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Women have defeated me? and I feel deated? #1

Permanent Linkby OMNICELL on Fri Aug 09, 2019 6:45 am

Men have been defeated by women; its true; but maybe not in the way that most see it; for men have been defeated by women; have been defeated in a way that they cannot come back from. But maybe their is hope; maybe; slight hope. Maybe; Men are inline with the universes; women are inline with the castle and baron of the castle.
Men have been defeated by women because men now know what women are really like; traitors to their people; Men walk away saddened and heart broken; because they will never see women again. Thus, men are truly broken with no purpose. For a mans whole purpose was to impress a women to get her to notice him. that was all they lived for. But not anymore. Men do not have women anymore; for their is nothing anymore; juts corruption.
Men have been defeated by women because men see women as they truly are. And men have no interest anymore; they are not going to take interest in a black widow spider. Im being serious here. Once they see women for what they are; men will have no real purpose on earth; this is not because women have some how snuck into the realm of men and defeated them. Men being defeated has nothing to do with women; men have been defeated because the one thing they lived for has been taken from them; and its the one biology the made them interested in life; and that was women; the biology of women. But that has been stripped and taken away. Men now see women for what they really are. Or men now see women for what they are; and men are truly alone. Not because of what women have conquered. Women did not conquer men; but men have been subdued and conquered. They no longer have women; for women don't exist anymore. In its place is a monster.... A monster that has betrayed its people and its countryman....
Men have been defeated by women because women are losers. And men never new this... This is the last thing in the world men ever wanted to know. By looking up to women and seeing them with worth; men had a chance; but not anymore; the very innocent life blood and purpose for men has been taken away; not bey women; but by a mans innocence; he no longer sees women with respect; he sees them with a veil silence of uncertainty. For they are traitors. Men cannot connect to a traitor of the human race. And women have crossed that line. Now that men know what they are; they are going their own way. Possibly killing them selves; or dying in numbers or drugging themselves to death or seeking God; for they have no purpose. men were innocent children once; just looking to connect with women; but what they've seen; theirs nothing to connect with.... theirs nothing their...

I feel defeated and will explore that. I feel defeated by women; I didn't now why women were at war with me; or at war with the type of person that I am. In reality Im an unassuming person, unassuming man; I wanted a life; I couldn't get it; so; I wanted women; I couldn't get them either. I say I could not get " them"; what does that mean? Im a loser? or Im defeated.
I cant get a women
I cant get women; meaning; no women wants me; and they dont; not the real me; Im of no value to anyone of them; so Im man and vengeful and confused. So; I turn to the universe; I turned to the universe first before all this defeat; so; In reality; Im right with the universe but wrong for the world or our nation....
Im worried about what others will think; I want so badly to have a prize to look good in front of others eyes; that I fit in socially; I feel stripped and naked in society not having a women. I feel less them; exposed; laughed at.. Horrible; or if Im no good. worth nothing because I don't have a women... And I don't have one. Nothing.
My connection to have a women has been so ripped to pieces and ruptured; I can hardly lift it with any strength to connect with a new women I meet; I have no strength. nothing.... Im so weak at this point.
Why couldn't I get a women; I didn't want what this society has created; so; that means; the real women Im interested in are hiding and I don't know how to get them out so I can meet them. Im afraid of the travel involved. Im afraid of what I will find. Im afraid of the unknown; And only Lions hunt; and Lions are not afraid of fear..... And I am; LOl! So; if I want a women badly enough; I must be brave like a lion. But I have been defeated by women and everything; they have crossed the line into destroying their own kind with no conscious to the people in their own country; they are traitors to their own people; and in any country; a traitor has only one recourse; they are tried by council and sentenced or thrown out to join the enemy they they are hooked with..
IT seems women are not part of our country; they are simply women and they have children; that is why they are not in control; until they got the idea of killing off men; and then they could live in societies where walls and boundaries have no difference. But that wont work unless all men are gone; and they have done a fairly good job getting rid of men from society and getting rid of decent men from society; for decent men no longer have any value in society or the country.

