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Permanent Linkby OMNICELL on Fri May 20, 2016 5:29 pm

What are plans; Everything
Plans are things; things I want to do with my life! Things better then push'n down nails with a hammer! Things better then hang'n down at the street corner!
Planning is a process! Meaning, there is a process to planning! To having a goal!

Im learning the process of creating a goal! The process is what counts!
It's a mind game! My mind is filled with limiting beliefs! And negative thinking, and fear and terror based thinking and PTSD! So, this is no easy trip to eliminate all of this! I was ripped out of my home as a child, and forced through long term abuses of different sorts until my mind was destroyed! And yet, I'm supposed to " come to," and fix all of this! This is going to take work!

One area thats practiced daily is; writing out my future as if Im already living it! some of the subjects to write;

1. If I had several million dollars a years and I could do what I love when I wake up in the morning; what would it look like!
And this is a great one; really! If one can just let the imagination roam, and answer this question 3 times a day by writing out what they would be doing; within 6 months, they would be heading down a solid path of change!

2. I write out several areas of interest;

A. soulmate
b. Practice Everything for the arts
C. House, truck
D. using Telescopes, mountain biking! Where do I want to do these things! Imagine myself doing them!
E. Vacations!
F. New friends, who are they, what are they like!
G. Helpers; God has sent me helpers!

And many other things I write!


Getting rid of negative thinking; this is the big one; the one Im dealing with right now! I will continually get hit with thoughts and places I never wanted to be! People, I never wanted to be around! I must get rid of them, get rid of the thoughts about them! They cripple me and control my behavior!

I was forced into many new situations I never wanted to be apart of! I would wake up day after day after day in places I did not want to be! And allot of this has caused great problems!

The idea is to continually wipe out the old thoughts or put in new ones in first person POV!


I was bullied out of physically going forward, or moving forward with my plans! I was taught out of moving forward with a plan! And this has caused massive stunted growth!

Ive Explodes been to the wrong people; unsuccessful worthless thugs that helped to scare me out of my rights and things Ive owned! I have to trust God!

Ultimately, the main goal is to continue to write and work on my plans for the future!

I have allot of processing to do concerning my past! I have the years with my Grandmother; a complete horror story of sorrow and a waist of human time! And many other bad things! And abuses!

One problem has been; I keep being controlled by the bullies in the past with in my head! Im still intimidated by these bullies! They scare me and control me!

All of this stuff must go! And all the memories of past family systems must go! All of those people! None of them were my friends! They were my enemies and sociopaths!

I was ripped away from my home as a boy, the way a child is ripped out of their way of life in Syria; in the civil war; same thing!

My goal is to get my life back! It takes practice!

This is how it works;

If you want a soulmate; and you are manifesting one ion your imagination; creating her; and you write about her, and you write about her next to you, talking to you, touching you, laughing with you, slapping you around and chasing you; if you write as if you're sleeping together!

Soon; you will begin to wake up socially! Soon, the people around you will notice a difference! You're starting to get more confidence! You're starting to shake hands with people! You're starting to say hi to people, you're starting to take chances with people and hang out! You're starting to flirt with the women! You're starting to notice women noticing you! You're starting to become more social, and remember other peoples names and you're starting to want to be part of a group of people again!

The point of the above! Your imagination is creating a picture of your future of what you want! And the Universe knows that you are going to be socially popular if you want this girl! So, the Universe will wake you up and make you want to interact with others! And it all starts with a goal! A real goal!

And the above things are happening for me!

The key is; you have to keep working at this stuff all day long! You work at creating what you want in your imagination! And then force, pushed the world around you to align with your goals!

You have to take chances! You have to show some action! For example! Now that I have a soulmate goal and Im becoming more sociable; I see this women staring at me! What do I do; you have to take a chance, walk over and shake her hand, introduce yourself! And that is taking action! You're showing the Universe your help out on your side of things! You don't have to do more then you can! The Universe does most of the work! Yet, I must show up!

Hiding in my apartment; No; wont work!
Waiting for the best most perfect people to show up; nope wont work; not needed! One can practice the same things at a 12 step meeting!

It's a journey down a trail! The trail lights up in front of you and you start heading down it!

So; the plan is to be completely free of the past! The plan is to create a future from the present! The plan is to looking into what really makes me happy!

The plan is to work on this stuff all day long; as if I have no other plans at the moment!


Learning to love everything around me! Everything! I love the rocks, I love this building, I love this plant, I love that green car, I love you! Everything so on!


Set backs;

What happens when I feel rejected! I take a break , and start over at a different time! I suck it up a bit! But I process it out; go back outside and look around to see what I love! And keep writing my plans!

Today Im learning that I love you even if you don't love me, and I am happy with what I want, or if it hasn't shown up yet! And on some levels, this is hard!

Its about changing my thinking to the positive and letting go of the past!


Feeling safe jn my environment! this is a big one! so, its hard for me outside! or in a small apartment with no privacy! I have to keep working toward this goal of the things I need in this life!

Privacy is one of them! safety is one of them! decent higher level friends are one of them!

Dissociative Disorder
AVPD; Social avoidance
Previous/Psychotic clinical Depression
obsessive/compulsive disorder
Evolution didn't stop my death, God did .....Now what?
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