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Author:  floatingtree [ Sat Sep 22, 2012 1:53 pm ]
Blog Subject:  Day 1

I made a blog entry a few weeks ago but when I submitted it there was a problem and the
entry was lost in cyberspace. So this is going in a word processor first and the website second...

I can be a fairly contented guy a lot of the time. My problems are anger, rage and depression.
They get triggered by certain things. Certain things about the world of work are a big trigger, as
are things about the world of formal education, and just some general things that most people
probably never notice or think about.

Some things are hard to talk about, aren't they? Even on this relatively anonymous forum.
Sometimes I can talk about difficult things to friendly strangers, or people I hardly ever see.

I'm considering taking some time out to do some voluntary work in a different country.
This WILL trigger me. I did this around the same time last year and it was an emotional
rollercoaster, good and bad, and sometimes I acted like I was bipolar (maybe I am, but I don't
think so).

Still, you have to get outside your (dis)comfort zone, don't you? Normally I work in the family
business (a very humble business), which doesn't really suit me at all.

Anyway, this blog is a start. See you along the road.

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