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- November 2020
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Changes are occurring; still isolated and lonely
   Tue Nov 03, 2020 6:13 am

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Things are changing

Permanent Linkby OMNICELL on Thu Jan 18, 2018 7:09 am

My original goal for mentally waking up; if it could ever happen; just a dream; I go from inside to outside! I go from inside the mind, where I lived protected, to the outside and move things and shake the world!
Its started! My thoughts are tuning to things! big things! not small anymore! The journey starts at the beginning! However, the tasks and goals are not small anymore! Big goals include Asian-soulmate, House, truck, money! Happiness!
A plethora of smaller manifestations give root or rumor! They exist, have existed and are existing! I continue to have clues everyday!
The big manifestations; the goal is to train the mind to believe Im going to get what I want! I deserve it; then; watch; Im looking for lighted paths source energy is creating for me! The source of the universe is not creating what I see my head, source energy is creating what I feel! The idea is; when I feel, Im actually representing a vibration with my feeling! that feeling is represented in a thought! that thought is what it will look like in the real world when its created by the universe or brought to me; brought into the physical world as a real physical manifestation.
Ive worked for a long time on Asian-soulmate! Ive had some success; but the timing was all off! lately, it gets closer; close enough for me to date someone maybe; if I wanted to! a good chance of it! or someone like her! However, with this person: something is wrong! she is a representative of what Im manifesting and she is showing up around me! Ive had many show up at different distances, around me!
Asian-soulmates will show up when I truly believe they will and I am ready and I deserve them! For me to believe this; I must program my mind at a deeper sharper harder level; More aggressive take over! Im telling the universe to bring her to me any way I can get her! over n over no ver! Im getting more aggressive about it; However, the feelings must match! I must believe; thus, Im working on it!
As for truck! same thing! Im spending more time, visualizing Im in my new truck! And Im telling the universe to bring it to me any way I can get it; get it through the path of least resistant! Im always thanking the universe for my new truck I haven't seen yet!
House! what are the lighted pathways; and where are they leading! Im now in a new apartment! much better situation! I followed the paths! Im in a place where others are taking more care of me! better care of me!
The goal of happiness is also a major goals.
To be able to create a move for myself into a new place is bizarre and allot of work! I had to do allot of social things to make this happen! its already happened! Im moving the remaining of my stuff from the old apartment to this new location! From the old to the new. happiness is up to me.
The key to my new apartment move; its based on what I felt! deep down, I wanted someone to take care of me! and that is the kind of place I moved into! I saw the path light up! and went for it! took action! and everything worked out the best the universe could create for me! Its unbelievable concerning the floor and privacy of some aspects of the apartment! its just what I was feeling and imagining! Is it perfect; kind of; its exactly what I was thinking; and those thoughts were based on my feelings.
Im now in the middle of learning what it really feels like to go for it and end up on the other side of change! its incredible to see changes in the real world, not just in the imagination! and my confidence is coming back into the world; a bit at a time! Im rusty!
ive been like a vagrant street person for a very long long time lost! closed up like a box, jammed into my head! No movement in the outside world.
lots of psych movement and spiritual growth have been happening. Now; its all starting; Im staring to culminate these processes into the next level; to manifest thoughts into things and watch my life completely change! Im walking away from where I used to be into a whole new world, and Im a cooperative component; Im actually part of the process! Im part of my own well being and success; this is new!
Im learning these new things; they are not coming from those of the past, no parents or relatives or fake friends; no one! its all being new, all been created! and this last venture dealing with housing; all me! no one else help! meaning, I made the phone calls, did the work, called others for support! but I never really called to many people for support this time! I followed it through; I knew it was pathway! and everything is always working out for me! And it worked out.
The new goal is more strength and refinement of what I truly want! and Im asking the universe for help; what do I really want! What do I want my Asian-soulmate to look like and act like; and how successful is she, and does she come with money or charm or both! Will I travel to meet her? As for a truck; what model! or is it a van?; its hard to make a decision on something when you don't know the make or model! so; that is what Im working on with the universe! In addition; I need a new bed or want one; which one?, Ive been online, theirs 10,000 different beds! So, I have to work with the universe to first get to a point of know specifically what I want and align it with source energy!

Dissociative Disorder
AVPD; Social avoidance
Previous/Psychotic clinical Depression
obsessive/compulsive disorder
Evolution didn't stop my death, God did .....Now what?
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