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Author:  OMNICELL [ Wed Apr 08, 2015 6:06 pm ]
Blog Subject:  hating women and soul mates!

Do I hate women; of course I do; ###$ ya, rant on do I! I can feel the pain exploding all over me! the control and contempt from women trying to shut me down; seeing a victim or weakling they can attack!

Why would they want to attack someone! I am a product of evil! I was a child when I was attacked and hurt; women are attacking the child within me now! should I kill myself! that would kill the child in me!
Are women satanic!

First, Im certainly a candidate for victim; Im just aware enough to know that one womens thoughts are not anothers! or one persons thoughts are not another! each person is different!

Im starting to wake up; some women are not safe; some are! and this translates to this; some people are different and some aren't! One person is different then another! each person is separate!

When you've been hurt, you want to glob all people into this big mess called personal victimhood! all people are of the same conscious, and they were all out to get me!

I hate all ######6 worthless hag whore pig bitches! but I want them!

Womem purposely try to destroy innocence in others or in me! why?

I don't know these ######6 people; why would they want to destroy me! should I care why! no I don't!
ITs not Ok

I don't want to date people that like to kill the children within other people; In my opinion its no different then killing a real child!

I have resentments, I have to work on getting over them!

I have resentments toward women! especially my mother! she was a queen bitch! but much worse!

and possibly, Im safe enough and fare away from all of it to call her what she was; a demonic force of hell! She was not a human! to bad! not my ######6 problem!

now, Im trying to learn to interact with people again! and its very hard and its spiritual! and very very hard! people are arrogant!

I have allot of PTSD worlds that get triggered when Im talking with women; women are cold and mean hearted toward me; they are not my mother, they don't care what happens to me!

possibly this is a clue on how to treat them; treat them as I was their mother and cared about them! that would be a new one! but it makes sense!

Love them and care for them as if they were my own!

This breaks my heart!

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