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System Map
Few are revealing when/why created, so skipping (be patient) for now except for the obvious ones before dx.
Alter most out (not necessarily in this order)
1. Argei 47 Female---Emerged 5/2014;2014; 2012-2014 has psychology knowledge; family protective
2. Daryl 25 Male--Emerged ?/2014; Socializes he ; therapy
3. SW 1st therapist 53 Female--created 9/2011 Emerged Summer 2013 we meet 2011' pick people apart good about making sure capable at the moment vocal take charge inspirer; she has experiences (trauma ones?) her experience her voice?4/6/2016 in the convo during our date what was said, cause i remember....
4. Cecil Will Smith Ali Will Smith 17 Male-- (spar) Emerged 4/2014; protective doesn't want to discuss the past sought knowledge APN adversial. Nail down the actually date Lot of movies and television shows interviews watched is it 17 years ago from 2014 or what?
5. Psyche forum (Jo& Un) 40 M-2015--believes in exposure(pi) contends with exposure to keep sansity live everydady life. A bunch of names were rattled off with psyche forum at the helm was that a crisis? DId you work? May 2016
6. Lindsey 19 female-2015--Female interactions she gets alone with females kinda of a partner tolerant protective (Shawty force me to call her shawty kinda socializes ICON)
7. Aunt Angella -2013---Tradional stay risk free as far as relationship
8. Renita 23 Female-2014---dieting money management sports health conscience espeically around certain men inner self helper
9 Vurgil 21 Male JayZ- System Manager-2013:: 2014 along side of Argei introduced as the system manager while at Ed's house during that day when Ed was in trouble ;;;protective
10. Tamika F 41 2013--Friend of the system keeps us organized good at studying smart school protective quality has men in her role:Jealous, I'm Jealous ..It should only be you Tamika not your daughter she too young let her be young...Is jealous about facebook competitve
11. Denoria F 13 2013 (Intergrating almost)--Tamika's daughter created in SAS group when she was crying about her daughter being attacked at school she split and created her complains about lack of sex likes to be cute kinda emtional in her role she kind of gets anxious has experience therapy unbeknowst to me complained about feeling abused by older men...Althought I think she is better...Clairyoant type..I try to protect her...Talks about her mom's or my grandfather unsure she was stopped some what....Kind of investigative about what happen to everyone else in St Louis...Too investigative a little vain and silly girly girl
Every Body Else

8. Sabrina 26 Female Emerged 2014(--Sw's daughter introduces herself as Zenobia, we talked alot still aint intregrate; raps in group ; persecuting quality about her she was around my married family being SW daughter'''She loves the external world watchful and whats me to keep up with who might be talking tothe system for clues the precedent her mom set I suppose in group. She don't get the message to stop she has the been the hardest one with this
5. Johnny 18 Male Emerged 2014-Oldest Male Stlous protective
6. Nicole YCW 21 Female Emerged 2014--Perfers muslim people socialize with seemily;;;identifies wicca child of the system ;;;puzzling that hurt us;;;daycare ways
7. Aunt Bernice 7 Female -Emerged 2014;;Has dated older men; games with children card games;;;she was investigative...laughing ways has also her laugh , walk mannerism; 4/6/2016 Laughed not really into the conv might have observed our date
8. Faith Bio Sister 15 female Emerged 2014 ;;;;checking the abusive alter yea um everybody does that stop spreading them rumors;;;has helpful interview qualities
9. Mom Female Emerged 2014?-Encourager; protective;; watchful kinda like anglla no risk with men
10. Cylested-(Intergrated)
11. Pastor Waller 49 Male Emerged 2014-protecitve has to convince him dude quality i suppose; Im not sure if gangstalking helps him or the group as whole the good poitns i took from it, KOP
12. Jason 31 Male - Emerged 2014 Jason doesn't like me; suck what? stay on topic in group; balance? he has a face expression...4/6/2016- the confusion since i told him to follow his gps then he was asking me i'm not a gps so he turned on gordon st , got jason out..i almost out loud complained about military guy but i said no squash it even inside you might as well comform 4/6/2016
13. Kristy 23 Female- Emerged 2014 tries to keep peace-noisy
14. Kim 25 Female-Emerged 2014; food preference wants cheese steak noisy; warns for the next day
15. Rachel P 28 Female Emerged 2014 encourager counselor quality
16. Chris Breezy 21 male- Emerged 2014-as a fan great singer dancer actor; actually agree about guilty pleasure...was sorry about his temper and what he did to rhianna i tried to keep that out as my opnion of him as fan really hard when you fan and that stuff happen;;;Are you influecing any angry outburst breeze? Let me know later
