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Author:  OMNICELL [ Fri Mar 13, 2015 9:58 am ]
Blog Subject:  I still need these psych sites

I still need these psych sites; I have no one! ultimately, God is keeping me alive! No one else cares!

The general community just spits in your face and abandons you as fast as possible! they are Godless and friends only of their own! They have no respect for God or what God has created! they kill because they are murderers! They attempt to kill God all day and his creations! they want to wipe them from the face of the earth! God genocide! Wont work! Cant kill God; he created everything! doesn't work that way!

God created satan; and satan turned on him, as his followers turned have also turned on God and Gods followers! Now the world chooses to destroy the God followers! The world has no control over God or his followers! Therefore, the world murders his children daily!

Communities murder his children daily! as they attempted with me! Genocide of the decent! they want them dead!

The decent, the honest, the upright is being destroyed and eradicated, much like the jews were eradicated in the glazed ovens of the nazi prison camps!

Propaganda against the innocent! it has come to this! I am one of those who was destroyed by my community! and I was eradicated! but I came back! not that anyone ever really saw me again!

2 elements motivate these people, greed and power! and this is purely demonic in nature to the point that the behavior is not hidden! Its a like a group of thugs that quietly destroy behind closed doors, but in public wear accountants suits and engineers gulf clubs!

I am lucky to be alive! I was sent or put through the meat grinder of this life with no choice of my own! I was 2 young and had no idea!

This means these monsters were using children for their human experiments!

I was destroyed! I did not fit in, nor would I! and I never will! I was ostracized! of course it does not work; they ostracized a child from a community? that is child abuse! sadistic malice against a child!

I have God; and thats about all I have! and Im trying to get used to it!



Still attract them; but they are useless and rude!

IVe been told in my country not to date the women here! I would agree! But the interest in women continues because Im a man!

Im not sure what happened to the women to make them this way! I understand! Im not sure what they don't fight against it; or fight back to become human beings! Ive seen plenty of women turn into scornful man haters! or feminists! and I guess thats OK! I hate it! I hate dealing with them! they hate because the enjoy it!

Im a decent man, these feminists don't care; their out to hate everything they can get their hands on; anyone! They don't care who it is!


Women; Ive seen more n more women having one baby then getting rid of the thug rapist they had the baby with! They end up single mom! Seems, thats all their is anymore, just single moms and their children! No fathers! Thats because these were never fathers in the first place; they were sociopaths! The women knew this; they talk among themselves! They know what their doing! Having a single child by a sociopath is a status simple in the women community! Going out with a male whore and having his baby puts a women way up in the hierarchy of female group status! Whats funny and interesting is; when I tell these women their X is nothing but a sociopath; the women ignore me as a dumbass and continue to identify him as a bad boy father who wont pay attention to their children! Im like; " you were told this is a sadistic sociopath, why do expect a sociopath to be connected to children; he is not; have you seen how he treats your children in public when your not here?"! " you were told the thug you were hooking up with was a sociopath; why the ###$ did you have a kid by him; let me guess! you knew he would be out using again and sleeping with other women again; this giving you the excuse to dump him and be on your own with your knew baby!

Seriously laughable all of it! accept for the children; they are are ones being used by this system of human hatred!

When I hookup with a women who has one child from a sociopath male whore, I am now; not only tied to the child and her, Im now tied to the male whore sociopathic father! How nice; how nice to be roped in at all directions!

Since a decent man is not going to hook up with a women like this; decent people see through this game; instead of changing, the women simply finds anther sociopath to date and bring home and start this misery all over again!

I have seen women have a new baby by every new boyfriend they have! Roping in a new man by having a surprise baby that happens to be his! surprise!

I think people like myself are hated now in this society! I cannot maintain friends!

IVe had women like me; but Im suppose to want to take care of her three children! wont happen; and it never will; Im not the father; what the ###$ were these people thinking about when they hooked up in the first place!

Women like this can't have a real relationship!


I feel women in my society are ruined! They have been destroyed! I feel that everyone in my society have been destroyed!

I will be a bad boy male whore; Theres nothing else felt! I can sleep with a million girls; but I can't find one to have a relationship with; thats because they are all ruined! they can't have relationships!

I have no other choice then to be a male whore! Ill get my needs met, Ill get fed! Theres buses full of women to sleep with! but it all seems boring; I just wanted to have a relationship with someone! if they don't want a relationship with me or can't, Ill have them in bed and leave it at that! and thats OK I guess! seems sad in away!

ITs impossible to have a relationship with a women; their like animals; their not human anymore! No point in it!

In my society women are ruined, their like animals; theirs no way to have a relationship with them! All that is left is to be allocated to bad boy male whore! not a problem; I attract plenty of women! just seems messy! like sompt'ns wrong! What went wrong here!

Women are pathological; they have no conscious! I personality think they have been ruined! Theirs no way to have a relationship with them!

All the girls that have been attracted to me; hundreds; All I wanted was a relationship! not possible! I can't have a relationship with them! no person in their right mind would have a relationship with one of these! impossible! I can f@ckm! They feed me; I get something out of it! Their all good looking! I don't have to sleep with anyone I don't find attractive! but its not what I wanted; I just wanted a nice girl to have a relationship with! can't find one! Ive looked!

IVe looked for a nice girl; I can't find one! All the girls I meet are manipulative users!

The girls that appear to be with depth and intelligence and romance are married! their husbands are boring, so the girls take an interest in me; on the side! I would never sleep with them! we are friends! But this backfires, sometimes the girls fall for me! But they have no control over me; they are with another man! I get tired of their games; their users, but don't seem to think so! I get tired of them and their game and shut everything down! I shut down all emotions on them! and I retire from their company! The girl gets insecure and controlling by it doesn't work! Im not with them; they are with another man!

All I have to do is show I know worthy women in the community and the other girls are all over me! female preselection; Im selected by other girls and I can prove it; and Im in! the women are all over me!

And I can pick any women! well, not any; Im getting older! the 20 year old college girls are not all going to fall for me! but Ive had interested from them as well at times! but I wouldn't want them getting hated on by their crowd for being with an older guy! but these days I wonder if anyone cares about anything anymore! Im not blaming anyone! just saying!

All I wanted was a relationship!

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