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I could not compete because of my avoidant behavior
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Beginning to move forward
   Fri Jan 08, 2021 5:11 pm
Im alone again; things are changing.
   Thu Jan 07, 2021 10:17 am

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Relational aggression

Permanent Linkby OMNICELL on Mon Dec 04, 2017 4:26 pm

The psychopath/sociopath uses many tools of the trade when they demolish the lives of innocent people; One area of aggression; relational aggression! This form of aggression is just as deadly as physical, sexual, economic! The goal with the psychopath can be non personal but destructive! When one is at war against an enemy and an army fights and destroys another; is it personal No!
However, they are destroying each other and causing them personal damage; but its not personal; its not a personal attack against someones personality! The soldier is taking orders!
When dealing with the sociopath using relational aggression as a weapon; its purpose and aim is to destroy the victim at a personal level by destroyed social and personality concepts and connections within the society they live! Like cancer eating away at a victims body, social aggression eats away at all aspects of the social position, economic position, relational position, personal positions within a society!
Examples of
The difference between economic aggression and relational aggression used agains a victim by the sociopath; The sociopath might have a physical act of violence carried out against a victim, physically destroying the victims ability to function on a job ; the persons body has been injured and they are no longer qualified to work; such an act can be called physical aggression and economic aggression; its purpose is to render the human victim useless to gain employment! When dealing with relational aggression; the sociopath can ruin the victims reputation in a similar non violent way; still inflicting damage to the point, the victim will never have an interview for a company ever again; Their reputation has been compromised with the soul purposes of destroying their ability to connect within society! The sociopath knows the victim must connect at basic levels with society to survive! Because of mental trauma induced through this form of aggression, a mentally disabled person cant compete for work at the level of others!

This is similar to the concept in war of destroying the enemies bridges and factories and food and ammunition stores; hospitals, production plants that create weapons! The heart of the enemies ability to be industrious is destroyed; thus rendering the enemy useless to create or produce! The victim of the sociopath is left useless to create or produce; they are left cut off from self and society; and yet, its not a physical kind of attack; but just as deadly! the end result is the same; both physical aggression and relational aggression can leave the victim unable to function in society.
Relational aggression uses several otter forms of aggression indirectly in order to neutralize the victim or dispose of them or destroy them or make them useless and un responsive in society! For example! a sociopath could secretly have thugs beat someone up for the purpose of revenge or intimidation! The purpose of the beating is a message sent; telling the victim that the sociopath is in charge; the beating is not meant to kill; its a warning of control! its the long hand of the sociopath reaching out showing social control! The sociopath is in control of the victim. The damage to the victim is emotional, psychological, spiritual, personal, family, relational! Stalking someone is a form of relational aggression; it implies danger; and the implication causes damage; the victims personalty can panic and be filled with terror on a daily bases and the victim feeling helpless; the victims personalty and nervous system, over time, will began to sustain long term ware n tare from this type of predatorization.
Family destruction; the child in a family system of sociopaths or psychopaths can be easily destroyed through relational aggression; The sociopath is using a direct form of aggression when using relational aggression; if this form is deliberately used against children; the children are in great danger!
Relational aggression can be looked at through forms of verbal assault and its long term continual use; the use of verbal degradation for long periods of time; suggesting the length of time of the abuse is the relational aggression form; slowly verbally beating the victim down, slowly over a period of time in a consistent manner until the victim is destroyed! Understand that that sociopath goes all the way! They are looking for 100% destruction! The sociopath murders! its at a level of murder! In relational aggression, the sociopath is trying to murder the name and personality of the victim through control! Causing a victim to kill themselves by being neglected and forgotten and disconnected from society is a form of relational aggression! In the end; physical aggression and relational aggression have the same outcomes.
Destroying a victims name, reputation at a school, or employment or family or with the judicial system, is a form of relational aggression! Creating a scenario where a victim is mistakenly looked at with mistrust and unsafe social behavior by society; This being purposely created by the sociopath to the destruction of the victim.
Bringing a child up and personally destroying their ability to go to school, or connect to school, and finish school or acquire good grades in school is a form of relational aggression; the sociopath in the family system is attempting to destroy the childs future! Destroying the childs reputation with the teachers at a school or those in charge of a school; This is a form of relational aggression! Creating a scenario where a child is neglected and left with unsafe people where physical or sexual harm comes to a child and a child cant escape; is relational aggression! In addition, the longer term destruction of such acts against a child will render the child useless and broken when older; thus destroying their ability for a happy productive successful life; this is a form of relational aggression!
Destroying a childs development of talents and dreams; this is a form of relational aggression! Destroying a childs reputation within the family structure; turning a young child into the family scape goat or making them out to be the " bad child" or treating a child with contempt for no reason; no establish purpose accept the intent to mislead the childs development; this is relational aggression; It cripples a child as much as physical assault.
Neglecting a childs development is relational aggression; increasing harm or risk to cognitive development, relational and friendship development, social development, sexual development, learning ability , destroying the years of personal development through exposer of trauma; all relational development!
The sociopath uses indirect means to destroy through relational aggression; giving a child away to the state or abandoning the child; or abandoning the child to unsafe strangers. The whole concept of pulling a child out of their life, yanking the cords and connections the child needs with the community to survive; this is relational aggression!
Grooming a child into poverty by exploitation or manipulation or mis direction; this is relational aggression.
Destroying a childs personal development; creating arrested development for the purpose of creating a poverty state within the childs future living situation; is relational aggression!
Poverty/poverty thinking! This is a direct state created by my parents, instilled in me from them; poverty! that is what I got for my inheritance! However, these days, Im a bit past this brain washing, but not by much! not really! in fact, in this area of poverty, it is closed off! no recovery! I have recovery in other parts of my life shadowing in on this area! This is the big major problem I deal with!
I live in an apartment and Im on social security disability; but I feel like Im homeless all the time; I dont feel connected to anything or anyone; I feel like Im on the streets!
As I awake to deal with this level of poverty, I am left with memories of a childhood that would have developed; and then its all ripped away into nothingness! and Im suppose to be able to work through the next steps of my life at that time period? Thats what Im attempting to turn to God for! I am getting assistance from source energy; a journey, or taken through a journey that addresses the anchoring effects for stabilities needed to work through this strange life equation; this stage of life.

Relational aggression and severe abandonment has caused a state of hard poverty within me! This is the next subject of personal work Im talking an interest in!

Dissociative Disorder
AVPD; Social avoidance
Previous/Psychotic clinical Depression
obsessive/compulsive disorder
Evolution didn't stop my death, God did .....Now what?
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