17. Rachel YCW 30 Female-Emerged 2015-daycare quality protective make sure children safe
18. Jerome 22 Male -(Intregrated) protective
19. Letisha 27 Female-protective
20. Pat Female 55-Work hears therapy group SAS wants employment kinda envious parenting buddy her let me? Has more mature word quality good for school and work I like to here when ever she switches, has boss quallity;;she actually switches kind hard to bring her forth
21. Genie 18 Female Emerged 2013---helps with renaming stuff to keep it unique or more of our own (other realm) has face mannerism
22. Nicola 26 Female Emerged 2014---Uses men bashir lol: maybe this came about during the chicago trip with Eric my sister meeting kesca friend
23. Aunt Dee F 45-Emerged 2014
24. Uncl John 47- Emerged 2014
25. Ms Jeanette 55 Female-Emerged 2014 wants to learn to sow; agreed with my mom during smell contest lol...knuckles I can tell when she observing/out...mannerism, voice , face no =yes
26. Eddie Gordon Male 17-Emerged 2014 Protector Senior Prom date, he was traumatized when he found out stuff regarding trauma in the sys that was 2014.....Doesn't like people joining cracking jokes....HS humilation told that story?
27. Beya Ya 33 Female; Emerged 2013- i'm going to credit her for that cry lol fashionable like expensive things; since beya and hubs have been on tv local tv so much and i'm not sure why I'm gussing cuase of vurgil being system manager.....When i eat sometime I will try to eat a veggy as her since they eat vegan...mannerisms, voice, face =yes
28. Blu 7 female---Emerged 2014-sub system their daughter like cereal not sure i guess the time she was on television.....
29. Julia Female 46----Emerged 2014-parenter face expression, mannerism, voice, influence, deja vu?
30. Charity 27 Female--Emerged in 2014 -4/6/2016 st louis out in car rub thigh hand africa guy
31. Walgreen Girl (Intregrated) inquisive really not of lot of coomunication with her external she was inqusitive compliment ear rings jewelry.2014....I thought she intregrated! No, i think you was out 4/6/2016 conversation with an African guy
32. Maureen 27 Female--Emerged 5/2014-Gangstalking further confirmation designed for her? Off site say less, shows me about philadelphia neighbor things ;;;she started that impersonating other alters; wants us to always go to hospital....Little understood for a good while although we have a better understanding now a tolerance...Is sheila's influence Yes...2013 WOL
32 . Alice Halle Berry Frankie the Movie (created during what movie? though) 37 Emerged 2014
32. Oprah Winfree Miss Sophie-- Emerged 7/2014- she interviews media in the system asks thought provoking questions. likes history..Meetings...THere is someone, not sure if her is asking questions about who is it to live famous ask if we already are like travel schedule her realm at home media appts.....Sophie was cleaning at Eddies house yea two of them...2nd oldest protector
33. Landon (Intregrated) M 23
34. Jeremy Male 18-Emerged 2014
35. Tyson (Intregrated) Male 24--Emerged 2014 One of male hunnies inner self helper whew just like he was/////He mentioned twins maybe that helped? He kissed my hand or shook it one after that training class...I was mad he intregrated he could have bedroom help! Reseulmbed not like really resembled my ex husband he was helpful with my map book during the test...Is this the one angella didn't want me to get unfocused with ? Yep!! Mannerism voice yes
36.Kesca Female 30 --Emerged 2014-Are you serious? Doesn't convince easily parenter facial expression voice yes;;;Has a angry streak vengeful? Protective also ;;; 4/6/2016 appealed to kesca in the golf convo cause inside said when he got the soda, bring up kesca, i said kesca i agreed;;; started to go into tennis didnt
37. Sas Niki (Intregrated) 21 Female----Will not admit! Following? YeaTwitter SW Sheila said she has a following at Penn State...YCW, okay then Gangstalking
38. Collette 27 Female---Emerged 2014-Whillies about my god it is about 10 20 minutes i have and haven't said enough in group is she like an influence....Anxious group alter? At Kesa house wants me to work with children? Lord, I don't know where that is applicable? 2013 kesa was babysitting.....As of 2016, I'm not sure could have been reserach reading? Don't comentate my our next move to trigger 2013 2012 memory please scramble it up young lady
39. Maya 27 Female---Emerged 2014 participating help my initiating argei? She is the first name I hollered out in the car her full name.....cause she sound sexy saying her name in group lol...one of my girl friends then...why doesn't she influence poerty also? Is she investigative?
