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Author:  OMNICELL [ Sun Feb 28, 2016 11:37 pm ]
Blog Subject:  Women?

Women; Im getting it, as I slowly get stronger!

The major problem I have with women; I don't trust them! Why!

When a women looks for characteristics in a man based on superficial nonsense! Thats fine! But when a women actually judges a man by these superficial idiocies! Im done with them!

If women came up to a man that was insecure and unconfident and found him unattractive! Why is he unconfident and insecure! Why? Could it be; he's a human being that has been destroyed! If he hung himself an hour later after talking to the women that judged him! What would she feel; nothing!

What I look for in a women; If a man walks up to you, and shows no confidence! Are you going to get some ######6 balls and find out if he's got any worth! What the ###$ is wrong with you people!

If this guy killed himself and hour later; what would you feel! Ive been around plenty of women; they couldn't care less! They would not care if he was hanging from a rope! And for this reason, I don't care about the women who feel this way! Or, don't feel anything! Its Un Godly, why would I want someone idiot like this for the mother of my children! Are you ######6 kidding me?

Im a human being! I only want humans around me! I don't want these stupid parasites that judge on eye contact and a stupid ######6 smile! ######6 retarded! No wonder families are breaking up all the time!

Men do not want a women to love them! They want a women to understand them! Once that is establish; then the man might love them! It's not the other way around!

Ive had millions a god zillions of women find me attractive! But they never had enough depth to go any further! I was never what they were looking for!

Women scared the hell out of me for one reason! Im not good enough, regardless if Im attractive to them!
Money is more important then character! This is why I haven't dated anyone! I cant budge with this!

Im not blaming women for the money thing! I simply don't know what to do about it!

And Im supposed to be James Bond and be fearless and ask all women out regardless! To find out who I fit with! What kind of idiot came up with this! Im a human being!

Being human is not enough! You have to have money and no depth and no problems! Honestly, I don't understand! For God sake; look at the amount of people divorcing ! Get a clue!

I don't want to look like a scum bag, so I try to wear my style of clothing! If I wear nice clothing, I look like I might have money! I don't ! But I didn't do anything wrong because of it! It's not my fault I don't have money! And Im working on it!

So, now that Ive bitched! Heres the point!

I will continue with women ! Im getting better! And more understanding and reasonable! No one likes to deal with shallow women! I ######6 hate them! Im not kidding! If you're ######6 shallow; don't apply! Never ever ever ever! Do not judge me on how I look or my appearance! You judge me on my depth and respect for the truth or never ever come near me! I hate this non sense, and does every other decent person in my surroundings!

I have to be able to trust you first!

Women have no idea how hard it is to go up to someone; talk to them, just be to be rejected! It matters not, that they really are rejecting me or not! Its about how hard it is to walk up to someone and open up to them with courage!

Courage means, Im a normal person who will take a chance and open up!

My biggest fear is lack of money! I still don't have the courage to tell someone! But I must! I have to learn to be free! And let them know!

My point! I guess the only guys out here that will get women are guys like me! Because I continually am willing to break through the fear barriers of what Im afraid of!

Im never afraid of being attractive to women! I can live with not being physically accepted; its everything else thats hard! And Im expected to ignore all of this?

By the time I finally become confident; Ill be long dead! This whole thing is truly ridiculous! But I will continue to play the game! I will!

I don't trust people; prove your trust first! Then maybe!

Trust is the number one issue for me! Im not a thug! And I don't plan on you being my baby mama and having 4 sets of children by 5 different women so they can all play this game!

It truly makes me sick that women like thugs with no conscious! I personally think these types should be executed! All of them!

If you're a women and don't see any value in me or look up to me; you seriously have no business around me!

If you are so shallow as to judge me according to whether I smile or not! I do not want you within 100 miles of me ever again; for any reason! Im a decent person and I will not stand for this type of nonsense!

Ive look at groups of women; Ive told them; if your a bunch of sociopaths; don't apply! they knew what I was talking about! one women did something; she said something! but thats not enough! prove it! she did! she ended up going out with another thug! how nice for her son! how nice to bring that scum back around an innocent child! bravo!

If your a women and don't respect children enough to bring decent people around them; don't apply! I cant help you!

A women's looks will not taker her any further then her lack of trust!

However, its my responsibility to walk up to her and start a conversation! but its so dam hard! I don't have things together! I have problems!

I freaked out a women the other day; I was in a state of terror when she got to close to me! PTSD stuff going of! she now keeps her distance from me! great; another example of pure depth! ######6 retarded! Even if I got her back in line; would I really want to be with someone like this!

I can take only so much of this lack of depth in people!

Decent men don't like opening up to people! It can be dangerous! the end results! thats why they carry guns and start civil wars! its dangerous out here!

A real man will have a hard time walking up to someone to play this game in real life!

Fear is not false when it comes to interacting with people! ITs dangerous!

However, if a man wants a destiny; wants a life! This he must do!

The hardest thing I have to deal with is not having anything financially!

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