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Once, someone almost figured out what I was...

Permanent Linkby Strange Collage Guy on Tue Jan 17, 2012 8:35 am

I was just reminiscing about a "associate" of mine who said to me "I don't know, but you seem to be living a double life." and laughed. I also laughed to play it off and strategically changed the subject to something more important in his mind (school work and such), but at the same time; I also realized he was the closes person to ever suspect what I am. Its a good thing he didn't, he's a loud mouth, attention loving type of person. From then on I started to really make sure I didn't seem "strange" or "odd". Someone like that, knowing your true persona can be disastrous at all home-fronts.

-Strange Collage Guy

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Seeing them....

Permanent Linkby Strange Collage Guy on Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:45 am

"Can't do that or act this way, only certain actions can pave. Seeing the world through a very different set of eyes, can see all opportunities and advantages but ignoring disadvantages. I can see them all of them in my eyes there expressions, emotions, and everything that makes them normal. I see and saw their facial reflexes and see also their lies; but I can't stop seeing can't turn it off or shut it down. Only do certain things to fit in, seem normal, say things at certain times not to draw daunting attention, being a label or being labeled is not what I want but I know what I am, no need for them to know, won't turn out well. What else can I do...only in my head, mind, persona; I know what is not fake or falsified but true. I go around campus with a pleasant look on my face, talking to people with a smile on my face, even charm with a smile. I help the ones that are in need of help and I do the best that I can, give advice to the ones who need guidance but what does that get me? Just more open opportunities and advantages and less disadvantages to advance, seem ordinary, fit in. No one knows what I am, who I am...just the created persona for that given time or situation. A gaseous persona not constrained to a specific shape, density or volume, just malleable, adaptable and also acceptable."

---Strange Collage Guy, becuase all my experiences is just becoming part of the collage.
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Another aweful weekend...

Permanent Linkby Strange Collage Guy on Fri Oct 21, 2011 2:03 am

Well honestly not much to say here. My narcissistic grandfather has and always had the amazing ability to blow things...simple things into shitstorm proportions. Well basically, i could not explain what I used $80 in two days for and at the end of the lecture, I'm being accused of being a drug dealer, a drug enforcer (making sure people pay up), an addict, an alcoholic,a porn addict. Oh and don't forget a smoker. SO... from can't remember what I used $80 for I'm am instantly accused for being those things...He said some other things that made me extremely angry, for example, I am can't be treated "like a human being anymore but like an animal". I have to be honest here in this blog for a sec... the only thing holding me back is the method and disposal of not getting caught. That's all I want to say for that point. Its only so much I can take and absorb before my "mask" falls and shatters into a million little pieces.
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If you happen to find this....

Permanent Linkby Strange Collage Guy on Sun Oct 16, 2011 5:28 am

Associates and "friends" in my known life, in the time of writing this I am currently 19 years old, and if something were to happen to me, just in case and if you happen to find this blog about me on my laptop, then everything would become clear to you. The two accounts on my desktop that you will see, if you have already figured it out, their are the representation of my social persona that I made up and the true "me". The true "me" that you would come to understand is written in these blogs. I am not the person who you....well.. you would understand soon. Now guys do you see?!?! And Ricky if you are reading this or if you will even come across this in your lifetime, I stayed away becuase it was for your own good and my own benefit. I know you were expecting to learn a few things from me, but trust me you would not want to, you would not want to go through what I have gone through in my life already, and forget that girl you were with, ha, take it from a psychopath to tell you that you don't need her, she was dead weight. But I still see your sorrow for some reason, small hints there and here of micro-expressions just move one man... just enjoy yours and do what you feel is necessary.
Marcus....from high school...I pretty much now for a fact, that you will never come across this ever in this lifetime. I know you, but you don't know me. I know what you did.. lets keep it that way, becuase you walking down 175 st at 3:45 pm by yourself going home...well.. ill stop there, but just showing you how close I was too you without you knowing. Jinille...why didn't you take the hint when we last spoke? Why didn't you listen to me... you could have been happy....Hah...don't know who else to think of.. heh...becuase I'm sure that the people I knew for the past 6 years, I'm total obliterated from their memory...all of them for sure heh...they won't remember me even if I tried to remind them so some reason.
Even so maybe my laptop would be wiped and then resold and then for certain that there is no chance of anyone finding about my true identity. I guess I would prefer that if that would happen....I wouldn't mind...Like I said before in a previous blog, I never want be constrained by society to just go to school just to get a job...I wanted a simply life...I know a simply life is not all that simply but it is simply than this...I always wanted to live in a nice, peaceful, quiet plain with a house and a nearby creek I can seat at the egde of the bed everyday...Probably will never happen to be factual.
In case something happens... my laptop will most likely be given to my uncle since he lives in my nuclear household. All the stuff on it is yours.... do what you please. My trusty knives...ehh?...not sure who to give that too.I bet someone would have found them by now..uhhh I guess whoever wants them, can take them. Those knives were with me all the time, they are loyal, strong and gets the job done.
My money in my banking accounts...I give it to my cousin which is currently in the time of writing this, 15 years old...Hey cousin...take the money, all of it and your sister and leave that crazy ######6 household and be free, there is enough money there for a full college tuition all paid for, even some for your sister too when its time. Don't give it to anyone, no adults they just use and abuse, its yours. Be careful in this world its a ######6 danger zone. If you need any info on the accounts, check my room, all the information you need in the world about them and personal things are there. Oh you can also take my dissection kit, you can give it to your sister, she likes bugs and stuff so she would be interested in that. Careful with that scalpel its sharp..
Mom.. I know your not with us now but, I'll see you again one day. Well..I guess that's all for now...humh....See yeah. :)
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A show called "Darker than Black"

Permanent Linkby Strange Collage Guy on Fri Sep 09, 2011 6:34 am

Today I was watching a show (anime) named "Darker than Black". And then suddenly I realize the true undertones on the anime. Well if you have ever watched the show you will get it, especially if you are a psychopath. I realize that the "contractors" people that have various powers, but have to fill their side of the "contract" by doing something completely harmless to self harm or physical deformities. The show actually represents psychopaths in real life. In the anime contractors are described as heartless, cruel, thinking purely on logic with no emotion side and monsters. The show seems to put "contractors" in a different category than humans, by different normal people constant drumming in you head that, "contractor aren't like us...their not human". Is this how society views us? As monsters? To the point that were not even human? And if so what is our contract? What is our payment and how severe is it? Or in fact do we even have one?...

A small trailer of the show in the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrIFcPXQ8Cc
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