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Sanity and backing away from the psychopath!

Permanent Linkby OMNICELL on Fri Oct 30, 2015 5:45 pm

As I wake up; The goal;

Im attempting to remember who I originally am! That part of me ( the original); was put to sleep! I had massive amnesia; not fugue but the other! I knew my name, the name for my home town! The name of my best friend as a child; and so on! However, I could not remember any interactions with life; nothing! I was pulled out of remembering anything from any time period! From 10 1/2 to 12 or 13; somewhere after 11, no memories at all! I was being molested and I was under the realization that I had been given away by my parents! I would not be coming back! it was ruthless, thought out and deliberate! But I had no parents and did not know this; these were monsters; psychopaths hiding under the guise of parent; these were manipulations for the psychopath to hunt without community notice!

The combination of being given away; abandon permanently; the loss of a family system! The loss of my way of life! Schooling destroyed! Future destroyed! The loss of neighbors and neighborhood! The loss of the simple things and freedoms and securities; the safety a child needs! And under the state laws; is required of a parent to make that child safe; and many other things! This led to my demise and complete abandonment of natural interests and understandings of life! I was deranged and legally insane!

You can talk to a judge! It is not random choice for a parent to take care of a child! It is mandatory under the law! You cannot rape, murder or torture your own children or starve them to death for the fun of it! There are rights; society based rights, human rights! It is against the law to abuse children; to starve them! Torture them, rape them! kill them; give them away for slavery!

Psychopaths do not have such laws; they are lawless! And it's no ######6 game! They are Godless! They have no soul; nothing! They are simply an animal predator; much like the hyena in the African plans; or the anaconda in the swamps of south America! They eat anything they can find! They hunt or scavenger; looking for a good meal! They are mindless animals! They do not stop to ask if they are causing the victim problems or taking away the victims rights! They will give their own children away to sex slave traitors for money! or kill their children for a better opportunity!

To the psychopath; the world is an African plain with herds of prospective clients to be eaten at random! The psychopath sees no difference between a human child and lions cub! they are both living breathing objects to hunt! more importantly to the psychopath is size and mobility of the pray! How fast can these humans run or the lions cubs run!

Here is an example of what a psychopath sees as themselves:

Crocuta crocutal; any animal name can be put in here!
Size: 62 to 75 inches tall
Weight: 170 to 250 pounds
Lifespan: 80 years in captivity
Habitat: Savannas, grasslands, woodlands,
forest edges, sub deserts and
Mountains; and they find these in the cities they realm in! They see the local town and city in this way!
Diet: Carnivorous
Gestation: 90 to 110 days
Predators: Humans

What they eat;

The Psychopath is a skillful hunter but also a scavenger. Truly an opportunistic feeder, it selects the easiest and most attractive human or human children for its needs! It sees the human as no more value then a wooden lamp stand! . It consumes animals and humans of various types and sizes (including domestic stock and even other psychopaths), The powerful jaws and digestive tract of the Psychopath allow it to process and obtain nutrients from skin and bones. The only parts of human prey not fully digested are hair, ; these are regurgitated! Sadistic psychopath hunt mostly at night and devour all parts, little evidence remains of their actual meals. Although they eat a lot of children, they need little water. They are cannibals!

The psychopath destroys the child then uses them for their own gain or use! Remolding the child into their temperament or likeness! They are users! So, they brake the thing to use it!

They are arrogant and lawless!

They don't own the ground they stand on; they will convince you they do! And they will ignore local laws to convince you they do! D. O. C. will always be involved to prove them wrong!

They are natural predators! They see no difference between human and animals! Their interest is in size! The bigger the kill, the more thrill!

They are not bad human beings or Troubled! They are monsters! And should be but into this non human category!

They must feed on others; this empowers the psychopath! so they musts get involved in the control and hostage taking of others! their goal is to imprison others and turn them into captives and slaves!~

Adolf Hitler and anti personalization!

No other psychopath in history shows a better example then Adolf Hitler!

First, he fooled his own big name Generals to what he was up to! They were fighting men fighting a war! Field Marshal Rommel and others did not know or want to know of Hitlers interest in the sadistic murdering of innocent men women and children! Solders are no murderers! They are soldiers! They fight a war! They are trained to fight for their country! They do not understand the sadistic murderer anymore then the natural man within his state of things!

Hitler killed 1 million Jewish children and 8 million others in his death camps! Or so Ive been informed through Youtube vids!

Hitler does not see people as Jew or non Jew; Hitler sees size! Size and position of prey; nothing else! It is his seeking of sadistic pleasures that motivate! Thus, nothing is personal for the psychopath! The mistake is to make the psychopath into a thing of human traits! They are not human! It was not personal for Hitler! he was simply getting rid of what was in the way! the Jews were in the way of his conquest fantasies so he killed them!

