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4 days to go; back on Facebook
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Economic and sexual abuse when a child.
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The hard work of things.
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I wrote this *mod edit*

Permanent Linkby OMNICELL on Thu May 30, 2019 10:30 am

Im actually a nice guy! Im older now; but stating what Im seeing;

A comment I left *mod edit* about successful men no longer dating women or waisting their resources on them.

Ive noticed a difference between women over 3o and under 3o; women over thirty can act like a middle class stuck up b_tch. I know of several; I don't associate with them. They have no interest in me; they think Im a quiet loser. However, the women under 30; they are a whole n’other animal. They act interested only if they can get something; stealth like; more sinister like; predator like. And Ive noticed younger women acting; acting nice at times; sweet and friendly; only from a distance; meaning, I have to go to them; approach them. These are women preying on me; they see me as a monkey in a zoo; and their teasing me; teasing an animal. They see me as a animal much like a cat; actually much less then a cat; actually something much more demeaning; like an hoofed animal; like a crude version of a horse; like I'm a different creature then human; they can play games with teasing for fun; like someone in a cage. Its despicable and conscious-less; reminds me of a bad star trek episode from the 60’s; where kirk is caged as a fruit eating insect by aliens that cant see the difference; dangerous because of pure deception. Women seem to have absolutely no interest in men or me as a human being; its all a sick game. Ive watched these young women with their men; they play the guy to keep him; lie to him in a cheap covert deceptive way; seeing him no more then a resource souvenir ; as an animal in the cage; but the guy doesn’t know; blue pill; its incredible to watch; whats so very sad is “ red pill”; Im almost offended that I have to know this; that I have to know what I know about women. Its horrific and sad. The more I look around; the more I see it; over n over; It seems women do not see men as men see women. Women want their needs met but don't see men as human beings; only see them as a means to an end and nothing more; monsters; and I see this at all ages; the style and culture might be different; but the internal workings are all the same; lately, Ive been hoping that maybe I don't see a women with this trait; that I can believe again in a magical world where men and women have relationships with each other and everything is blue skies and security; Im not finding it at all. I seem to get along with many men; but women try to take everything over then turn and treat me like a child monkey; they appear completely corrupt/covert/evil. As I said; the greatest shock is; Im not seeing any women without these negative dangerous traits. Its sad that my eyes are so open; its really freaking me out. I see very few men that I know see me as a loser; a see a whole massive amount of women that see me as a loser; what happened?
I think the most alarming statement I make is; most men that I know respect me for who I am or they dont respect me for who I am; but most women think Im a loser; and its not based on who I am.
Most men accept me as a person; most women see me as a loser because I have nothing they can take from me; no resources; they have no human interest in me.
Any women that actually like me; liked me when I was younger and cuter; and thats the only reason they like me now; memories.
I dont walk around town looking at people as winners or losers; thats a bit evil. I dont see women as mentally ill; I see them as worshiping themselves as Gods..... and worse; they actually think their superior; meaning men are inferior; the way the nazi’s saw the jews in prison camps; thats how I see women view of men; it was a joke when I was a boy; its no joke anymore. I want to say that women are hostile toward men; but its now the opposite; women are fine treating men this way; no conscious about it; as if its normal to see a man as a demeaned box of chemicals sitting at the bottom of a fishbowl almost like plant food in an aquarium; as if this is normal.
I was visiting a blog site of a higher nature; I thought it was a higher nature of educated people; I read several blogs on gender stuff from women with MFA’s in writing. It was deplorable. These women writers were comparing incels to Ted Bundy; using their educational skills to pull of some kind of legitimacy in proof of evidence. This reminds me of the genetic work done by the nazis to prove the Nortic man was superior then any other race and their were inferior races. In fact; women are looking to prove that men are of an inferior species and not of the human species; and its getting a bit scary. Im not sure whats the motivator for this; propaganda by the central bank on the left wanting to continue to take over.
I remember a time it wasn’t like this; but those times had more money and the country has borders; today; this is ridiculous; despicable.
Ive always been red pill concerning women; I certainly never wanted to be; but when women see me as a loser when God is proud of me? Something is horrifically and technically wrong.
In my conversations with a women a few months ago; sitting down having lunch; She finally told me what she wanted; she basically wanted to maneuver me into helping a young person in need; a teenage kid that needed help. She never thought about the impossibilities of such things; the fact I have no money, no car; Im not a licensed therapist. The legalities of an older person working with an under aged person. She never thought about the time and energy of such things; and she negated all the information concerning my PTSD problems. She was selling me on something because she thought she could get away with it; While in conversation; I began to tell her about a women I saw on ted talk; a women in her thirties that was trying to date but would not loose weight; I thought this an interesting topic to discuss; how lost these people are from knowing how to find someone to love. My suggestion was; this women on ted talk should loose weight and learn how to be date again; there are plenty of average nice guys in the world that would date her. she seemed completely disconnected from reality; and I thought this a good topic of discussion; However, when I brought this up; I got slammed with; “ Your not 30, why are talking about a women in her 30’s for”; and this shaming language was immediate. I do not allow women to talk to me in this nature of voicing. A few days later; this women continues to try to weasel around the issue of helping this teenager; I told her “ NO” and walked way; she jumped a bit in fright because her planned didnt work; all manipulation. And it wont end their; but My association with her did and still she doesn’t have enough brains to understand Ive ghosted her.
And this is what its like to interact with women. And Ive got plenty of other stories; I wish I had a nice story to tell someone. I really mean this. the world is becoming a horrified place to live.
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