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Loathing and hating women

Permanent Linkby OMNICELL on Fri Sep 25, 2015 4:58 pm

Women are a big big issue for me!

Women come up to me; I get pissed of! Im not healed up! it hurts, its embarrassing! its scary!

The psychopath I was forced to live with as a child, scared me, I was terrified of this person! she was out to kill me! she wanted me dead, wanted to kill me! she had no conscious; she was like Adolf Hitler! she was a monster that wanted to hurt children! ###$ her, and anyone like her!

Women are alive and well in my nervous system! As it was women that tried to destroy me! I was just a boy! But they tried! They did not help me live; they helped me die! And I was not a man or a male! I was a small child! So ###$ them and they can all go to ######6 hell!

Women are child haters and manipulators; ######6 whores!

Theirs a reason they are put under stocks and treated like cattle! Because they ###$ with children and try to destroy them at every chance they get!

I do not see women helping anyone! I do not see them helping their countryman! I see nothing from them! ###$ them!

Ive had many adults call them evil; men and women!

I am mad about something! And that something is; from 0 to 6 or 7 or 8 years old! They tried to destroy me! I do not know why! Accept I know one of them was a psychopath! Probably the others were close!

I was not respected as a human being! I do not understand! They did not care about me! I did nothing wrong; nothing to them! I did not give a ###$ who they were! I was a child; I owe adults nothing!

Adults that kill or hurt children should be killed!

I don't know about women! I don't know what to think! all I can see is my mother from ages 0 to 5! and this is a very bad thing! bad bad bad! she is sadistic and wants to hurt children! my father kept her at bay! but she still managed to get away with stuff! she wanted to hurt children like it was an addiction to sadism! ######6 monsters! no remorse, no conscious' nothing! ######6 merciless worthless! ######6 worthless whores!

So, when dealing with women in general; Im dealing with a 2 fold problem; First is my mother! This is someone that did not exist! meaning, the person in her place was a psychopath! She pushed a false persona of mother; but was not a real person! She was a sadistic psychopath! These type of animals have no real personality! They mimic everyone else so they can get fed!

What does the psychopath eat? Everything human! They eat human beings!

When I see women I see a past; a beginning past with no answers; I see myself running in fear! And when Im around women, I go back to being 4 years old and scared! I don't really remember much past that! I remember a few things at 3 1/2, and thats it! But I know other stuff happened all the time! I can feel it; I cant verbalize it yet! Or I can but I cant! I can see it!

So women are about my childhood; and my childhood is no more! Meaning, Im not living in the same house or same neighborhood! But I haven't started living yet!

When I get near women, I get pissed of and afraid! I do not understand their behavior or their disrespect! They seem to have no regard for anyone! Something is terribly wrong! They are way out of ######6 line! Way the ###$ out of line!

I have a conscious! I have one because I choose to have one; it's not because Im emotional or logical! Im simply a decent person! Decent people think in terms of decency!

Most of the women I met are not decent! Something is wrong! They go into game mode, and play you like a player! They don't seem to have any decency about it! I simply do not understand!

Im learning to ignore them and at the same time, like them and notice them!

I have understanding! They don't! I don't get it! I honestly don't get it!

95% of the women I meet; I would not want as a mother or to be near children!

If Im an honest man and I am shunned by women as a weakling! Then what the ###$ do they respect!

Thugs have more respect from women then I do! Baby rapers that are cool have more respect with women then I do!

Im sorry! But if this is the state of things; I don't want any part of it!

So, in general, I have allot of stuff to work through when it comes to my mother and psychopaths and women!

Dissociative Disorder
AVPD; Social avoidance
Previous/Psychotic clinical Depression
obsessive/compulsive disorder
Evolution didn't stop my death, God did .....Now what?
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