One area of extreme importance! Nothing is personal; if a psychopath killed your brother; it is not personal! The psychopath could not know the inner person of your brother! They do not have such capabilities! They are monsters; not humans! They kill according to thrill or size or use! They see humans as nothing more then throw away objects! Psychopaths have no conscious! And they know nothing less then this! The psychopath is a pathological liar and master manipulated! They need this to change and blend into the environment! They do not kill because they are mad or in love with the victim! they are motivated by much less interests! and non human! They are seeking the easier target to kill!

There is a good chance Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in order to " blend in"! Within this position; his hunting of people could be less random! He could calculate the countryside of who he wanted to kill! He is a murderer like all serial killers! Adolf Hitler was the same as a serial killer! I know he had sexual hangups! Im not sure of his murderous fantasies! Non the less; same type of monster in a different dinner jacket!

The psychopath is a part of modern life!

So, two humans are talking; One says to the other!

First Human; " You know, these days are rough on humans! Its dangerous in society!

Second Human; " Ya, why is that?"!

First Human; " you can get hit by a car, you can get cancer, you can get shot, you can get killed by a psychopath, the federal government can come and take all your money"! You can get killed by a gang member on a bad day!"


In this story, the Monster psychopath is looked at correctly! They are random conditions of everyday society life! If you get hit by a car you go to the hospital, if you get cancer, you go to the hospital, it you get manipulated or destroyed by a psychopath, you got to the hospital! if you get shot by a gang member, you go to the hospital!

Im trying to make a point! You don't spend your time worried about why the psychopath attacked you; you don't take it personally! You dont need to know; it matters not! what ever the reason; it was not human! They don't care what your name is! You are nothing more then a random object to them! Its not personal; its for the hunt!

When real confusing trouble strikes!

If your parents or brothers or sisters or close friends or relatives or a lover of importance is a psychopath! This is when things get difficult!

If one of my parents is a psychopath! This suggests they are playing the roll of parent but are actually a psychopath playing out a roll that will allow them freely into the fabric of society! They do not have family structural values! And do not care about human beings; they are monsters and preceptorial based carnivores! They destroy humans and are not safe for any human!

So, why is mother/father psychopath attacking you within your family system! ( you are the child)! It is simple and it's not personal! They are attacking who is closest on the plain of hunting! It is not personal! And they either want to get rid of you that they may move on to better things! Or they gain pleasure out of braking you and taking you captive! Nothing is personal! You are simply pray for a monster! they are in the hunt! and the hunt empowers them!

You say to yourself; " why is mom or dad hurting my chances in life and not helping me survive like the other kids I know"! The answer is; the psychopath is not a mother or father! They are portending to be mother/father! Mother/father does not exist! You do not have a mother or father if they are both psychopaths! You are simply living with psychopaths! They are monsters! They will attack you because you are the closest thing in proximity! If you are 1000d miles away, they will stop attacking you! They will seek out easier prey!


Here is the point!

If you are hurt or destroyed by a psychopath within the home! you are simply getting hit by something of the modern age! its unfortunate! the solution is to seek help and get away from the sociopath! do not bother to look at the psychopath/ sociopath as human; its a waist of time! They will play manipulative games with you and lead you and groom you and lie to you and mis lead you and brainwash you and lead you down the wrong paths for their entertainment! they do not care that you are human or of the same human family system! they are just hanging out at this family system! they do not see themselves as a part of any system! they are hunting!

And like Adolf Hitler! they mis use and kill children! this is another trait of the psychopath! they treat children as no different then adults! They will blame and play a child just like manipulating a a dog or human adult! its ######6 sickening! They are the sickest creatures on earth!

My goal is to " get self back"! become myself again, not worrying about what the psychopaths did to me! I was destroyed! Im coming back; it was much like a car wreck! its a hard deal for a human being to go through this level of depravity or calamity! It happens! People get cancer and some get hit by cars! Im not the only one! and Im not recovered; Im in the recovery process learning how to be human again and get back to life! relationships and activities!

One area that is hit hard for the child that is hurt by the sociopath is identity! the psychopath breaks the child of identity so the child will become like robot; answering only to the psychopath! in fact, the child stops answering to themselves! they are driven out of the picture of value! only the psychopath has value! the child nothing! the child is to serve the psychopaths like an inferior slave!

Im attempting to " get over" the psychopath! and the vast damage they have done in my life and to my identity and move on with life; remembering who I am and what I want from this life!

The recovery process has helped a great deal in this process as well as the state funding to recover and shrinks and therapists and blog spots like this one and others! And a thick deep relationship with a higher power!

Dissociative Disorder
AVPD; Social avoidance
Previous/Psychotic clinical Depression
obsessive/compulsive disorder
Evolution didn't stop my death, God did .....Now what?
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