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- November 2020
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Changes are occurring; still isolated and lonely
   Tue Nov 03, 2020 6:13 am

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The future

Permanent Linkby OMNICELL on Sat Apr 23, 2016 5:14 pm

When younger; I would think of a thought or desire and share it with my mother; immediately it would be cut to ribbons; she would slip in a horrific debasing dehumanizing limiting negative toward me! A " you cant" statement, or " you will never" statement! This was a psychopath; so it was drilled at me at a specific moment of attack through the awareness of my weakness!

With human beings, no one would call my sensitivity weak! However, with a psychopath; they look for weakness 20 times more then the average person! And I was attacked at that moment and placement! Their poison goes into you and renders you useless! Its like cutting someone down to the core center of human essence and self; self respect; self decency! Cutting you down in the areas of self development, self worth, self esteem!

Normally, a normal person would walk away or punch or attack someone talking to them in such a brutally disgusting degenerative way! However, When you're a small child and this is someone in the parent roll; you get concussed! You're not sure what to do!

Because psychopaths are allowed legally around children they have legal custody; these children are ruined and destroyed! It does not take much work to destroy the mind and emotions and soul of a child! It is the psychopaths tendency to destroy humans! They find themselves above the human race! Killing humans is their pastime! Killing of humans in any form; disfiguring them!

Adolph Hitler! The worst none sadistic psychopath in history; I believe; His Niece came to live with him! She had ran out of relatives to live with! And he was the only one open for the assignment! At one point after several months of living with Adolf Hitler, she complained to her Doctor; she said Hitler would constantly scream at her day n night! And he would have sex with her all the time! She said she could make it through the sex; but the sexual practices and things he was into; she could not handle them! She killed her self 6 months later!

Its important to understand that a normal human being cannot associate with a psychopath or sociopath! The human can be taken advantage of very easily! And a normal human will get enraged at the words of a psychopaths with minutes!

FBI agents that have interviewed serial killers have complained concerning the speech of the serial killer!

After about 3 minutes of listening to a serial killer; the FBI agent wanted to beat the the serial killer to death! The words they used were in human descriptions; offensive and brutal in nature! These words and their placement in the english language had no place being presented in front of other humans! These were fighting words; causing the FBI agent to want to strike out and defend or fight!
Even the words of the serial killer were of no conscious regard to present life or the life of the person they were speaking to! Words can create Un acceptable pictures within the receivers thinking!



Im guessing; Im not sure what the average association is with a mother n child! Meaning, how many times does a child and mother interact within a life time; 50 thousand, 100 thousand, 200 thousand; I don't know! How many times does a mother interact with a son of 18 years; 40 thousand, 60 thousand! I don't know!

I believe I must have interacted with my mother about 50 thousand times! I don't know; 20 thousand! Who knows, but the numbers give a clue that it's a big big solid number!

If one or 2 phrases from the psychopath can break down the very fabric of the human condition within the receiver of those words! Negative words destroy; What condition would a child be in after being presented with those phrases and more, of about 50 thousand times! The child would be ruined and deranged and destroyed with many adverse psychological affects!

The problem with being around the psychopaths thinking; they will destroy you to the core!

Its these negative effects I grew up with from various sources Im attempting to eradicate! The number line is full of negative thinking! And each level of negative thinking must be dealt with and erased!

The goal is pure positive thought!


Lets assume you want a car; you desire one!

So you tell yourself its to much money I cant have it! This is negative thinking!

Im not good enough for a car; negative thinking!

Ill never have anything in my life; negative thinking

Who will pay for the insurance and maintenance; I wont get it; negative thinking!

My mother told me it's a bad idea to have a car; negative thinking!

Im not rich enough; only rich people can have cars; negative thinking!

I cant get the right color, they always break down, Ill just use the bus; forget it; negative thinking!

The point;

I desire something! What is it; it's a specific car! The goal is to eliminate all negative thinking from the desire chain to the final manifestation and end goal!

When I am specific about what I want and imagine; it will start to grow wings and fly, and grow clothing and walk! Soon, the Universe will show up with a car in that description that I so love!

The Universe will create a path for myself and the car to meet! And the Universe will create a wonderful natural way for me to uptain the car!

Negative thinking causes resistance! Im literally telling the Universe to stop! Im telling the Universe that I don't want a car so please don't bringing me one!

If I ask the Universe for a car and theirs no emotional interest; it wont happen! The weaker the signal; the less results! If it's a weak signal, I might end up with a toy car 3 inches long!

I am what I think about! I go toward what is in my thinking!

I looked for poverty to give me relief! And that is what I found! I wanted away from the people, places and things of my present! So, I dropped out of everything! No one cared! And they did not care if they ever saw me again; and they did not care what happened to me!

My mother abandon me by the time I was 10 years old; she would have done it when I was three years old if she could have!

I know better then to care what the people of my past think of me! Its ridiculous to care what a bunch of psychopaths and sociopaths think of me! In fact; its better to run and never go back these!


The future concerns my thinking and the ability to manifest a desire into a real object or goal!

Im working on the processes of goal setting! What do I want! What do I want from my life!

What do I want?!

creative center for music and art creation

What do I want;

And all of these manifestations must have a positive path line! All negatives must be removed!

For example; when I write these goals; I feel a sense of terror and fear and abandonment and horror and control and negative evil darkness and limiting beliefs and limiting views of myself! And all this must be eliminated from the path!

So, I know what my work is! It is to learn the process of illuminating the negative from this path!

Im starting to write out my future as if its already happened!

Im writing out a day in my life with my wife; what we are doing, how I love it! And its all in the future, it has not happened yet!

I write about creating music in my music studio, I write about being in my house and truck!

I write about the new future Im creating in my mind today!

Dissociative Disorder
AVPD; Social avoidance
Previous/Psychotic clinical Depression
obsessive/compulsive disorder
Evolution didn't stop my death, God did .....Now what?
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