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Economic and sexual abuse when a child.
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The hard work of things.
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Permanent Linkby OMNICELL on Tue Jun 04, 2019 11:04 am

Im finding bits n pieces on how to be happy; it was never safe for me to be happy; I used to say; if I was rich and taken care of; I would be happy; simply because I would not be around trashy people and I would be safe.
The people Im around right now; many of them Im not happy with because its better then being alone; but they are not people I wanted to be around; Im around them for necessity. Im just trying to survive.
Im learning how to be happy on my own. I do not believe a person is really independent and on their own until they are are happy.
Ive needed as a much love ad support as I can squeeze out to gain a foothold back into life; the only thing missing from my life was a caring loving family; with out that; I was thrown out to the wolves; and that exactly what happened; Human beings are meat eaters; their predators; However, because of the laws; you cant fight back; so, I being a predator; cant use it; but it seems every other predator out here gets to use it against me on a daily basis; so; I stay quiet until my time. Im slowly and silently learning how to become happy.
Happiness is elusive in these harder days of life. Things are harder now. However, Im learning how to become happy.
Ive been around people; they just want to bring me down; so I stay silent. Any people I've gotten involved with; they try to take over and control.
Ive seen allot of bad people in my life; horrible amounts of them; worthless; Godless. Not decent people.
My land has turned into a cesspool of corruption and greed ran by the banks. The people; the citizens are now second class citizens; used by the banks and the rich.
The point is; I wanted this utopia but could not find a place for it; no one would allow it. I had no one helping me; only helping me if it helped themselves first.
Ive had to cover my identity completely so no one really knows me; and no one has really cared anyway.
Ive been treated like garbage by people because they could not use me; now they want nothing to do with me; never trusted me in the first place; thats because they are corrupt and think their better then others; and when I showed up; I could care less. They don't trust me or respect me; and thats just fine. Could care less. Im just trying to get ahead.
Im working with the universe to stabilize and believe again. Im a broken kid that never got started; I was destroyed when young from everything around me; unbelievable. I had no idea; no idea of what the world was life; nothing; I was eaten alive. Could have killed myself 1000 times over; unbelievable.
Ive found no women of any worth except the truly broken; they are innocent; the rest are deceivers; corrupt. They do not love anything; they might love children; but now; I doubt that as well; after what I've witnessed; they do not love men the way they love children; they see men as a means to an end; they see them as creatures they can use to better their existence on planet earth; they have no respect for the male creature; their to be used for no other reason then to be used; its as if men are inanimate object; very much how Ted Bundy the serial killer looks at women and children; same thing; exactly the same thing. Women are systematically destroyed the nation; they seem to have no concept of right or wrong or a conscious.
I have found no women that have a conscious; nothing; They do not take any responsibility for their behavior; nothing; they simply try to get away with things; what ever they can. They are not safe to discourse with; they are deceptive from the minute you meet them; not real; complete false front with no conscious to use it against someone. They are not safe to have a conversation with; as they will attempt to smash the conversation if it does not go in their direction; they behead it; try to cut it off; impossible for free ability to express ones feelings around them; or the truth. completely impossible; I simply walk away. I refuse to be someones parol officer. Its not my job to correct someones corrupt nature when speaking with them; if their not in their place; I walk away.
Ive been completely fooled by women; manipulated simply because they thought it fun; but we were not playing fun n games; no one set the rules for such things; but women dont care about rules; it means nothing to them; they are lawless; literally no respect for laws; meaning; women were playing me simply to play a game against another innocent American citizen; they respect nothing; its unbelievable; Im a witness to this; an honest witness.. I am shocked and saddened. I am truly saddened; for this means I walk the earth alone. And I am confused about this; it is not natural for them to act this way; it is against the universe and God and mother nature; it is wrong. And women do not care if it is wrong or wrong and right; and for this reason; I go my own way; I find my own happiness and if I attract someone like me that wants to be innocent and real and happy; so be it.
When I was younger; I wanted to meet a nice girl; but its never happened. its never happened; its never happened. Ive been fooled by women play acting an innocent roll, and they’ve put on a complete false front; I had no idea it was fake; not because Im stupid but in a sense naive; women would put up this false front in front of God and try to get away with it; for they do not respect God either; or the universe that created them; I dont understand; They seem to have no respect for anything; nothing. and no conscious; nothing; they do not question their own behavior; right from wrong; nothing; and ive seen this over n over n over n over n over n over n over; nothing. Im forced to walk away from them.
Women see me as someone to take advantage of because I was stupid enough to associate with them in the first place; no respect for anyone or anything; they seek only to take advantage of people.
And I mentioned; Ive seen them destroy children; Ive seen them destroy children as much or more then bad men; their no different; no conscious. Nothing.
Ive given women the choice to be around me or have my love; but because I come off as stumbling or weak; they change their minds; find an alfa male that will bread them and be more solid when they have grandchildren; thats all they are really interested in; the kind of man means nothing; is resources mean everything.