40. Nyla 20 Female---Emerged 2015 Lie to counter the following mind control to throw off the clairvoyance....
41. Danielle 20 Female--Emerged 2015;Earring from indiviual session block parking lot; earring on mailbox WOL, Before the movie came out the forgeting and losing one earring in WOL, Frankie and Alice Earring in one ear, towards the end Danielle commenting on my earrring...Trigger travels.....Please influence when someone gets our name wrong that isn't their business to know an alter name your job also please and thank you. (ITT) 2015?
42. Theresa SAS 32 Female---Make her jealous SAS Emerged 2015 Father data Sheila new counselee in group;;;towards the end when you felt somethign was wrong.....I try to make people jealous when I can not necessarily online but in other ways.
43. First Lady Waller 48 Female--- Emerged 2015 Parenter, disclipiner, this came about when Pastor Waller preached about whippings that is how she got that role that one day..Was thinking about going to Temple could she have influence? Her daughter? unsure doens't remember the communication just yet in enough detail...She had us investigating angles with that whole human trafficking with the memphis thing and possible more than a adult and little angel across the street Ashland Ave 1983
44. Lary 52 Male Emerged 2013
45. Unc larry Male 59 Emerged 2015
46. Unc Walter 42 Male Emerged 2013
47. Carlton Wilton M, 35- Emerged 2014around alot trust your intution is that you? still searching
48. Derik Luk M Emerged 2015
49. Brandon C (Co hosting) 16 M Emerged 2015 he reveal that understanding good job!
50. Elanor F 28-Emerged 2015
51. Nazir M 31-Emerged 2015
52. Stephany 23 Female-Emerged 2014
53. Deirda Female 18-Emerged 2014
54. Kristy Beano 30 Female Emerged 2014
55. Nicole Sangillo NHS Female 29- Emerged 2015-dialouge and thought stopping has been helpful also for body memory we must have mentioned that in session? She was one of first I reveal Damien aka on Septa Girard too and the following . Power Marketing Group
56. Monique 21 Female Comedian-Emerged 2015
57. Ceryl Underwood Comedian-Emerged 2015
58. Kim Wheally Comedian-Intregrated
59. T.I. 17 Male Emerged 2014;Boss of your influence
60. Juicy J 21 Male --Emerged 2014; enjoys the melody art of rap, influence lyrics free styles enjoys the ladies concerts; expose twitter? was geared at him?
Tommy Wright III-Emerged 2015
61. Lord Infamous 23 Male Emerged 2015
62. Scandal Olivia Emerged 2014
63. Jada 22 Female Emerged 2015
64. Jayden 17 Male Emerged 4/2014
65. Williow 21 Female Emerged 2015
66. Dr Lunia F 48 Emerged 2015
67. LIl Kim rapper Emerged 2014
68. Niki minaj rapper-emerged 2015
69. Missy (Intregrated) Emerged 2014
70. Lee Sr Father ---Emerged 2015; The racial convo, bham and mom must be harping on this with the slave mentality the movie Frankie and Alice, being called a Ninja, in St Louis twice as a youngest I told my dad when the neighbor done that, next time was in a car in the gas station....Just convo....., part of it is hand in hand I do no ;;;that...just a convo that is 4/6/2016
71 Marlon-Emerged 2014
72 Darrell-Emerged 2014
73 Tommie-Emerged 2014
74 Theresea-Emerged 2014
75 Eugene (Intregrated)
76. Helen YCW (intregrated)
77. India YCW (intregrated)
78 Norman 80 Male
79 Tamiko HS F
80 Khadijah HS F
81 Maya Angelo F
82 John Davis
83. Ms J top model m
84. Richard Simmons M 33- Exercise guru ; yes richard I'm suffering he is consoling me he got word of trauma? he is apologizing thank you! ish
