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Author:  Squaredonutwheels [ Fri Nov 09, 2018 11:43 am ]
Blog Subject:  KFC Drive through SKITZ BONER

So much for trying to tame my sexuality. I've been skitzing out because I'm trying to quit all smoking and masturbation. Ended up in the gym for three hours just to burn energy. If I wasn't so chum with the guys at the gym, I would have been banned long ago. Then at KFC I was so amped up the drive through I was screaming and banging my head against the steering wheel "GIVEEEE MEEE CHICKKEN TENNNDIEEES MY SWEET SOFT SUCCULENT CHICKEN TENNDIES GIVVEE THEM TOO ME NNNAAOOOWWW!!!" BANG BANG BANG

The counter person couldn't stop laughing and gave me all this extra food. Even threw in a free drink. But I don't drink pepsi. The caffeine makes me too sexually promiscuous. WHAT IS THIS TEMPTATION! I opened it and threw it out the window as hard as I could. I was stuffing my greedy mouth with chicken as I was driving back, my greasy fingers slipping on the gear stick, and because I havn't rub one out ALL day I got a boner while eating chicken. WHAT. THE. ###$.. A boner while driving, chicken bones falling all over my lap, grease everywhere

In the most unlikely worst timing possible; one of my exes emailed me her number asking me to call her tonight. I havn't meet this bish in TWO YEARS. what are the freaking chances of today at my weakest point all year. It's such a sstupid stupid idea but I want *mod edit* sssooo bad. To distract myself I stuffed my face full of chicken, SO MUCH CHICKEN SOO MUCHH CHICKKEN and now I feel so full I can hardly breathe. BUT I'm still horny as hell. HOW STUPID IS THAT. HORNY AND BLOATED ALL AT ONCE. I can hardly freaking breathe and I still want to *mod edit*. WHY DID THE CREATOR MAKE WOMENS BODIES SMELL SO GOOD and make me incapable of feeling disgust!!! no amount of working out or food can fix meeee. Feeeed meeee lovvveee meee

I sometimes wish I could turn myself off especially my sexuality. I wish I could just turn it off because it goes against everything I value in my intelligence and turns me into a brainless ravaging canine. I can see why I confuse my partners. I'm stoic and pretty, like a little gold lamp. Rub it a little and a naked pervert genie pops out like a boner DEMANDING three wishes. It is what it is, if you want the gold lamp, you got to take the genie with it.

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