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Permanent Linkby Sam the man Leslie on Thu Apr 19, 2018 8:27 am

not of normal criminal etiquette.

Paedophilia is juxtapositional to warring nations-
leaving anguish in its wake.

Warring nations have smart bombs that target their victim: that government will groom its subjects; congruous to their ideologies and in return asking for absolute cache about what has instigated the action that has just took place.
We: the subject- get shrouded with promise greater to our expectation. feeling too abashed in refusing this bibelot of open-handedness: we (the gull) the nation offer our unwavering service to condemn the veracity from reaching the light of day.
And so the magnanimous despot continues their ideologies- belonging to idiosyncratic gratification: of control (suzerain),

A paedophile smells ingenuousness like a shark can smell a stuck pig from a mile away.
A soon to be leader of a state can see the perfect solution to the current problem.
Subtle be the manner to endeavour an accord with their prey:
amnesty before a declaration of war on a nation.
Over a period of grooming (elections), we the victim have become concordant to the intrinsic hypnotism by our paedophile (government) to not realise that their motives are unjust, unscrupulous and just simply wrong.

Governments and their smart bombs: a physical scar will make their victim a martyr.

Paedophiles with their likeability: a mental scar will lead to the victims demise.

But on very few occasions will a paedophile make their victims a martyr?

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