85 LIl Bit (intregrated)
86. Edens Tracey F-(Intregrated)
87 Ced the Entertainer M
88. Antony Anderson M
89 Iylana vzant F
90. Patti Labelle F
91. Steve Harvey
92. Doug Stewart 28 Male noise
93. Ryan Stewart 31 Male
94. Kokeshia
95. Male Indian 2013 (a recruiter or co worker)
96. Janet Jackson F
97. Marvea (Intergrated)
98. Scooter
99. Lebron
100. Mick Vikc
101 Tia
102 Wendy Williams F
103. Howard Stern M
104 Jaonn Woar
105 Rodawn? Woar
106..Indiana women/men Wayne ave hus&wife
107. woar dental remind me of Ketra Female
108. Michael Strayan M
109. Chris Collinsworth M
110. Symetris 7 8 9 age slider Female---yea symetris not sleep trauma carieer assaulted
112. Randy Male St Louis
113. Miller Between women Female
114. Delor Mc Donalds Lady hunting park female
115 Pastor Herdnon Male 49
116 Trudi Chase 57 Female
117. Tiffany Female UPS
118 Tracy Female UPS
119. Megan Female UPS
120. Women's Center ??
121 Donald Trump Male
122. Tara Norwood Female 43
123. NHS Medical records?
NHS receptionist the guy
124. Buddy 12 Female
125. Ben McLemore M
126 Kevin Taylor 53 Male
127 Ms Shauna 28 Female
128. Ken Fraser 56 male
129. Lan Female 17
130. Cookie Female 40 --been seing you alot lately B'ham is open ijs
131 Solange Female 22
132. David Stall Male 39
133. Chavaz 50 Male
134 Marva Female
135 Shunada (Intregrated)
136 Grandama Orlee (intregrated)
137. Bonnie Female (52 Female)
138 Lenton Male (58 Male
139. Dr Phil M
140 Shemar M
150. Charmaine F (intregrated)
151. Clarie F
152. Michele Knight (Intregrated) F
153 Braxton, Toni F
154. Tamar
154a The Real kind loks asian maybe not
155 White Nancy Shelter (intregrated)
156. Ms Goldberg twin from shelter (intregrated)
157. Whippi Goldberg F
158. Megahn PMG F
159. Damien PMG M
160 Kimball M
161 TD Jakes M
162 Tupac M
163 LIl Kieth 16 Male
164 Erica F
165 Erika F
166 La tanya G
167 Tamara Athro
168 Fella 17 Male
169 Syrenta Female
170 Matt 18 Male
171 Albert M GS
172 Bruce M WOAR
173. Monica F SInger
174 Mike Thomas M (Intergrated)
175. SAS Angella (Intregrated)
176. Chris Giles M 17 THe guardian
177 Erik Sawyer m
178 Malcom Theo male
180. Jill Scott Female
181.Teneshia Edens F
182 Pastor Terrell M
183 Bishop Long M
184 Queen Latifah F
185 Laureen Hill F
186 Darlene YCW F
187 Carla F
188. Michelle F
189 Usher M
190 Denzel Washington M
191 Nick Cannon
192. Kani Burress F
193 Lil Benny M
194 Angela Bassett F
195. Melvin Northeast
195 Aunt Irene F
196 Penny F
Ms Hattie B- around today did she anger or influence that gu i told on the step to turn his music down? This was after I saw her on facebook this morning 2015
Lucy---Just now starting to talk with me still quiet 2016?
197 Gladys K F
198 Jurnee (Intregrated)
199 Jussie M--I think everybody wanted to me to explain the tarji instgram angle and empire I suspect has he been in anything else 2015?
journee intergrated
200 Eminem M
201. Miranda F spoke about of Atlanta 2014, Miranda the Eye Institute 43??
202. Liz F 39
203. Kefran 17 M
204. Cihem M (intregrated)
205. Michael YCW 37 male
206 Michael Septa 53 M-Intregrated please end this angle Septa
207. Randy 39 M
208. Davon M 25
209. Shaheed m 61
210. Big boy m 28
211 Aundra m 18
212 Erykah F 23
213 Charles M 22
214. Jamal Edens M 26
215. Hakim (Bryshere) Empire 21 M (Intregrated)
216. Melinda Williams 34 F
217. Tyeres M 19
218 Pastor Smith M 48- Intregrated
219 Jabri Adul M 44-h e is involved alot just trying to find out how; speaking to stars also
220 Justin Beb M 21
221 Yine M 28
222. Michelle Former of Destiny F 32
Kelly Rowland- was called on in a fan convo 4/6/2016; thanks for the help at work; did you get stuff out front or near the front because of the mall? KOP? May 2016. She wants cable
223. Gloria J F 41
224. Dennis M 37
225 Aunt Dorothy M 39
226 Aunt Bertha F 54
227 Sherika F 16- Genius
228. Teresa F 46
229. Thafeta Barbara F ---convo in the car by that time st louis was out so...i canremeber the specific word phrases that brough her out 4/6/2016 just convo leaving to drop me off.
