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Piracetam and other nootropics

Permanent Linkby Strange Collage Guy on Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:22 am

Soon, during the month of September, and my rest of my school year, I will probably be blogging about my piracetam progress and experiences. With conjunction with my other experiences.

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Strange Freakin' Dream

Permanent Linkby Strange Collage Guy on Tue Jul 26, 2011 3:33 pm

I decided to write up this blog so early, since the dream is still very fresh in my mind.
Ok, so last night, I took one pill of my piracetam stash, which was 800mg, to see what everyone was talking about these very, vivid dreams. So I fall asleep, then in some point in my sleeping period (unknown time) I have this really vivid zombie dream. It freakin felt I was really there running and everything. Then I am suddenly teleported in a church (which I did not think it was strange at the moment, because hey...it's a dream, you don't notice anything weird in a dream). Then I walk around asking questions, about whats going on and everything, then out of the blue I see this guy I knew from high school just seated back chilling like everything is cool. He then asked I have been using my parkour to get away from these ''things" , I said "yeah, man". He then sat down again ,and continued to think. Then I walk over to a table with a group of people I didn't know, but I see one person there I know ( and I swear I am not making this up, when I woke up and thought about it, its was f..ing weird), but didn't actually know in person but on the internet, her name was 'Tia Sweets'. (if you don't know who that is then Google image her). So, I sit down to talk to her about the situation, she told me about her experience about barely surviving the zombie attack. The out of the blue (for some reason) gets up walks over, behind to my right shoulder, leans over then proceeds to tongue kiss me, and I mean REALLY, FULL ON, tongue kissing "to the max". It goes on for about a few seconds (which felt longer than that), then I suddenly wake up. Laughed and pondered to myself what a weird dream. and I swear this was exactly what happened.
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Kind of deep thinking today.

Permanent Linkby Strange Collage Guy on Mon Jul 25, 2011 8:44 am

Just... I don't see what people should be scared of about death. Humans live then die, simple as that. As soon as we are born, its as if we signed that written agreement that states in extra fine print, "since you 'the repentance' takes this 'Life' you will also accept that sometime, somehow, somewhere and at anytime, you will die". Approximately, 150,000 people die everyday, from all sorts of incidents,accidents and disease. Its just amazing that you can safely say that "yes about 150,000 people will be died in 24 hours"...I mean just think about that for a second, 150,000 people... right? Alive!!..., right now,... some will be going to work or school tomorrow, some will cross their last street, or some, even sickness will reap them or even old age, but, her's the catch they don't even know. Think about it, those unlucky and doomed people, don't know that they are going to be dead tomorrow,... but you know,... and your hoping right now that your not one of those unlucky ones. It s just amazing...; even if you do a little, simple math, 54.8 million people will be dead in a year. Only a year...so in a year 54.8 million unsuspected people with be gone from this world. Death is unforgiving, could be chaotic, could sneak up on you and catch you, if your not careful, but at least and probably the only thing in this world...is that, it.... is.... FAIR. And everyone at some point in there life, will have to 'depart' from this plane. I just simply don't see whats, to be scared of about death.

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At the beach with friends

Permanent Linkby Strange Collage Guy on Fri Jul 15, 2011 10:26 pm

So today I decided to be myself ( the "myself" friends know me by ) and tagged along to go to the beach with some friends. When we were about to go for a swim, some girls walked by and (for some reason) stopped and watched us all take our shirts off then proceeded to run towards the water. But as I expected since my friends never saw me with my shirt off, they had never seen my scars that I had. So :x instead of going for a swim, they seem to be more interested in my scars. So I had to brush them off by giving the same reason I usually would tell people " oh, some are just from when I fell a few times, and when I was doing parkour last weekend I (insert failed move here) then I fell hard" that usual excuse. Well, as I was explaining to them I can hear the girls talking about them and saying "Oh that looks nasty" and things like "I wonder what he did to get those", but hey I didn't mind. I usually expect people if they see me with out a shirt on to ask questions it gets annoying though at times, like to day. I mean, I have to makeup some reason, what I am going to tell them? The truth that "oh this scar was from that street fight I had last week" or "this scar right here, that runs from my right side of my chest and curves toward and down the side of my abdominal area, you see it bro? That was from when three guys tried to rob me and I had no choice but to fight". But hey life goes on. :|

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First Blog Post

Permanent Linkby Strange Collage Guy on Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:53 am

I just decided to start up a blog, to see whats it about so yeah.

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