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- January 2012
"Church of Logic" Open statement
   Thu Jan 26, 2012 2:20 am
Updates to the universe - blog version
   Tue Jan 17, 2012 10:47 pm
"The Church of Logic" pg2 ... draft
   Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:15 am
"The Church of Logic" pg 1
   Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:14 am
The Evolution of the Human Mind
   Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:12 am
The whole dang universe
   Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:11 am

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"Church of Logic" Open statement

Permanent Linkby ScottTheSculptor on Thu Jan 26, 2012 2:20 am

I'm just some dude.

Not "chanelling aliens".
Not "speaking with the voice of God".

I'm not claiming any special ability.

I am representative of what humans can do.

Flaws. Goofs. Misturns.

But eventually sorted it out.

By *trying*. That's all.

"The Eldest Child" is a position, a responsibility.
I *really* would like some else to get voted "Eldest".

I don't wanna. But if I have to . . .

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Updates to the universe - blog version

Permanent Linkby ScottTheSculptor on Tue Jan 17, 2012 10:47 pm

current version posted in this blog

1. Fixed gamma ray - removed black holes

2. Made strings out of the quanta to fix the elements and create multiple sized electrons.
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"The Church of Logic" pg2 ... draft

Permanent Linkby ScottTheSculptor on Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:15 am

Humans are pack predators that modify their minds to create a pack organism.
Democracy is necessary because of this.

Pack allegiances must be declared. With allegiance comes responsibility.
The more resources you have the greater your responsibilities.
If you have the logic to gather the resources, you have the logic to use those resources well.
Those with resources but no responsibilities or logic - are the result of inheritance and lotteries.
The greater your rank the greater the punishment for crime.
The greater your knowledge the better you can contribute to the pack logic.
The better the pack logic the more certain the future.

Humans tempted will fail. Need I show billions of examples?
I can prove to you that emotions are direct modifiers of your mind,
but you want to be free to fail for yourself.
So what's a church to do?
Teach and Hope. Watch and Forgive.
Such behavior is part of human evolution.
Identify the manipulators, those that use pack mind to influence and fleece.
Sports, entertainment, drugs - all excitement for profit.
The secure, productive, forgiving path of the church will prevail.
The teaching that makes peace possible will be heeded.

Guard against ever increasing complexity. Complexity is a method of control.
An average adult should be able to understand the law. If they can't then those that do are in control.
Humans hold onto traditions and would only add and never remove if left to their nature.
Remove old laws as you add new ones - strive for simplicity.

Guard against stagnation.
Church leaders to be elected and have term limits?
Question the need for the church every ten years.
Once the idea is common knowledge then there will be no need, logic will prevail.
This might take a century or two.

Pack structure and laws must be iterative in the natural way.
Block/ward/district, city, county, state, country, world.
These are the packs of law. All packs outside of these have less priority.
Family, tribe, gang, party crew, team, job, etc. are all packs that exist under the law.
Your allegiance to law trumps yor allegiance to your gang - though you may be easily deluded into thinking otherwise.

Secrecy is only to protect your ego, your pack, your self delusion.
Shame for error must be endured. Hiding it destroys honor for logic. Honor for pack is subordinate. Error must be forgiven.
The higher the level of error the more necessary the transparency.
Purposeful error is evil.
All must be able to believe in the law - If the top level does not follow the law then others are justified to do the same.
This must not be allowed.
Top level crime deserves top level punishment.
An officer of the state influences 10,000 people - the punishment should be 10,000 times that of the individual.
Not practical, but you get the picture. The more people your actions affect - the bigger the punishment. (*draft* version - I don't *want* to write this)
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"The Church of Logic" pg 1

Permanent Linkby ScottTheSculptor on Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:14 am

The shortest, most concise complete religious document in history.
Humans are pack predators.
In order for a pack to function the members must modify their minds to create the pack organism.
These are teams, mobs, movements, manias, nationalism, and I'm_right_and_your_wrong-isms.
As humans develop they transition through the evolutionary sequence that leads to a fully formed human pack predator. Primitive animal intelligence is purely logical. Strictly input, process, react. Children aquire logic, then empathy, then language, then pack-mind. Pack mind evolution and neurochemical sequence ends with creating your own pack.
Fully formed humans have a logical core with an emotion based pack mind ego. The ego is the self and abstracts your (and everyones elses) "rank" in the pack.
The ego *is* humanity. Externalized pack rank was the first abstracted human symbol.
This is the part of the mind that can be modified by pack influences. It is the part of your mind that says that you are worse than or better than others.
It is pride, shame, greed, envy, etc
To be closer to your logical core you must be aware that those emotions can modify your mind.
Packs bond by being in close proximity during emotional events. Any group attacked will, by nature, be drawn more closely together and forge their minds into one.
Disasters, conflict, pride, and joy create stronger packs.

