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A blog for the Alters
   Wed Dec 10, 2014 9:44 pm

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A blog for the Alters

Permanent Linkby am4kds on Wed Dec 10, 2014 9:44 pm

We've decided we needed a place that all of us could talk about things going on. There are so many of us, so many different voices. It is difficult to be heard some days. This isn't a place for our host, although we hope she will read here. Our host has her own journal. We write in it sometimes, but we are not as old skool as her.

I'm Jayson. I'm a girl. I know it is a boy's name, but I am a tomboy to the max. I'm 12 and like playing sports and my trumpet. I'm generally a pretty happy girl. I help to take care of the littles in our system. I used to spend a lot of time out, before someone decided that being a tomboy wasn't cool or something. Lately, I get to come out around the host's children because they do think I am cool.

A little about me: I like playing basketball, softball and soccer. I love all types of music and almost constantly have music playing around me. I really like pop music and anything with a good beat. My favorite movies are Spiderwick and the Hunger Games movies. I don't wear dresses or skirts. I don't mind being a girl, but please don't dress me like one. I don't get angry...really! I don't ever remember being angry. My favorite food is a pizza...loaded. I love onions and green peppers! We still have my trumpet and when we can I like to play it. I like to joke around and have a dirty mind :oops: :lol: .

Right now things are kind of topsy-turvy inside. Communication is way, way down and we really just don't know what is going on some days. It is upsetting to the littles. No one seems to be getting any time lately. We were supposed to start following this schedule so that we could have our time to work on whatever we wanted. But, that has flown out the window with all the traveling and dealing with family members lately. Also, the host keeps getting all paranoid about even having us around. She has this thing about being "normal". We all know there isn't anything such as normal with people. Everyone is a little odd.

I want to tell the host: We are part of you. What we are is who you are. What is wrong with all of us different parts that you want to hide us away and ignore us? It isn't wrong to be vulnerable and want to be loved. It isn't wrong to be playful and jokey. It isn't wrong to be self-assured and outgoing. It isn't wrong to be moody and creative. It isn't even wrong to be a tomboy. And, it really isn't wrong to be sad or scared sometimes. That is who we are...really. We are okay.

I hope some of the others will post here when they have something to get off their chests too.


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