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Author:  OMNICELL [ Sat Jun 08, 2019 10:24 pm ]
Blog Subject:  I have to believe more

The biggest problem Im having with the laws of attraction are believing; if believe so strongly, things will happen; for me to believe so strongly, I have to be without doubt; this means; I cant come from an abused state where my mind was brainwashed into believing Im worthless with worthless thoughts; I suffer from CPTSD.
The goal is to believe again; that is the main goal; for this to happen; I must get my mothers picture out of my mind; the thoughts are right behind my mind; the flashbacks that always get triggered; a solid wall of them; its like a force field that locks me into negativity. However, Im working on it and have been working on it and Im seeing results, , slow results; but results; and the results are solid; I am doing allot of work; allot of scripting every day; and will do more of it; in fact; more effort must be put out right now; Im lost in the middle of this; meaning; a poverty mentality vs a rich mentality; Im right in the middle; my thoughts; both sets of thoughts coming up; putting me into a stand still; split energy.
With time; the good thoughts will prevail; however, this will take work....

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