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Author:  Squaredonutwheels [ Sat Dec 08, 2018 3:56 am ]
Blog Subject:  I see a way out

underneath "perfection"
was the wrath
under that; resentment, frustration
peel that back; pain and shame
ambition, hunger and lust
under that depression
depression a medication against anxiety
anxiety? I feel anxiety? Me? that can't be!
but there it is, unseen, hollow, an endless whole of potential
the horror of freedom

which will it be
it is impossible not to choose
presented with the fundamental choice


i must choose anxiety
choose to grow
and change
I'd rather let go than be strong
flow rather than be right
be me than be seen as this or that

It's not that the depression is bad. It's so much better, easier
it's the blanket that smothers the burn of my fire
a fire that rages on in agony
may I look back on these young angsy words
and smile
send back some hugs and quite understanding
I'll get there
see you soon

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