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Author:  Squaredonutwheels [ Wed Oct 24, 2018 10:30 am ]
Blog Subject:  i ate an apple

my buddy came over and we were just bumming
got the munchies and there was nothing to eat but for some apples
he started to laugh and couldnt stop
i couldn't understand and he had to explain it to me
he though i ate an apple "wrong" he said the way I ate an apple made im laugh and he wouldnt stop

he said that I was suppose to eat the apple around the core and then toss it
I eat apples from the top down and don't leave out the core
i just kind of munch away from the top until there is nothing left
he thought that was funny
he's either a retard for believing there is a correct way of eating fruit
or Im accidentally funny but don't know it
if he saw how i eat oranges and kiwi fruit he'd probably laugh then as well
i dont bother peeling them. just munch away top down like the apple

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