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Author:  OMNICELL [ Sun Oct 11, 2015 1:45 am ]
Blog Subject:  Women's issues

Sleeping with women; being touched!

What do you do if you have a young women in her early 20's or 30 that wants you; nothing! Why! Because I have a problem!

I have a strange problem! I cant be touched!

I attracted attractive women that seem to be attracted to alpha males! But I don't turn out to be one; just look and act like one! Actually Im a sensitive nerd art guy that has problems sleeping with women!

I can be touched!

dissociative disorder!

At this point; I need a women Im attracted to that is understanding! Im so ######6 sick of women that don't understand anything!

Understanding means; You ask someone about a situation and they tell you and you accept what they say!

I need a starter women! A women I can grow into sex! Someone I can have sex with that I can trust!

Most women Ive met don't meet this ambition! They are ready to rock n roll with someone that is ready to rock n roll! Im not! I need help!

I need a women of higher character or something! Something is missing!

Ive attracted women, but once they find out I have problems; their gone! Im looked at with no status! Or as a bad catch!

If you're not their for my struggle; you're not going to be their for my success!

I will have to do some research! I think this is the next level of interest! This brings up allot of inner world PTSD from my childhood! Its brings up close interaction when I felt safe! And the world looked like a safe place !

Women write me off! Sometimes they are women I like or who liked me; but not anymore! They don't!

They thought I was hot! But now Im not! And they are gone! I still see them but no attraction! Im considered a loser!

I sacrificed my identity and status and image that I tell the people the truth! And Im getting better because of it! However, my name is ruined as for as dating anyone!

Im not around the right kind of women! Im around women that do not value me! and are 2 faced!

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