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June 6th Dream

Permanent Linkby SomethingElse on Wed Jun 07, 2017 2:28 pm

I'm outside and the breeze is beautiful, it feels good. It feels even better once I recognize my ex in the distance. I walk over to her in excitement, as if we didn't end on a bad note. I try to engage in conversation with her but she has absolutely zero response to this. In fact I don't think she spoke at all the entire dream. I don't understand why this is since I think in most cases during our relationship she was much more talkative because it was hard for me to express my emotions so sometimes I would just stay silent in embarrassment. But her silence wasn't really out of embarrassment, it was more of like an indifference to everything. She didn't seem to react to anything at all.

That being said, for some psychopathic reason I did not care. I missed her and wanted to hang out. It was getting dark and we are still outside. There are others around but some leave and some go inside, inside where? I don't know, I think it was a house. No words could describe how happy I was in this moment. I really wanted to be alone with her, and just enjoy the night. She however, is going inside. I am being a clingy bastard so I walk her to the door even after her indirectly rejecting my probably obvious indirect proposal to continue hanging out.

We reach the the door as I reach the inevitable and bad part of my dream. "Wait" I tell her, in a sad and desperate tone, as she is about to walk in. I reach for her hand. I think what happened here is that she didn't say no but she also didn't say yes. It's obvious to me now that she--in the dream--was not interested at all.

We walk away from the house and it gets darker as we do so. By the time we reach a bench to sit at together it becomes pretty dark out, no sun at all. Somehow my imagination made her get up and reposition herself onto my lap? By the way, she still has not spoken once. Face is completely expressionless. This does not stop her from turning herself towards me and begin making out with me... We engage in dry sex and her face is utterly expressionless throughout the entire time. This hits me suddenly, and we get off each other. I was just confused as to why she would be doing this with me while being so obliviously neutral about it. She just walks away from my confused dream self as I begin to wake up.

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