Women; they are simply women and they have children

ITs not worth the fight to have women? Ive been defeated; in my mind Ive been defeated; In my soul Ive been defeated. I feel sad; why have women wanted to defeat me. Why? They looked for innocent people; they've been like rapists and defeated men; in reality; women were looking for a scape goat; they were looking to attack any man they thought was weak; in reality; they were not attacking weak men; they were attacking regular men; honest decent citizens of their own country; but women do not want a country anymore; they want to be free of any retraint. And Im suppose to go along with it; and Im having a hard time of it; because it takes away my ego and my self imposing position as power important. Im nobody anymore; Im a loser and nothing in the system; a system women worship and admire. But; its the innocent child in me that is tugging at my coat pocket; he is looking up to me in innocence and does not understand why women are not in his life; and I have to tell him that women do not have any interest in him; And when this happens; the universe erupts in a giant volcanic thrust of discord and wants to know why? And all I can tell the universe is; this is no longer our business; we as men have gone as far as we can; We are coming back to you universe; we are not equipped to go any further with this veil question..... we are innocent creatures and will not go where we cannot go.....

I admit that women have defeated me; Do I get women now; get to take them home? the Answer is no! no one showed up; I was nice; how come no women showed up! No one showed up. I feel like a loser lost. what do I do know. But Im not a loser...?
Not all women are women; the type of political women Im talking about. Those that want to take over. I know several women that I like but I cant help; Ive been castrated by this system and cant help anyone. Im stuck; its destroyed my dream to live; taken it away.
The system that castrates its citizens is the same system that women love and live by; and this is an act of barbarianism against the constraints of a nation with a constitution. Anyone with this type of corruption is of no interest to me. Im not interested in women who believe in this; its pure evil. But its also an act of conquering; women have been conquering; and its worked; men are defeated. And soon the men that know better will die away and their past play grounds gone and a new age will enter; and new men of that generation will not know of the past; for it is gone. they will not know to fight for freedom for they will not know what freedom is. Women will be a different creature; and most men will never know them....... or know what they are....
And the reign of women; a world ran by women will last a little while; Im not sure; but their will be allot of poor people. And men will have no life; for they are castrated and defeated. They have no purpose because they alone..... and they will die.... They will kill themselves....
I will explore more concerning women and why Im scared of them or scared of what they stand for or scared of taking chances with them as an ethical men.
Ive seen women that liked me; the little girl in them; but they were corrupt; they used people and used them gladly with no regard; then fell upon me and liked me with no regard to their history; nothing; I wanted nothing to do with them; they were awful predators; of no interest to me; no conscious. No human interest on my part; you've got to be kidding me; I would never get involved with them; evil. and worse the evil; something else; a biologically morphed hideousness; a vileness. that the child in me does not recognize; It sees a spider outside of the womb that is caring it.