230 Rev Blaine M 47
231 Leroy Miles M 48
232 Decon Wilson M 27
Jerome New member's class Enon spoke this past Sunday 2016
234 Regina Williams F 44
235 Nelly M 35- He was called on by the handler in a fan convo
236 JGE Nelly SOn 15 M
237. Tamika C. 12 F
238 Niketa C F 38
239 Sookie F 23
240. Lafette M 17
241 Uk Alex incompentent lol very true gotta be a psychological term Larsen group 30 M, his emerge intro lol 5/2014
242. Ming M 35
243. Lily 41 F
244 Ms Felicia 45 F--she wasn't out that i could tell but it always something to harp on about he past, she thought i sounded like a white women, how u know u getting ms felicia during that convo on whit and black when felicia and i first meet good block her then...no lucky its a general term and brand of soap so i'm not calling him either
245 Ms Vanessa F 28
246 Anglesa F 15 ?? emerged in atlanta right after discussed initally the molestation in St Mountain
247. Indian Male 49
248. Orlando Edens M 51-Intregrated
249. DD (Intregrated)
250. Kevin Hart M 33-
251 Male Caucisian Unknown Einstein Hospital interviewer?
253 Ashanti F 36
254. Ercia Waller F 24--she was in a crisis has she settle that last day or two at work with that repeitioive in her personality 2016?
255. Quisha F 32-Intregrated
256. Nicole Mack F 37-Emerged 2015, has been with me more since last session much appreciated, I guess I mad her with the comment I like her voice lol....um yea she helped me at work....My hair sytlist so yea around her more.
257. Michael Jackson
258. Transwas from the Shelter/WOAR out last night? 4/6/2016
260. McDonald's with the bum when he and i discussed her gender...seems like paula deen i swear, are you in there country sounding
Chester M st Louis
Vickie/Grantley I bleive Grantely also Vickie for sure God's Place
Pastor Hall -Victory -saw him at baseball field the other week i hadn't heard from him in a while emerged 2015 Truimph Baptist
Security Library Angela 28 Female
Tracy Minster he is sacred according to denoria tamika 44 male
The Game rapper
Pastor Troy
Drama the rapper
Trina rapper
Trick Daddy
1 conflict rapper
Miraclet the rapper (? maybe unsure)
Dr Laura Schelessinger-2015, i'm not sure but i was concern about who my children are around she took a stance on asking former wife girlfriends about ex's tbd i kinda revealed her in session that was quite surprising 2016. Mom and I use to listen to her radio program on the way home when we worked together 1998-2005 on 285 atlanta. As the emergents started to happened i like facebook page in 2015 for the following just as as way to keep track.
Michael Baisdan
Tory Kim's ex
Richarad Simmons 40 Male
Darren Dewitt Lem M
Maxi St Louis F 11 years
Sister Gloria F
Kim Noble F , quite handy, helped with couch assembly
Library Ms Marsha F-ms sessions?
Tanya bham F
High school Brandi 1993-1997 emgerd 2016
Library Funny Laugh Brian
Janet Jackson F
Amanda Woar 30 Female
Charneika 26 F
Odester F 60- she of all people in alter dream driving a bus in the country i was talking with her and she almost ran into a house then i woke up lol
James/Kay an African Male Emerged last night I do know that?
David Booman M
Sernera Williams F
Alone all the time -tamika's or an alter answer me?? AF? tbd
Joyce Coleman F
Joyce Meyer F
Kieth Whitaker M 17
Country Causian during the disability approval phone calls hills of illnois F Unknown
Tyler Perry M 43
Sis Debbie Johnson F
Madea Gramnda F ;; Peace keeper apologized it got that way stays around the house if only i can keep her out lol
Churn Granddad M
Uncle Jimmy M
Usef 11 Male
Reginald Malachi 6 M
Jj 13 M
Simaya Kylea 6-gestures overnight lol
Madie 11 Male
Betty White F
Latoya Collins F
Bro Darrell M
Sis Leslie F
Lisa Hollaway
Sister Linda Holloway
Davita Neal
Sister Johnson
Jabriel 5th 10 r 11 years old- Emotion/Feeling Affect grade stupid calls himself reliving that failing the 5th grade has memoriy of being made fun of 5th 2 time around remmebers that by other students...I renamed him Jabriel
Pastor Holloway
Meek Mill
David Stall M
Lenin M
Man Man Kelvin M 31
Joelish Joel M
Erica CoC F
Nijah CoC F
UsofTara -2 or 3?
