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A dear friend gave me a valuable gift
   Tue May 28, 2013 9:04 pm

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A dear friend gave me a valuable gift

Permanent Linkby diemm on Tue May 28, 2013 9:04 pm

A dear friend gave me a very valuable gift recently.
As I listened to these life-changing words, I started making a summary of the most important parts, and the link to this article is here...
This has helped to build and further my relationship with myself.

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I just started a BLOG

Permanent Linkby diemm on Sun Apr 21, 2013 4:57 am

Oh dear!!
I just started a BLOG... how cool is that? I did it accidentally...
I was impressed with someone's comment... and saw she had a blog so I clicked the link to check it out.
I decided to leave some uplifting thoughts there for her...
I read that she has lifelong mother issues... as well as friendship troubles.
I have these same issues... even though I am a people person... I just can't do it...
So... here I am on a psychology website... loving it here... psyched up...
I came to heal after sociopaths got ahold of me and had messed with me for awhile. Dang them...
Anyway... here I am... I've gotten started...
I am sure it won't only be full of only happy thoughts... but as someone who is only recently learning to love myself... and am finally healing from negative issues... I will finally be encouraging myself!
I am terrific at finding therapeutic words to say to others.. and have learned to effectively self talk.
I used to always look externally to others in hopes of finding satisfaction... now I look internally... and truthfully... it's the best and kindest thing I've ever do for myself... besides learning to love me!
After being beaten up physically, mentally and emotionally all my life.., I deserve it! :wink:

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some uplifting thoughts for you

Permanent Linkby diemm on Sun Apr 21, 2013 4:33 am

Hello... I was drawn to your blog due to a comment you left someone.
I found it to be very encouraging... and so I was drawn here.
I see you have mother issues, as I do, and so I feel I can relate to you.
I have some positive thoughts to share with you, and I hope you will benefit from it.
By trying to remain positive, and not allowing negativity to overtake you, you will survive.
I saw you are struggling to meet and make friends... yet another thing we have in common.
Maybe we can encourage each other to make friends and upbuild ourselves and others...
I would like really that! Hope it appeals to you as well...
By learning to love myself, and by using upbuilding thoughts, I have much to live for...
Always look to encourage others.. through helping them, you are actually helping yourself. :wink:
Hey... wish I could say I wrote what's below... I didn't. But I LOVE every word.

Part of recovering from pathology is to build ourselves up from within.
Along with a genuine happiness from introspection, insight and emotional/spiritual growth, comes a humility based upon having had experiences that can be used as tools to help others seeking direction on their own paths to self-discovery.
It is a calm, quiet, PEACEFUL self-reflection that can be shared with others.
The hard part is getting there. It takes work. A lot of work.
I believe that things happen for a reason and that my higher power is trying to teach me something about myself, to pay attention to what I ignore when distracted by external things.
I think what it really means is the ability to sit alone with yourself and with God, COMFORTABLY.
I realize that I need to do a lot more work on creating happiness for myself.
This means more time alone, more time in reflection, more time in therapy and more time spent alone with God.
Pathology has been my biggest and best teacher.
A springboard to the core of self.
A catalyst for a future happiness that is far more meaningful and genuine than any relationship with anyone....
The relationship with myself.

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