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Venting about BDD ‘attack’
   Thu Jan 02, 2020 8:40 pm

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Venting about BDD ‘attack’

Permanent Linkby Silverfairy on Thu Jan 02, 2020 8:40 pm

Has anyone experienced what i call a bdd attack? I’ll describe it to the best if my ability. I will be doing something like i was just revising, usually if it is something boring then ill get distracted and thoughts slowly and slowly creep in of bad things ive heard in the past about my apearance, then (the last attack i had was five mins ago) i got my phone out and started taking videos of me and pictures trying to convince my self that the insults said to me were true, voices in my head are like ‘well off course they said that look at me, im not surprised they said that, i surprised no one hates me’ and so on this is draining and time consuming eventually it ends with a racing heartbeat, feeling sick and crying literally all this while im trying to complete a task. When people say something harsh its not like oh they said it and its over, no this is with me now for God knows long, every time someone hurts me apart of me is gone and my heart gets broken it is like a state of mourning, i mourn a part of me and i mourn my time and happiness because their speach has so much power of me that i will remember it almost every day

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Dealing with insults whilst suffering with BDD

Permanent Linkby Silverfairy on Fri Nov 29, 2019 5:16 pm

Today my BDD is extra bad, if someone has bdd and gets an insult or a negative comment on their looks (it does not even have to be that offensive) it hits badddddd like ten times worse than if someone else heard it. It’s like a cycle I build my own confidence up life goes ok then i hear a bad thing about me and great back to square one feeling awful about myself, my self esteem and confidence gets easilyy knocked down. I’ll overthink this harsh thing that was said and replay old harsh memories I guess to torture myself. Need a way out.

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