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July 3rd Dream
   Wed Jul 05, 2017 6:57 am

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July 3rd Dream

Permanent Linkby SomethingElse on Wed Jul 05, 2017 6:57 am


All I can see is red. Slowly little shards of black get bigger and the red turns into black. This transition held a bit of panic, but the black really put me in a good mood which I think helped a lot with creating this dream, or being in it, since it is rather very good. So from black I can feel my phone vibrating, then I can hear it, and then I can see it. I’m in bed. I get up and answer it. “Hey” she says, “I have the bag.”

I don’t know what the bag for, or what it contains, but she sounded cute so I agreed to go outside and get it from her as she asked. I’m outside and I find her. There was a mist, and the only thing clearly visible was this woman. Our greeting was solemn, but it felt like I was looking at her forever. We spent a good portion of time just looking at each other. She looked like several girls I knew, but also a slightly older version of them. Not to turn this into an absurdly romantic fantasy, but she was perfect. Before I explain her romantically, I should mention that none of my previous girlfriends were of the same ethnicity, and only two of them looked somewhat like this woman.

She wasn’t insanely attractive by appearance, I mean maybe, but that wasn’t what directly got to me. It was this crazy feeling, like my body was igniting, and in pulses. The pulses were sudden, and could not be anticipated. Waves of energy would release from what I think was the centre of my body, then expanding to the rest of my body. I could not pinpoint anything about her that caused this, but I know that she caused it. She seemed very bright, physically, but not yellow like a sun, blue. She was insanely blue looking but I didn’t even stop to wonder why. All I did was look at her eyes as she looked at mine. She didn’t even seem too happy to see me, and she didn’t seem to care about the sensual nuclear explosions happening inside me.

But the feeling I had, she had to be the one. I reached for her hand, maintaining eye contact, I didn’t really give her any hints towards my desire for her sexually, I was just treating her nice, and waiting for her to hint something first. First she squinted at me first, she hesitated, not abruptly, but it was as if she was looking deep into me to figure out my intention, and this set off another explosion inside me. It was clear then, that the explosions were planted and ignited in my heart. And the aftermath was a huge chain of intense but satisfying burn through my veins and arteries. I don’t know if I gave it away, but she gave me her hand.

Our handshake included no shake and lasted almost as long as the previous session of locked eye contact. Not that there was anything else to look at anyways. Everything was still except for the light around her. She herself moved as conservatively as possible. After the handshake she handed me the bag, and then held her hand out in response to me taking the bag. I gave her money, 50 bucks. She squinted, almost smiling, and said thanks, so lightly that it felt like a whisper. She walks away and disappears into the fog.

I walk back inside with the bag and go to my apartment. I walk inside and sit on my balcony, to enjoy the misty air and ponder over this mysterious blue woman. I get bored and remember the bag. I open it—there are drinks and drugs, pills, marijuana, alcohol, a white zero monster energy drink. ###$ yeah. I put the bag down and just look out into the air, the sky isn’t visible, but it’s still very nice and quiet. I wake up.

I don’t do drugs or drink often. The past few days before this—I have wanted to smoke. I was even supposed to see a friend and hang out (smoke weed) but it didn’t end up happening. And now he isn’t answering lol.

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June 14th Dream

Permanent Linkby SomethingElse on Fri Jun 16, 2017 2:12 am

I am a hostage. I'm kept hostage by two people. The location is my own apartment. I don't have a clue of what they want and I don't even think to try and solve the situation through negotiation. All I want is to figure out way to get out.

Oddly enough the two people keeping me hostage were old friends that I've grown distant from. Now that I think about it, they weren't very hostile, but they did have guns, or at least I think so. In another sense they were actually hostile, since they were keeping me hostage, no matter the reason.

They didn't detain me, but for some reason I am in a prisoners outfit, and it was obvious that they were keeping me hostage, at least in the dream. I'm not sure if this is all metaphorical in that it's attempting to represent my relationship with friends in the past, since I do remember not being very excited to hang out with them or any friends at periods of my life. I enjoyed being alone however when I did hang out with people it was fun and a different sort of fun than when being alone.

So they are in the living room and I am in my room, for whatever reason they are not paying too close attention to me, I think one is on the phone and the other is watching TV. I take this chance to break my window and throw down a climbing rope, tie it to the desk inside my room, and climb down. One of them climbs down in a rush after me. I'm not sure if we climbed down or just slid down with our hands, since my floor is not too high. He runs after me as I run across the apartments mini park thing, and towards a large river that cuts through my city.

