like shes like 4000.
- Doesn't talk very often, but when she does, its very formal.
- actually breathtakingly gorgeous
- very calm
- tiny smiles and dances like a shrine maiden
- wears a fancy kimono
- Hums
- She Speaks For The Ocean (im sorry)
- also just smiled when i asked for a quote

- 18 years old, she/her pronouns
- likes music that is either really calming or unsettling, no in between
- Tries to seduce the other alters and Fails
- very cute tbh, but could probably kill someone
- "I see nothing wrong with the quote i gave you before..."
- the quote she gave before was Not Okay


Author:  Snaga [ Tue Apr 10, 2018 7:22 am ]

Hello to everyone and welcome!

To Ibuki: Yeah, no, no pictures, sorry. Have to protect you & the rest of the system's anonymity online. Hanna is right, if she told you y'all can't do that.

Author:  sugarkillsall [ Tue Apr 10, 2018 1:27 pm ]

[quote="Snaga"]Hello to everyone and welcome!

To Ibuki: Yeah, no, no pictures, sorry. Have to protect you & the rest of the system's anonymity online. Hanna is right, if she told you y'all can't do that.[/quote]

ahhh guess ur right, that wouldn't be safe XD
wouldn't want to put any of us in danger!!

Thank you for the warm welcome!! It means a lot <3!!

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