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Well..Me of course.
   Sun May 12, 2019 8:10 pm

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Well..Me of course.

Permanent Linkby TheUnknownofall on Sun May 12, 2019 8:10 pm

Where should I start?

I actually don't know, never believe it or not wondered about wrinting a blog about myself.

Guess I should start with my childhood.
I am originally from Belgium.
I was a very spoilt boy, seeing loads of countries and things around the world, learning things no national kid or well one who stays in one country does.
So in that aspect I am glad to have seen a ton of culture and diversity.
From Asia, Oceania and ofc Europe never been to the Americas but would like to one day pherhaps.

Negative side of all this is that I have grown up very protected of the "bad" ###$ up world.

The thing that changed my whole life, was more gradual. See I was and still am a curious person.
So wherever I find something important, I'd dig up the info. This changed me, into seeing everything quite differently, won't say its all "evil" just makes me luagh at how everything works.

On top of all that, I'd suspect I am Bipolar with a hint of narcissism and some ASPD traits.
I have been tested for Autism mind you, but I seem to have Avoidant personality disorder traits.
Machiavellianistic, in my plans and tought pattern.
Not much "fazes" me but I care when I want to care and don't when I don't want to.

I just watch the world turn more more less.

(Btw hope this $#%^ aint too much to read..)

Well now, I guess that is the short summary of my existance of my insignificant life, oh yeah in terms of kink I can be both sub and dom so I am a switch.
But I prefer to dom behind the scenes.

I'd say I am a nice guy and polite guy in rl.
But my inner self spews hatred and randomness all over (of which I can both hide very well).

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