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Author:  OMNICELL [ Tue Aug 09, 2016 1:05 am ]
Blog Subject:  Leaving it up to God!

My general condition has gotten better to the point that Im almost capable! I remember as a child being like this! This means, Ive come along way!

Problems! Ive been ripped of by family members! Im no longer around any of them! They were never friends of mine in the first place; I did not know this! Ive had money and land and many other things swindled out of me! The best thing to do is forget about it! Keep working on forgiveness! These are psychopaths and sociopaths! If you get around them; this is what they do!

So, Left that family system with nothing! It was all taken or destroyed or swindled away! All of it on both sides!

Im with God!

I am with God! One area that has changed; I could move away from this small town I'm in! Ive done enough psych work that its possible! Meaning, Ive gotten better from my condition to the point that I could move to another place!

Money; unfortunately! Resources do not exist yet! God has not supplied them yet! Meaning, if he did! Im not receiving them yet!

So, the first part of my recovery process is becoming complete! Its hard that the family system I came from are cheats and robbers! It never occurred to me when young! But they are and I was robbed and cheated!

I have God!

Today, I dealt with many false starts! I was able to look up to God and say a prayer and start over! I truly feel God is where my power comes from; not other people! So, God has taken over for my missing father! It's a start!

Now; soul-mates and activities; Im slowly seeing signs of soul-mates! But they are married! I aint interested in those kind!

Houses, trucks, art rooms for creating! These are the next things on my mind!

LOA; Law of attraction! its working; doing what its suppose to do! The next level of interest is in soulmates and houses and activities!

The recovery process is what it is! it has worked to bring me back to life, with the help of God and LOA!

However, some of the people; many of them see absolutely nothing in me! no value! many ive never had a real conversation with! never! not a meaningful one! ridiculous! but I can see Gods plans! Its all be Autonomous!

Is hard at times! but I have other plans!

Im still alone! God has not supplied any real friends yet! altho, I keep working on manifestation of such people! Im still fairly new at LOA, so, it will take awhile!

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