Psych Forum 3
DRC former employer-4 new indenties
Family Court 1
Austan Aspen
Vincent Brundisi- should have trusted him his lost in transalation adversail Will Smith (trying to figure out his role) pay the money people changing prices since they following the dialouge making you sorry about a system map i cant control who is dialouging or out cause I was being set up now lets see how they was helping........It's a play on words, trick. I was never a big spender just not a great saver a few financial bad habits got me checking this angle of healing. Now they we know the systemic evil don't be sucked in heal the past heal enough for us!
Ariza Strawberry Mansion 1 ? Jon
Sallie Mae F black
Jermiane Dupree
TMZ guy
Jasmine guy whitley- dissociated
Bum Nicetown Library
Postal service guy 2015 2015
Johnny Gray
Baseball guy
UGA Hershall Walker
Quarter bum
Pug M
Aunt Lynda F -Seemed to encourage eye contact with Malachi that day?? Are you an interviewer?
Shawn T M---Exercise guru
Tootie Facts of LIfe! F
Kim Wayans F
Snoop Dog
Ving rhames
Gib Precious F
Dr Kluft M-Advancement of psychotherapy deep thinker good contrecentration inquistive
Ms Kath Broad F
Joan Rivers F
Miley Cyrus F
Mc Lyte
The Real
April 2016 emergiants
Always Changing
Biana CoC
Grant HIll
Shaq O'neal
Cedric BP
Northwest Counseling (4) 2016
Mandy Youtube church 2016
Paychex (2 possible 2016)
Grady ptsd tried to get me to doubt relity isnt it just ptsd? emerged 2016 2 day stay 2013
Libby May 2016 emerged
Crowded possible ?
Fictive Superman May Mirror guy
Vicky small wonder
Disney fictive
Gimme a break (2)
Drink my blood m
1 rat
1 dog?f
2 babies/toddlers
Fantasy Football
Lou Fergino
Bob Kittel
CFG Melvin T 2016 2016
Destiny 25 years
Jamillah FriendBestie 2016 2016
Rob 2016 2016
Ms Linnea 2011-2012 emerged 2016
Nicknames---shal is 11years 1989, almost cuaght in the basement one time stlouis 11; trauma details role? renact trauma stuff, role needed at the time I guess sexual role 1
11-14 year old alters spoke a few weeks ago...Junie of the system was talking about them
4yrs;;;;Flashback 18 years. Discuss breifly 2012 rrampler gpha in session..waiting for communication inside
My Sister and our St Louis names we kept between us
Mr Ashland Hatter- is quiet, will not talk have meet remmeber we are safe wants to know personal difference first 2016
Eugene-May emerged 2016 since 1984 male is he trauma child alter?
4 years old who is that Emerged 11/12/2015 Temple hopsital right after security check point ?
Original 1st Split Alter her name is 5 for right now....trauma alter, sadiness assaulted March 2016 meet created in 1983
1985 7yrs Seven was talking the other day female st louis-got thrown some where?
Ronny Normandy 10 years old male-external bully its funny though he was the one going in the most on the insults, but i ended up fighting his cohort lol fat jokes...Was this where I got suspended at? Mom had to come to school to get me, i beleive so? hahah lol too funny
Expectant Emergence just have to be there, but haven't evidenced in my awareness as of yet
Ms lady Ashland, smoke chair table 1983?-1987?
Victor 5th grade-No victor yet huh?
TC Marta- gave it up to consensuatal via a car.....I dumped him ironically he got a little bit controlling and had drama in his family....I think i was a little scared also...my noisy mama probably had something to do with that...(Ironically, later on after t started I remember this cause I don't know the guys full name it was just TC, but ironically my oldest brother nickname is TC, top cat, I'm not saying this is a good clue could be coincidence) Secret don't speak this until later on please thank you
Mr Ga State-19 anonymous phone caller who got invited to my dorm, I couldnt shower plumbling problems, so when he got his feel on the tities, I asked him to leave it was kind sponteanouse and I didn't know about the tub problem...cause the next night i called him back he didn't answer the phone lol
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