I dont like the idea that someone is trying to defeat me when I did not do anything to them; having rights in my country in the past did not allow others to attempt to defeat me; but since no rights exist anymore; everyone is trying to defeat everyone; that is the lust of the day; the corruption.
I am defeated by women; I have been defeated by women; I declare Ive been defeated by women; now that Ive admired it; I admit Ive been defeated by women; the balls and chains are off; Ive been defeated by women. Do I feel better or; is it really true and Im truly stuck. if so; women did this to me or the powers that are holding women in their place have defeated me. Is that it? is it?
Did women defeat me or the powers that protect women. Who is protecting women; its not men in society anymore; they are protecting no one; they are certainly not protecting women. Men dont care about protecting women anymore.
Im not protecting women anymore; they dont want my protection; and act like they dont need it; so; who is protecting them. Someone is protecting them; and its not God. God has nothing to do with them; the universe; Yes.
God has nothing to do with women; yes? I dont know. I have nothing do with them; Ive not been invited.
Women called out to the universe for protection and the universe heard their voice and is protecting them from us; the men. So; now; the men are calling out to the universe for help; because men are babies; and asking the universe for help; but the universe is not hearing them or protecting them. something is wrong.
I notice women laughing in mens faces; " look at you; the universe is not protecting you"! And the universe is protecting women. Or; In reality; the universe is protecting me from women.
The universe is protecting men; the universe is protecting me from women because women have sold out to the government and the government is evil; it is not inline with the laws of God and man.
Women are inline with the castle and its baron; Men are inline with God......... Does that sound right; No!
Women and the castle are inline with God and men are not inline with anything; is this true. No! men are not aline with women; this is true and that is the trouble with the world but not with the universe; me are inline with the universe; women are inline with the baron and the castle he lives in.
Men are not inline with God; they are not aligned with anything; is that true; No! that is brain washing. Or is it.
Something is scaring me; I feel fear.. possibility Im getting defeated by old age.
Everyone wants to eat; few want to hunt.
Some have been given full range to take over; but everyone has been given full range to take over; except men; they have been stripped of their power; but by who.... but its true. they are not in control anymore; anymore then an older kingdom of the past like England; a super power several hundred years ago; but not anymore.
The united states has a military that makes it a super power; but the nation has rotted. The inner cultural system is a laughable joke; or is it; has the power of men been neutralized in America; yes; but by who; by women; well; yes; sorta. maybe; yes.
Women are causing men to fear them; men are scared of women; scared of the power they swing. but who gave them that power? who ever is in control gave women this power. Or; women took this power. Men did not power; men wanted women.
Do I have any power or am I defeated. I dont know; but I do know; I know how to answer this question; the answer is NO! Im not defeated. But my mind; the brainwashing in my mind; the critical voice of CPTSD is telling me Im defeated. Im scared; and I am; Scared to death.
Im in a dream world while the rest of the world is a horrible place to live; its about death and life in the real world and Im like a little innocent kid inside going down my own track and that track needs someone to take care of him. Im trying to be right with the universe being a little kid inside; but not right with the world; Im at odds with the world.
I seem to be right with the universe but not right with women. Now; Im right with the universe but women do not exist. The ideal or idea I had of women does not exist. No women are who I thought they were; they do not exist; my soul told me to connect with women; but now; even my soul from God wants nothing to do with these creatures on earth; for they are not women; not the way the universe created them; for the universe did not created what is of a thing called women; it does not recognize them; and this is not good; it is not a good sign of anything; this is pure evil...
Ive been on many group sites dealing with troubled people; Ive noticed one thing about women in relationships; over no over n over; breaking up with brute like vile sociopathic men. over n over. And I would leave comments being on their side; the side of the women; but after a while i realized I was answering the same way! over n over. And soon It began to get tiresome. Something was wrong. I then began to ask the question. Why are so many women going out with men like this; with these traits; why are women not going out with men that are average and decent. And soon the answer became over whelming.
Women are only interested in sociopathic drug ridden brutes that could protect them or give them status or bare them children and were strong enough to fend off other brutes in the process. Women were not interested in being around decent men but where interested in brutes of a sociopathic nature. These men were easily manipulated at first but payed no mind to the women while dating them or married to them; and at some point left them... The men would leave them or cheat on them or have more interested in other things; signs of strong masculinity out of control. But the point is; women did not want decent men of the state; countryman or citizens of their state.
Is something wrong with me or wrong with the world or both.
I see women as sell outs; and it goes against my decency and self respect to associate with most of them; I dont like associating with lots of women; Im only interested in first having a women; then Ill associated with men; if I have no women; Im not interested in any women or being around women. or being around anyone.
Im defeated by women because of the social position I must attain first to be with women. The fact that Im an horrible man has no value with women and no value to anyone; it seem to be empty and silly; means nothing to them; my value as a human being has no value with women. What does have value with women; age, resources.
I seem to put myself down allot when it comes to women; Or do I. I dont see good things in my head when it comes to women. I feel good things when I think about women when I was a child. I dont see any positive. Nothing.
Whats interesting; When I use the world " women" Im not talking about all women; Im talking about the politics of women. The type of model idea that men are inferior and should be in cages like zoo animals; relicts of a past life or system that does not reign anymore. And thats is a true statement. This system of the past where men reign was strengthened and built because of their love for women; they wanted praise by women. But not now! They have been found out the truth; and have no more interests...
That men are inferior and should be in cages like zoo animals; relicts of a past life or system that does not reign anymore" " That men are good for nothing and should be exterminated"' killed off" And that is what women in the political system really think". And thats whats taken over politically; but why? why did this happen; because men lost; they lost control of their own country. It was pulled out from under them. Why? they woke up to their dream; women are not who they thought they were. Women had no more value to men because men saw them as traitors to their country and wanted no more to do with them. Thus; the child in man is alone and will die at some point.
Women had problems with their people so they sold out. They are not very worthy people; weaklings... They do not fight for what is right or wrong; it has no value to them; And they do not fight for children; Ive seen more children beaten and killed by women; Think men sit stunned and perplexed man. Its so sad in a way. So very sad.
Its so sad to wake up to what women really are; It takes my interest in being alive away.
Im scared...

Dissociative Disorder
AVPD; Social avoidance
Previous/Psychotic clinical Depression
obsessive/compulsive disorder
Evolution didn't stop my death, God did .....Now what?
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