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Permanent Linkby voracious_lemon on Tue May 01, 2018 2:48 pm

Because I'm sick of people recommending meds I've already tried, I'm going to make a list of everything I've tried to refer to here.

Seroquel: did not work for psychosis or anything really, made me sleepy and fat
Geodon: All of the puke. All of the hallucinations. All of the insomnia
Abilify: didn't do anything but make me nauseous
Zyprexa: good as a PRN, doctor won't let me take it regularly for maintenance because of side effects
Clozapine: No professional in my corner of the world is capable of dealing with the registry crap, and I get horrible withdrawals so every month when either the phlebotomist, the pharmacist or my doctor screwed up I have to not sleep and puke and go psychotic and it's not worth it even though it works well when I actually take it. I also got horrendous side effects like a ###$ up heart, constipation, and sleeping over half the day.
Haldol: I blame this drug for making me fail out of college (cognitive side effects). It did stop my psychosis quickly that's for sure
Latuda: Worst drug ever. Akathisia and didn't work
Risperdal: Made my boobs bigger. I don't really know what else it did because I was stable before going on it and I was stable after stopping it.

Mood stabilizers
Lithium: Works at preventing mania/depression, but leaves me flat, thirsty, and peeing every 30 minutes. It doesn't bring me out of mania/depression either.
Lamictal: Did nothing. Also cant take it because I have poison ivy on my body between May and October and I wouldn't notice the dreaded rash
Trileptal: Did nothing
Topamax: Made me dumb, not effective
Gabapentin: Did absolutely nothing. In my mania/mixed state I swallowed a whole bottle at once and it was like nothing happened.
Zonegran: Not effective, didn't eat for 2 days and had to stop
(Note I cannot take Depakote because I am a woman in her breeding years)

Trazodone/Lexapro/Cymbalta/Effexor: Hi mania
Amoxapine: Also hi mania, but also hi heart problems
Mirtazapine: Good for sleep. I think I only stopped this because I'm so prone to mania and I was put on clozapine and couldn't handle the two in terms of sedation

Klonopin: was told to take it PRN for rage, by the time it kicked it there were already broken windows, broken knuckles, and broken hearts
Ativan: Also told to take it PRN for rage, anxiety, agitation, etc. Doesn't do too much
Temazepam: Took for sleep. Worked two nights, then stopped working

Ambien: Does nothing
Prazosin: stopped nightmares while they were a big problem, but it makes my blood pressure drop too low
Doxepin: Did nothing (had to switch to prazosin because it was assumed after that my not sleeping was from nightmares related to PTSD)

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