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- November 2020
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Getting rid of the psychopathic family

Permanent Linkby OMNICELL on Tue Oct 27, 2015 11:35 pm

The psychopathic family system is not a legitimate family system; not for humans! Psychopaths are not humans! Not in the sense that we humans understand humanity! They are a cross of biological humanoid body parts and a lizard predator brain! They are a mix between lower basic animal types and humans!

The psychopathic family system is not a legitimate system! It is a falsified system!

If a child is born into this mess; they must get out! then could die!

The psychopath mis leads! And this is a strange concept for the human family system! Mis leading its members is not a human trait! Being a mis lead child within a family system causes great harm to the child! It is not moral or ethical! It is completely insanity and cruelty to humans! It is sadistic to mis lead a member of a family system for the thrill of destroying them! However, this is not abnormal for the psychopath! This is how psychopaths breath and eat! This is how they eat human souls!


I have not started my childhood yet! Not until the last breath and memory of the psychopath is gone from my system will I breath childhood again! It will happen; childhood! This time I will be in control of it!

The last years I had or the childhood of my past years were the equivalent of a butchery of blood mangling! I use the words blood and butchery as philosophical! I was not bludgeoned with a knife! However, I went through the equivalent! In many respects; I was played with; miss lead! Everything in my childhood was a lie; it was mis leading! I was led to believe I had loving parents! And I had proof! But it was a lie! The proof was false fabrication by the parent psychopaths! They created a false front! I never knew until I was used and thrown away!

I thought I had 2 loving brothers! Again; a complete false front! One will turn into a sociopath! The other a degenerate! I simply had no idea! And they will steal from me or abandon me or bully me or blame me! They are not and never were connected to me! I had no idea I was living with this type of sycophant!

Relatives; Aunts, uncles, cousins! I was led to believe I had all these things; relatives! I did not! I was groomed into believing we were connected to these other people; relatives! I did not know that my father was feared by them! And they wanted nothing to do with me or him! He forced his way into their lives; show-boating my brother and I as if he had a family! In fact; we were born for this very purpose!

Sociopaths do not love anything! They have an agenda! I was born to please or be part of a false family system! That this family system look real to others in the relative family systems; aunt, uncles, grandparents! I was not wanted or non wanted! I was an object for this purpose; that when the psychopaths would visit someone, they took us with them; making them9 psychopaths) look legitimate! Other then this! I had no purpose! I was part of a bigger skeem! And this sceem intertwined into rich peoples families! My father would visit wealthy people; taking us with him; it made him look legitimate as if he was successful! We were being used! he cared nothing about us!

Sociopaths/psychopaths do not love anything! They have no connection to children! If children are born; they are used and then thrown away!! They are objects at the lowest form! They are no different then a wood lamp stand!

I was miss lead the whole time! Up until 18 years old! It never stops! I did not know! I know now!


I realized; Im a nice person! Im a decent human being; sensitive! Why would you or anyone else not like me or want to hang out with me or be around me! Im the nicest person you would ever know! So; why was I being treated so horribly! Simple! I was being treated horribly by these creatures that did not see any value in me! How can that be! Simple! They are not human; problem solved!

One must leave and never look back; do not worry about what they have done or taken or stolen! God and the Universe can bring anything back to me that I desire if I ask!

Its important to get help and get as much help as possible to de personalize the situation! Taking this personally is what destroys you!

Psychopaths do not see you! meaning; they do not know who I am on the inside! they do not have an inside person within them! they do not see me! I am a complete stranger! Therefore, they are simply looking for victims with no names! and I was one of them!

The none human system cannot be occupied by humans! This will kill and destroy humans!


Childhood; when you work through the childhood mis lead! You begin to see the whole of it! One giant wounding and maiming! One giant horror show that ended! You were destroyed! Ran into the ground and gone!

To see this clearly takes work and allot of time! Yet, it begins to give freedom because the truth sets you free!

The whole of this experience begins to disappear in your mind as you come to the truth! It is processed correctly because you see things correctly! Then it is absorbed and felt and dealt with! And it starts to create a generalized picture of truth; the full story! When this happens! You can bottle it up and throw it out! And move into reality once more!

I realized; no one took anything from me! their promises were false from the beginning! when I realized they were master pathological liars and thieves! I no longer counted anything they said or promised as truth! I no longer believed in them! they fabricated themselves through manipulation, cohesion and lies! And they did this to innocent children! They used children simply because it was convenient and the easiest targets!

My childhood was not legit! However, I was! I was not able to live during those years! Ive understood that it was a full mangling! And all of those years must go; people, places, and things! All of them! Up to the age of 18! It all must be looked through and then let go of! All of it! That is the goal!

The girls I loved, the best friend! it was all a joke! all of it perpetrated through lies and brainwashing!

I was simply being played!

To see it correctly is to see one basic principle; Im being controlled by unsafe degenerates! And that is all that is needed to know! For with this I will know the truth! There will be many false starts into freedom and freedom will be taken away from me! Mis lead! I was directed down many dead-end paths for the purpose and entertainment of the sociopaths! My life was cracked open, wrecked and ruined by this! I was played like a bad piece a music software! This includes the idiot scum I called my friends during this time and their creedy families! and anyone else who participated! ###$ all of them! They are all sycophants; all of them! Incredible! All evil, all losers!

The idea is to continue to look at these things; then come into the present and look at these things from the safety of the present! And begin to pull me out of the past; pull me out of this place! This was a forced past! I did not chose to participate under legitimate grounds!; I was groomed, manipulated and mis lead! I had no idea I was being used! When they got done with their fun n games! They packed up and left! And this was the most gruesome part!

The equivalent of this would be; you are taken to an amusement park by your parents in another city! During one of your rides, they secretly leave and never return! You are left their! You are 8 years old! And its permanent! If you ever see them again! They will claim they never met you! If you have to go back and live with them legally! I would advise against it! You will be treated like a second class citizen to the new families they are now living in!

You never expect this kind of thing to happen to you! But it does happen to some of us! It takes you by surprise and is very confusing and heart breaking!

Many children will kill themselves! Other will become permanent drug addicts and kill themselves later! Some will turn into sociopaths! Others criminals! Possible serial killers or the equivalent! And others full mental illness and social security for the rest of their lives!

In my case! Im one of the very lucky few who has gotten some help and has an understanding of what happened! And can possibly retain new relationships and some type of work activities! Very lucky on this! Work is unlikely; Long term PTSD problems! Interaction with others is very hard!

Im not home yet! The idea is to look back and be able to tell about the story of what happened! But have it have no effect on my direction or interest in the present!

To be free in the present to do as I wish!

Dissociative Disorder
AVPD; Social avoidance
Previous/Psychotic clinical Depression
obsessive/compulsive disorder
Evolution didn't stop my death, God did .....Now what?
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