Ive seen women complain that their no good men left; In complete shock; I looked around and saw that 80% of the average good guys are everywhere. Stumped; I did not understand this statement; until I finely realized; they were talking about the 20% alfa males; nothing else; they were suggesting; theirs no good alfa males left to date or hook up with; the 20%; and those males; their worth was based on their looks or resources; nothing more; as I said; women do not love men; they love children and they love a mans resources; if the man cannot produce for them; through hypergamy and monkey branching; they look for another man; they move up the food chain; not down; and of course; they lie about who they are to the new man; complete manipulation; using him completely; they have no interest in him; only his resources. They have no issue on divorcing a man and finding another and another and another. Cheating does not mean anything to them; anymore; At that specific time of the month before their period; they go into a hyper arousal mode; and such modes are made for reproducing offspring; thus they start dressing up and wanting to go to the bar with their girlfriends; thats what they tell their husbands; in reality; their going to hook up with someone. So; Im wondering if any kind of real relationship between men and women can occur.
of course it would not be fair if I leave men out of the triangle; plenty of men cheat on women and drink and cause problems; yes? Not so; the complaint women have about men; its not men; its 20% of the sociopathic alfa males they hook up with; these sociopaths are able to produce resources because they have no conscious; women complain because these sociopaths are monsters and women get treated as objects; what do you expect; these women are dating monsters; and yet they stay with them; well; these are alfa males who produce; women will continue to stay with them as long as these men prove they can fight off other males; being strong enough or the strong males in any tribe; but these males are horrible animals; but women dont care; these are sociopaths but their the strongest males in the group; even tho they have no conscious; and will mindlessly destroy everything in their path and everyone one; women dont care; women are looking for the alpha male that produces; it matters not if they are human or not; of course such in human types of these are horrible for children; they devour children destroy them; sociopaths eat children for lunch; but women do not seem to care; and this has got me completely confused; its totally and completely corrupt; way beyond God and the universe and the natural order of things. My conclusion; women are corrupt and seek corrupt men to associate with; criminals; thugs; nothing more. And for some God offal reason; they allow their children around such monsters, where the children are raped and mentally destroyed and physically destroyed. Unbelievable; and its pure evil. And they dont care about their own citizens in their own country; nothing; blank.... And they dont seem to respect their country or the country that gave them life liberty or the pursuit of happiness. No value. nothing.
Im completely bewildered and shocked concerning women; I do not think they love anything; They certainly dont love men; so; its all very confusing for me; I just wanted to find a nice girl to love; impossible. No such animal exists accept in children’s books from long ago.
I am not dismayed by this; or other problems in my country; I will continue to seek out quiet happiness. Go my own way; and I would never have thought I would be doing that; but now that my eyes are open; Im interested in my own happiness first; possibly I can attract someone that would like to join in that happiness. The universe will bring them.
Right now; I have to learn to get on my feet again; this means liking me; while the rest of the world does not. And they dont; Ive had numerous people despise me; they have no idea who their talking to.
As for women; non of them respect me; not one; not really; most see me as a weakling of no use to them; thats because I see through them when their trying to take over and be in control of things; and I ignore them. Women are predators and not safe for children or men or any other species on the planet; no matter what they get involved in; if they are not kept in cages and controlled; they will destroy everything they touch. And we are seeing this in our country right now as the place goes broke, defranchised, and morally decapitated.
And I suppose after this writing; some idiot will start blaming me for the way women act; or blame me for reporting on it; as usual; taking no responsibility for their actions.
Dont get me wrong; theirs plenty of corruption in the world; Im pointing out some of it; Im not suggesting all people are bad; but lots of them are; much more then I ever imagined as a kid; many more; and ive seen horror; so, I know what Im talking about. As for women; why would I enjoy reporting on this; I would like it much better if I was accepted by women; but Im not; never have been and never will be.
Women have liked me for 2 reason and only 2; if they liked the way I looked and my resources; if I had no resources; I had to be good looking; but no one ever cared who I am; my identity; no one; it didnt matter; well it does matter.
It matters who I am; and it matters that I find people who see me for who I am and make that the sole judgment of interest in me. Im not interested in anyone else. As for women; I have no resources so; theirs not interest. Im shunned; and its as simple as that.
Why dont I have any resources; because I was destroyed by the same country Im a citizen in; and I was destroyed when a child; and who did this; certainly many adult women did this; along with alpha males of a sociopathic breading. most nice people did not destroy me; but nice people had their hands tied by the laws and could not help me.
I know I can become happy; my thoughts have to change; I have to protect them; and I have to keep working at success based thinking.

Dissociative Disorder
AVPD; Social avoidance
Previous/Psychotic clinical Depression
obsessive/compulsive disorder
Evolution didn't stop my death, God did .....Now what?
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