This configuration creates a conflict between your logical core and the pack needs.
This is the basis of all religions, cultures, and civilizations.
How do you create a lifestyle that balances logic with ego - individual with pack?
Both pride and shame make you illogical but influences others and merges you with the pack.
Logic gives you individual advantage but may counter pack mind and goals.
Pack logic is no better than that of the leading "brains" of the pack - humans by nature will accept their symbols.
Humans identify with multiple packs - family, "sunday group", job, state, country, planet, etc.

Physiological stress supresses pack mind, extreme cases shut down everything but the logical core. Your logical core operates your body. Conflicts between the ego and the body exhibit physically.
Young children and "autistics" are closest to their logical cores. They can't judge others by pack or rank. They haven't transitioned to predator so are "innocent" and "see true" since they can't yet modify their minds.

Democracy was created to deal with pack mind.
Everyone is wrong so only a majority can define reality.
We correct things when we figure out we are wrong. This happens with logical argument.
Humans don't intend to be greedy, it is part of pack "rank display" and natural - it is also illogical outside of pack context.
Innocent error is sin and is to be forgiven. Purposeful error is evil and is to be punished.
Figuring out who's truth is truer therefore defining error . . . is difficult.

Logical discussions are unemotional - emotional discussions are illogical.
"Informational content" set to music and using emotional triggers is meant to modify your pack mind - not logically inform.
Emotional speeches delivered to groups are the most influential.
This is how thousands (billions?) of humans can work together towards one goal.
A treasure and bane throughout history.
Is one pack for all of humanity possible? Team sports? *Friendly* competition?

Logic + Knowledge = Wisdom
Knowledge is gained through learning. Read. Explore.
Logical extrapolation is the skill from which all knowledge is gained, all problems are solved, all truths are realized.
Those with weak logic are easily influenced.
Evolution gives advantage to the individual that plans the most accurately and furthest into the future. Ponder this

Basic set of rules:
Supress your ego to be closer to your logical core and "truth" (unmodified reality).
Treat others as you would wish to be treated.
Be aware that yourself and others...

[ Continued ]

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The Evolution of the Human Mind

Permanent Linkby ScottTheSculptor on Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:12 am

Humans, by ScottTheSculptor

The main evolutionary drive for all life is superior speed and accuracy in logical extrapolation. Every creature on the planet takes sensory information and "decides" the appropriate action warranted from that collected data. If food is detected, even the simplest single cell organism has to perform a logical sequence of tasks to procure it. If a predator is detected then the proper sequence of actions will keep you alive. Even an act as simple as reaching out and picking up another cheezy-poof takes a logical extrapolation based on a sensed three dimensional dataset that contains both the environment and the abilities of the host. The better the ability the better the *individual* can flourish in the environment. The further ahead and faster an individual can extrapolate the more advantages to that evolutionary individual. Predators must get cleverer to catch prey, prey must get cleverer to escape them. All creatures live in a constant cloud of calculations of future possiblities. The cleverest are more likely to survive.

So evolution drives greater abilities in logical extrapolation. Humans are the peak land animal in these abilities.

Then why oh why are we so stupid? :-) Let me explain . . .

A basic ability to store emotional information is present in any herd mammal. It takes an emotional attachment to another individual to "want" to stay together. All mammals are conscious of other individuals enough to recognize these emotional attachments. A cat and a bison have different levels of emotional storage/attachment abilities. The enhanced ability has evolutionary advantage in increased birthrate through constant contact with a variety of individuals across many bloodlines and corresponding protection of the young from the mass of the herd. Though this can lead to mindless overpopulation.

The pack takes these attachments to a new level. No individual creature can survive against a pack of predators. The evolutionary advantage of all the predators working together is unstoppable. A single human can't kill a mammoth or build a space shuttle. Get any group of humans together and they start thinking the same. Emotional experiences accelerate this. The pack is an organism that is created by a group of humans. The first abstraction (beginning of symbolism) is pack rank. As human pack size increased the need and therefore ability to recognize rank increased.
When large packs mixed or if packs merged rank became formalized. Formalized rank require the use of recognizable rank symbols."assuming" postions in the pack. Humans automatically meld their mind to focus on and achieve the goal of the "pack mind" organsim. We celebrate teams and decry mobs . . . yet they stem from the same ability.

All creatures have their senses directly hardwired to memory, humans can store emotional memory with sensed data and use that to sort the memories for both faster access and to emotionally attach to people, things, places, ideas, etc. The learned ability to "share" these abstractions among the pack by representing them with a commonly agreed symbol was a leap of pure genius. The super-pack *required* super communication. The rank abstraction leadsThe small percentage of purely logical humans over the eons has advanced "the knowledge" incrementally using this storage and communication of ideas. The evolutionary drive towards more effective logical extrapolation has slowly increased human logical ability and probability that symbolism would be discovered. This also increased capability to manipulate symbols.

Humans use both the logic and pack abilities in their civilization. All human children are in full logic mode. They sequentially write their memories and logically extrapolate from the unsorted data. Their minds are like animals and can learn complex tasks at an...

[ Continued ]

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