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Psychopath and the childs talents!

Permanent Linkby OMNICELL on Sun Oct 11, 2015 10:16 am

Nothing worse in this world then putting a talented intelligent person with a psychopath! For the gifted sensitive intelligent child is ruined; that much faster!

When gifts are exposed to the psychopath! They minimize those gifts in a ruthless thought out plan!

My mother thought about it and planned on ruining us! Planned it in a personal impersonal way!

Adolf Hitler wanted the Jews gone! He first devised away of sending them out of the country! Getting rid of them! When he realized the cost, he felt it was better to destroy them in the ovens or with poison Gas! Much easier! Was it personal! No! Yes,! No!

And Ive brought this up before in my blogs concerning Hitler! He's the best example of a psychopath!

I was told by my mother years later that men or males were inferior and should be treated as such! No education or expression! They should be treated like animals or live stock! They should not amount to anything! Or be intelligently trained or expressive or artistic!

When you are an intelligent artistic person around a sociopath or psychopath, they will demean everything involved in your abilities and future! It's a sadistic thing for them!

They will cut down your talents! Cut them down into a form that be littles them into a box that should never see the light of day! Its planned! They know what they're doing! They hate or worse have contempt for society! They think they are superior to society!

When they cut down a child; its done through ruthless precision! But its from the sociopathic mind! And to them; it seems fine because they believe they own you and you are just an object! And that object can be killed or kept! But objects should not speak or have a voice or an opinion or sing or express through writing!

I was told I would not be given a chance to take an English class because I would write about the family abuses! This means, I was not allowed to take an English class for development! As if I was a servant asking for permission!

Psychopaths see house hold children as slaves or servants to serve them! As if they are hired help from next door! The psychopath has no attachment to their own children! They act as if the children are visiting from next door! The psychopath interacts with them but has a strange sense of no responsibility! They do not have the responsibility to respond! They do not have to respond in any specific particular way! They are lawless! And can do what ever they want! Godless and lawless!

They can respond to children anyway they want; anyway they see fit!

I was cut down and erased! I never got a chance to develop any of my dreams! The house I lived in was sold out from under me! And I was vanquished to Foster child status! I had no real home! For the next 10 years, I would bounce from house to house to house! No one wanted me; no one loved me; nothing! My mother have long left with another man! She was to crash into his family and take it over as she had done to my father and men before him!

So, ones talents are doomed! You are not going to become famous even if talented when living with or starting life with a sociopath or psychopaths in charge! They will long kill you off before this!

Is it personal; in my case! No! It attacked me personally! I was destroyed personally! But the psychopaths does not know my dreams nor God, nor my love for God! And the Psychopath is not going inside your mind and seeing worth!

My mother saw nothing in me! No talents; nothing, nor did this animal know my personality! Nor would she has cared!

They treat you with inferiority! It's sickening! They are sickening criminals! And things get worse over time!
Ultimately, they are looking to kill you!

They are truly sickening debased monsters! They have no human edge to keep them from pushing you off the cliff! They do not think like humans! They see you as prey and nothing more! And they feed all the time; that is the only interaction they know! They are stackers and predators of an animal level nature! Or beneath it!

They act as if they own the place and control everyone in it! Regardless of who is in it! Even a judge or a group of general people in the community! The psychopath thinks they are in charge of human bodies that breath, that are still alive!

The point Im trying to make about talents! You will have to be far away and in a new land or time period away from the psychopath!

My talents are now coming back to me! Its been many years since around the psychopaths! And one has died thank God! Or thank you God! And the other is next! Cant wait! Thank You God!

I have the original dreams I had at 10 years old! They had to be buried because of the unfortunate situation at hand! Now possibly they can come back out again and I can start over!

Dissociative Disorder
AVPD; Social avoidance
Previous/Psychotic clinical Depression
obsessive/compulsive disorder
Evolution didn't stop my death, God did .....Now what?
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