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Moving on

Permanent Linkby OMNICELL on Tue Jun 10, 2014 5:45 pm


Im finally understanding how to deal with women as an adult! Im understanding the importance of leader ship, to be the tribal leader! to be pre selected by other women; to be the leader of men.

Im starting to understand what it looks like to talk to a women! Its been a long long long long long time since popularity in 9th grade and the first year of high school/ after that it drops off to nothing! In those days I learned how to joke. But I could not keep it up! I could not keep up the popularity. The girls liked it. I had lots of friends and girlfriend possibilities. But I never understood that I was doing well with women! I had no idea I was doing the right thing to attract women. And I was doing the right thing to attract women! I was doing exactly the right thing. I had them eating out of my hands. I had the most beautiful cheerleader of the school as my play toy. I was at her house every day after school. She would throw herself on me all the time and wanted me to stay the night! I went places with her! I never hit on her! I did not understand that I had her in the bag! I thought I had to do more work then this..

And now to my surprise Im finding I know how to attract women! its the same as junior high! or high school! same thing! Its the way I talk to a women and give her attention.

The problem; As an adult man, women have become more beautiful! They are more attractive then ever and its scary.. Im an older man and the women are younger! this makes them twice as beautiful! its hard!

ITs all about the approach and how talk to a women! And its about my self concept. As an adult man I have the wight of the world on my shoulders.. meaning, Im comparing myself to others in the world. Comparing myself externally to others with external things. How do I match up!

I have to let go of how much I own or don't own; take chances and let go of the outcome! and this separates the men from the boys.

Its not hard getting women when you jump through the personal hoops to your own manhood. But these hoops stop most men!

Men are boys that can't grow up! I was one once, but not anymore! because of this, Im able to understand what is expected of me!

At some point the women will be flowing in.

Ive studied dating and women for 4 years.. Ive used it all in the field and have had girlfriends; so Im actually applying it!

I am considered hansom; this doesn't hurt! cool! nice to now! Girls trust me, they feel safe! cool!

Now I practice my game; This is the talk, the walk, the approach, the stories... and it is brutal.

Its easy to say you can walk up to a gorgeous women and talk to her! its another story to have the balls to do so; be one foot away from her and chat interactively with confidence. It is mind boggling hard! and only the strong men may apply! It is truly one of the hardest things I have ever done as an adult man; to be myself, not overly aggressive or pushing out; just myself in front of a beautiful women: a women that scares me. her looks intimidate me! and her confidence from those looks. Its truly numbing to stand up to this! but those who can get the girl in the end win; and thats what this is all about!

Ultimately its about getting a life and not being alone!

What could be better then having a girlfriend to;

1. Go boating
2. Go fishing ( basic fishing)
3. fly a kite
4. go to a play
5. draw with
6. sit under a thunder storm about your feelings to each other!
7. Go do a dance
8. Sit on an old tractor in a wheat field and watch the sunset while the field animals yell in the distance.
9. she's in shorts, you have your shirt off; walk with her hand n hand to the local store and get a coke!
10. Go to a camp out
11. Go walking in the mountains, or mountain biking ; sitting by the river on an old log
12. What about a picnic
13. Go check out the old houses in town
14. how about an old style 18th century breakfast in an old ghost town
15. Your states annual combine crash up derby!
16. Look for cool rocks to polish
17. cave exploration
18. RC helicopters
19. Looking through my telescope at night at the stars...
20. skiing...
21. foosball
22. miniature gulf
23. pool
24. local swimming pool with food and a good book...
25. hot coco looking out snowy window at a newly made snow man
26.. ice skating
27 shooting guns at a rifle range
27.5 catalog shopping ; looking for a new bike!
28. 4 wheel'n
28. drive in movie theater...
29. 12 step meeting
30. barn yard squire dance..
31. fun park; water park
32. rock concert or musical
33. going to a resort with sandy beach
34. spraying each other down with a hose; chasing each other on a front lawn in the middle of summer
35. Eating water mellon on a porch on a sunny day!
36. go carts... Fun!
37. take a life drawing or art class together!
38. walk on a sandy beach
39. And the best; to have a deep emotional struggling based push pull conversation on the phone! fighting with her over your way of seeing things in a relationship vs hers! she never agrees with you and you never agree with her but neither will hang up the phone first; and nothing can be more enriching then this, because you know you are wanted and she knows you want her even if you can't say it right!

And the list goes on n on n on!

There are lots of reasons to get my $#%^ together! Ive listed several above! Ive been experiencing some of this. Its worth ever penny! it makes life worth living! F@ck being alone! thats crazy

Dissociative Disorder
AVPD; Social avoidance
Previous/Psychotic clinical Depression
obsessive/compulsive disorder
Evolution didn't stop my death, God did .....Now what?
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