We are running through trees now, inside a valley. I hide behind a tree and wait for him to reach me, unexpectedly elbow him in the face. I have my pocket knife on me so I slit his throat... I have no actual clue how there would be a pocket in a prisoners suit in the first place, but my I think the dream being mine kinda gave me leverage over it. I don't at all entertain the fact that I would kill someone with little knowledge of there being another solution. For some reason I just did not think of knocking him out or something, I only saw as killing him the reliable way to avoid whatever it was that he wanted to do.

So I change from my prisoners outfit to his clothes, and his cellphone starts ringing. It's the other friend. I don't answer but I run back to where I can see the apartment, I forgot many things, it's my own home after all. I'm not sure why I didn't just call the police using the phone I salvaged. In my dream I must have thought that I as well as the two captivators were the only people whom exist. So I am watching my apartment window, the broken one I climbed out of, while hiding in the bushes. I am thinking of the things I need to go back to get, where to find them and how to escape with them.

While thinking of the my room, I suddenly appear in it. I think this is an issue that is associated in dreaming. I think that because you think to create your dream, you can't think about something without creating it. So instead of only thinking about my room, I created it around myself in the dream, and so I was in my room.

After I realize I am in my room I see the other friend/foe and it's game over. I wake up in fear as well as shame. It wasn't really my choice to wake up, it happens when I panic too hard in the dream.

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June 6th Dream

Permanent Linkby SomethingElse on Wed Jun 07, 2017 2:28 pm

I'm outside and the breeze is beautiful, it feels good. It feels even better once I recognize my ex in the distance. I walk over to her in excitement, as if we didn't end on a bad note. I try to engage in conversation with her but she has absolutely zero response to this. In fact I don't think she spoke at all the entire dream. I don't understand why this is since I think in most cases during our relationship she was much more talkative because it was hard for me to express my emotions so sometimes I would just stay silent in embarrassment. But her silence wasn't really out of embarrassment, it was more of like an indifference to everything. She didn't seem to react to anything at all.

That being said, for some psychopathic reason I did not care. I missed her and wanted to hang out. It was getting dark and we are still outside. There are others around but some leave and some go inside, inside where? I don't know, I think it was a house. No words could describe how happy I was in this moment. I really wanted to be alone with her, and just enjoy the night. She however, is going inside. I am being a clingy bastard so I walk her to the door even after her indirectly rejecting my probably obvious indirect proposal to continue hanging out.

We reach the the door as I reach the inevitable and bad part of my dream. "Wait" I tell her, in a sad and desperate tone, as she is about to walk in. I reach for her hand. I think what happened here is that she didn't say no but she also didn't say yes. It's obvious to me now that she--in the dream--was not interested at all.

We walk away from the house and it gets darker as we do so. By the time we reach a bench to sit at together it becomes pretty dark out, no sun at all. Somehow my imagination made her get up and reposition herself onto my lap? By the way, she still has not spoken once. Face is completely expressionless. This does not stop her from turning herself towards me and begin making out with me... We engage in dry sex and her face is utterly expressionless throughout the entire time. This hits me suddenly, and we get off each other. I was just confused as to why she would be doing this with me while being so obliviously neutral about it. She just walks away from my confused dream self as I begin to wake up.

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May 19th Dream

Permanent Linkby SomethingElse on Sat May 20, 2017 6:08 pm

I am with my family, in the country I grew up in. I'm happy to be with my family and get attention from them. I'ts strange as most of my dreams don't usually start out well, usually bad until I get nearer to waking up, which by then I would be tired of the nightmare altogether and so not feeling as frightened. The house me and my family are in, I can't identify, but we moved three to four times and so it might be a collection of two or more. In this house however, the most memorable incident of my dream occurs. I walk into a room where I find my sister engaging in sexual intercourse with someone.

I was very close with my sister when I was young, and I would get insanely jealous in any situation involving her. I couldn't maintain this however, as eventually she got married and moved out to her own house. I learned to accept things the way they are when forced to.

Back to the dream, how I got out of the situation is blurry, but somehow the moment the situation was comprehended I disappeared out of it. The next day there was a trip, some family members such as cousins, and some friends, no parents or anything like that, it wasn't a "family trip". The trip was to some underground cave or tunnel, maybe an exhibition for tourists but we went anyway. The country I lived in put loads of effort into tourism, and there were many interesting places created for tourists. On this trip, I was very angry, not at my sister or the person she was with, but at life. I decided to somehow --though I don't know how I was capable of this-- destroy the entrance of the cave. For some on the trip, this was seen as intentional, and for others, accidental. But with all the attention and stress, I snapped and screamed at my sister. "I hate you" I yelled.

We were rescued eventually, and I was taken to be questioned by the police somewhere. I told the truth, being that the one responsible for the crime was in fact me, then I left the interrogation room. Everyone that attended the trip was there, outside the interrogation room. They seemed to know that I did it. As I left the building I woke up.

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