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Dissecting NPD
   Sun Sep 22, 2013 9:00 am

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Dissecting NPD

Permanent Linkby addx on Sun Sep 22, 2013 9:00 am

The covert narc considers himself to be an object, but it needs a subject to confirm that in reality. This is the covert NPDer and his spouse. The covert NPDer envelops the subject with his object(himself). It needs to become the one and only perfect object for the subject and the subject must not use other objects. The covert NPDer infact considers himself to be phallus and his subject is the mother(and this sublimates into mother-incest phantasies).

This is in contrast with the overt NPDer who considers himself to be the subject and others to be objects. This enables the overt NPDer to assemble a network of objects(people) which he uses as he sees fit. The overt NPDer is missing the phallus. (this probably sublimates into homosexual phantasies?)

From this we can see that NPD itself is an deep seated beleif that in the relationship of one or more people, one is always a subject and the rest are objects. That means all relationships are considered abusive, there is no other type of relationship possible for the NPDer (and the NPDer thus considers love and friendship to be lies).

Both types, covert and overt agree to this and both can act naturally as subjects and objects, depending on the situation, but each has a default state towards which it gravitates.

It is obvious from this why covert narcs(objects) are only able to have a few close people for which they perform the perfect object function and in return the subjects perform ego functions(validation of superior object notion) for the narc. This is a great burden on the few people who must do this for the narc and the narc is also very dependant on the few people for the ego functions.
I trust that covert narcs can perform as objects for very homogenously oriented groups of people such as religious cults that are more akin to a single big subject than many separate subjects.
There is also a relationship to "the world" which is influenced the same. The covert NPDer considers himself the object and the world a subject. The runaway grandiose phantasies of the covert NPDer are phantasies of him becoming the ultimate object for the world - the super-hero, the savior, the brilliant mind that saved the world with their inventions.

Overt narcs(subjects) have a wide network of people(objects) they use as they see fit. They perform the object function and the ego function for them. Since there are many objects/people, it is not such a burden on each one separate. Overt narc is therefore less dependant on each single person, he has more options for ego functions(validation of superior subject notion) and thus features higher self-esteem. The overt NPDer phantasizes about being the ultimate subject for the objects, the ruler, the king, a god.

We can see that the NPDer does not have an ego at all. The NPDers sense of existence and behavior is derived solely on the reflection/validation of their imagined counterpart(object or subject). The need for validation is endless because it's external causing the endless desire for more.

The inability to self-validate is caused by the fact the NPDer is paranoid-schizoid and can not see himself as both object and subject at the same time. One of these states is considered bad and one is considered good at all times in relation to the environment. The paranoid-schizoid mind state needs to keep these two as separate as possible so projects the bad outwardly and keeps the good in. This projection is what causes the NPDer to think he is the subject and others are objects and vice versa. Whichever one is considered bad at the time is projected onto the other person and the other person performs the ego function of reflecting back into the NPDer his missing half of the ego.

When approaching a person who is perceived to be stronger - it is bad to be the subject - you can obviously suffer abuse if the object rebells. This means that fear was stronger and self-esteem was lower than the other persons. Thus the NPDer will conclude that it...

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