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Politics; I want to be on the side of the people

Permanent Linkby OMNICELL on Fri Mar 15, 2019 6:29 pm

My country right now has fallen into factions; fractured groups representing separate political parties. My problem? I don't fit into any political agenda. I'm a White male, being attacked from all sides; especially from feminism.
I would like to support the minority groups in the country being plagued by strong prejudice; until I found out I'm their enemy; altho, I did not choose it that way; My skin color has made it that way; and my " right-wing" affiliation. So; I'm being prejudiced.
I would like to support the rednecks of my society; the grass root people; Until I find out im on the wrong side. Several redneck popular groups are on the side of the feminists? How can this be? are they stupid? So, that is not an option; not the left; not for me. The grass root people will always be my people; their political stance is not, but we are fighting for the same thing?. I'm like a redneck grassroots guy on the right. I'm only on the right because I refused to vote for the female sociopaths trying to take over the government on the left; thus, placing me in contrast against everything.
I also support the NRA. And yet; the same far left feminist groups that denounce gun rights are being supported by grass root redneck groups toating guns at support rallies in a bigger city near you; and are supporting the left; supporting the feminists.
I've seen the damage of feminism on women; the lies; not of the women's movement for equality, but from the feminist movement against women; the lies. I've seen the lies of " rape culture" Which; I'm white, and it's directed to me" ; I'm a male so it's " My fault"; I'm not a rapist, nor are any of the men that I know? I've been raped; I know numerous men that were molested when children; and several by women; by their mothers. Im certainly not walking alongside a group of people creating lies about other citizens of my country. Im not suggesting that the workplaces don't need to be cleaned up against sexual harassment and that harassment defined and policed.
Im into MGTOW; red pill society/mens movement; we have to have a movement at this time, period; everyone does. However, Im still into women, dating, marriage possibly. We will see.
I've watched videos of innocent minorities being shot by police officers that triggered a nationwide uprising; then I looked a little deep; I watched more specifically; I noticed something; THe cops pulled their guns; he wasn't innocent; He was a criminal and had been involved in criminal activity that same day; the cops didn't pull gun's on anyone else; only him. When they pulled their guns; they told him to stop; He would not; he turned and walked toward them; he got shot; just like anyone else would get shot; And this is what the uprising is based on? Are you kidding? "What"! I've seen other videos similar to this. And; Im a white male so; Im being convinced " ITs my fault" for thinking in such a savage way; that I would take the side of the police oppressors. I never said I liked the police; but, videos don't lie.
I feel for the communities who lose someone in a shooting; I saw the horrific damage to the communities, but I'm white; does it matter to anyone that I care; no! I'm white; Im shamed to death that everything is my fault because Im on easy street; but what street is easy street; Ive never been on it. I went through personal horror and tragedy as a child; I was destroyed in my own country; what white people are they talking about that are on easy street; the great oppressors. If I speak up; Im called a lier?
You've got the far left hating white men; you have white men joining this very group that openly wants white men to vanish from existence; feminists! Why; if you're a white male; why would you call yourself a feminist; are you crazy; feminists are your enemy; BLue pill cuks.
I see riots going on in cities I attended college; They are freedom fighters against the fascists; good! I hate fascists and communists; that's why I'm on the right; until I find out these groups are on the left? what?
OKe: I'm really confused now; Oke; I'm white male; I'm on the right; what group do I join to fight against the government? And then it's pointed out to me that white males on the right are nazi's; white supremacists. I'm now being pidgin'd into white supremacy groups.

It seems I have no political group with my name on it accept "men's movement" and or " white men's rights".
Because I'm on the right; I'm automatically shoved into some kind of right-wing patriot movement; based on the same agenda as the patriot act. aligned with the president. I'm not interested in being in a political group aligned with the president; that's not why I voted for him and that's not my group; I'm still on the right;Im still a patriot; more like the for fathers who started the revolution.
All I know; "men's movement" that I know. I know that white males have to start their own movement; they must; in these treacherous times; but not an anti-social criminal agenda frequented by psychopaths.
MGTOW is a great group; Im a red pill but not completely MGTOW. Im part of the manosphere. However, Im into women and dating women. Im not going my way from women; Im more interested in associating with the right women not the wrong women.
Maybe Im part of the silent minority. I wanted to be a rebel and stand up against the powers that are destroying my society. However, every agenda appears twisted backward. No clue to what camp to join; what to believe and who to trust. Crazy.
I'm actually on the side of the police; Now; how the hell did a rebel like me get on the side of the police; Nothing is making any sense out here. How did I get on the side of the police and I'm trying to fight the authority? I didn't want to be on the side of the police; However, the information presented to me has landed me on this side of conservatism. What is strange; before the fall of my countries political system; I was a liberal; conservative liberal fighting against what the left is fighting against; and I'm now on the right fighting alongside the police department; everything has been flipped upside down; I'm very confused.

Dissociative Disorder
AVPD; Social avoidance
Previous/Psychotic clinical Depression
obsessive/compulsive disorder
Evolution didn't stop my death, God did .....Now what?
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