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- June 2021
Problems with women
   Mon Jun 14, 2021 12:00 am

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Permanent Linkby OMNICELL on Wed Aug 19, 2015 5:40 am

So it begins; Ive done mass work on my past! As my memories came back, and amnesia went down!

Ive resolved or solved many things!

Now Im working on the day to day interactions of the past with the psychopath!

You are brainwashed! It's a giant constant brainwashing when psychopaths are in charge of your life!

You will not know you are brainwashed! You; being a human being, simply, try harder n harder! But you are attempting to place emotional decency in the direction of the psychopath! How charming and silly a notion! Yet, as a child, I did not know better!

You are brainwashed from the beginning of life! And this causes much trouble! The simple answer is to never associate with a psychopath! That is the answer!

Later, being around the psychopath will destroy you! You are human, they are not!

They have nothing better to do then seek out your weaknesses and play them for their amusement! They are 20 times more aware of you then you know!

The Sadistic psychopath thinks in terms of enslavement! The exciting prospect of " slave"!

If you are a child around these monsters, you will be enslaved in any various means!

One technique the psychopath uses is; destroy all anchor points of human solidness and consistency! They want to stretch you out into an open field until you are rendered useless! No place to go for safety! No humans to turn to! They want you isolated!

They want to break you; allowing you to believe they are your only means of support! Life support for everything human that you need! They want to break you of being human; break you down to basic needs; brainwash you into thinking you are a nothing, and insect! And nothing more!

They want to doll out your needs very sparingly and with contempt and vicious sedition!

Their interest is in playing! They use human blood to play their games! Human psych blood! They get worse with time!

They start out taking risks with your body and your mind and get worse and take more risks with your body and your mind! You are being used for their entertainment! they will never ever ask you how you feel bout anything!

In the end it is murder! that is the final destination for the sadistic psychopath! there are many different ways to murder a human to satisfy the lustful craving of the sociopath!

Murder is their goal! You can be given away to someone to be raped! you can be dropped of at a street corner or relatives door; abandon! never to be see again!

You can be ruined by not being able to interact ever again with the world around you! and many more things they do at sadistic levels!

Humans are just bigger animals to the psychopath! Just a more challenging hunt! They do not see themselves as part of the human race!

The psychopath can destroy you simply by talking and interacting with you! They are non human! They do not give of biology you need with communicating!

A human spirit of experience occurs with humans! They feed of vocal representations and emotions and feelings! The sadistic sociopath is not like a human being; they give up a darkness and emptiness and evil!

When the psychopaths speaks to you; it is empty and it is filled with something else; evil, demonic! Im not sure the right words! It will destroy you and make you deranged! You are shoved back down your throat! You will be confused and not understand! You will develop dysfunctionally !

They are lizards! Walking giant predator lizards! Like all lizards, they seek blood! That is the primary purpose! They go into a zone and take the life of their captive!

IF you are human and trying to talk to a psychopath, you will be mangled and deranged! Over n over n over, they will be in human to you! It will take its toll, you will become sick and demented! You were never build for this! You will become ruptured!

I estimated; 50 thousand times; thats how many times In interacted with my mother! She was a sadistic sociopath! And each time I became sicker n sicker and more brainwashed!

Im attempting to work through the pTSD worlds and defuse most of the brain washing I had slammed down my throat!

This will take a long long time to recover!

One horrible problem; as a child, I wanted to love my mother and protect her and take care of her and work with her and save her from herself! WRONG!

Nothing could have been worse! This was a sadistic sociopath! This is a ######6 animal, non human! I was ripped apart very quickly! My worth was trampled under her feet, and I was torn to pieces!

You will be torn to pieces dealing with the sadistic psychopath!

The rule is simple; You never go around them; ever!

Dissociative Disorder
AVPD; Social avoidance
Previous/Psychotic clinical Depression
obsessive/compulsive disorder
Evolution didn't stop my death, God did .....Now what?
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