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Author:  OMNICELL [ Fri Jun 20, 2014 6:20 am ]
Blog Subject:  Keep fighting the evil

Keep up the good fight!~

Evil is the problem!

And I ant gett'n the love!

Im not looking for the right people! or Im not looking for happy people. I need to become who I am looking for!

Im always made out to be the bad person because I stick up for what I believe in! I get over ran! Im not strong enough to withstand the world, they attack under the belt when Im not looking and I fall.

Im a decent person that is not liked.

I was thinking about women!

It doesn't do any good to bitch.

This whole life experience has been a horror nightmare!

Im still being blocked.

Im hurting!


The girl from the meetings has no feelings for me!

I will trust God and keep going.

Im a decent person around indecent people! And I have no place to go!

Im not able to be nice or participate. I'm being strong-armed out of existence.

I will trust God to be around nice people!

Im around people that take advantage of me.

I try to love, and Im shunned,

I have to work with God!

I want justice and peace in my life! Im tired of dealing with the outside world. Its hard, all of it!

I don't see suicide as an answer!

I open up my heart to the wrong people!

This person still stares at me! it is fake. Its not real! her body language is afraid of me! but she tries to stare at me! its a game, a manipulative game for people gaming others.

I don't need to be broken over it! I need to trust God. Im alone again. keep working on things.

Im not sure what to think! Im angry at the moment!

Im not sure who or what I fit in with!

Ive been shunned by every place I go. What do I have left; something must change. Im not safe being myself. Im not safe not being myself. Im not accepted no matter what direction I go!

SO, Ive watched my behavior today with others, as I attempt to learn how to converse with dissociative disorder.

They cheat and I do not see it coming. They underhand me and I don't see it coming.

Im learning not to get involved with those in the meetings...

I just wanted friends. Now I don't have them! and I don't understand. But Im not being honest about things. Im not being honest about who I am as a human being.. something is wrong.

Saying I have no friends is correct, and this sounds closer to the truth!

Saying I love girls but don't have one and I am bashful around women is true. I don't feel good enough to have a women!

I have mass boundary problems. I have to push others away! get them out of my experience. Im making mistakes with people! Im attracting the wrong people!

Im being made to look like someone that is a wrong person. Its not true. I have to get away from these manipulators.. These murderers.

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