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Dating; Working with God; stating your needs

Permanent Linkby OMNICELL on Thu Apr 13, 2017 10:08 am

So, as for being a man; Many men are broken lost people! and they have no idea what their doing or what to do about what their doing! many of them have been thrown away! ITs an evil world!

So, when dealing with women; as I wake up; this is what Ive found! First, most quality women that I've dealt with are not into feminism! This is a big deal these days! feminists consider every man a rapist and they've bent the judicial system in their favor; divorce a man; he looses everything! So, for many men its a better option not to hook up with women! its better to pick them up in bars or clubs; use them and dump them! have sex with them and leave! ITs not always a mans fault for doing this! They don't feel safe having any kind of real relationship with a women! They dont want some feminist turning on them and burning them at the stake! And a man can not economically offered to loose everything in a divorce battle! Man don't have the funds to keep getting married and divorced!

Many men are abandon and don't know how to pick up women! They have to relearn how to interact with people and with women; thus, the large amounts online dating coaching help sites; help!~ How to pick up women sites; these are always good; Most men are not looking to take advantage of women! most just want a girlfriend! the problem is modern times; money! men don't have the economic stabilities like their Grandfathers had! and yet, societies continue to tell them that they should! but obviously they cant! so, a man cant walk up to a women and tell her he's got a good job at the mill; lets start a family! Possibly, in these present days their are situations like this; However, things have changed! men must learn how to feel good about them selves with women; not an easy thing to do!

At this point; where a man must date and feel like he has nothing to offer; This leaves men in the cold!
Their are a few things that scare him away from dating! because he has nothing to offer; he feels like he will be under appreciated; so, whats the use! who would want to date a women that has no value for a man; men simply walk away in discouragement! men complain that women make him feel discouraged; is this the way its suppose to be?; women are not women anymore; and men turn and walk away and never come back!


My experiences working with God; working with beginning dating!

Im at the point that Ive re learned how to interact with women enough to loose my fear of walking up, introducing myself, telling them their cute and telling them to write down that phone number on that piece of paper in front of them; or cell phone! " U cute; Give me your number, Ill call you later"!

One big fear is rejection! is their rejection?; yes!, but of a different nature!
Did I get hit by a bunch of feminists! I don't know! maybe; but they need love to; so it doesn't matter, their just girls! i.e. ( women)!

What have I discovered! well?, working with the laws of attraction and God, I have found problems! but I would not blame it on women! Men have to get to the point that they will man up and learn how to interact with women in a group, learn where women hang out, learn how to approach women; learn how to have female preselection! men have to learn how to make themselves attractive to women before they ever meet them! and men have to learn how to align with themselves, stand up, walk over to a women, and ask for what they want and get a phone number! and call that phone number!

OK; good job!

Now; a man has fear that all women are bitchez! and this is a mighty fear! but a man must get over it; thats what the phone number routine is about! a man must " get over it"! Meaning; men have this fear; all women are the same; they are evil and don't care about men in general! So why bother!

Ya Ya ya, bla bla bal bal bal bla bla bla!
So, men have finally realized that most of the feminists stuff is in the magazine articles he reads; not in real life! and it matters not!
Problems with women! mistaking feminist with honest mistaken identity! " she doesn't like me, she doesn't see me, I mean nothing to her"; yells the man! " I've had my time waisted"; yells the man! " she's a feminist; yells the man!
Not so!
What I have found; I wanted women for one reason! I wanted a women to work with me with interactive concerns! sure, I want to date her! but it has to be the right kind of women that will respond to me after seeing my weakness! I have dissociate disorder and its hard to interact! Im certainly interested in women! but when I sent out the signals of interest to women; most of the interested women; after a time, pulled back! I was not what they were looking for! Is this OK?, sure it is! The women did nothing wrong! They were looking for a man to sweep them off their feet; they were not looking for a man to take care of! Even when I mentioned my social problems; they never got it; most of them didn't! they ignored me; I was either going to sweep them off their feet or they lost interest! remember, Ive called these women or gotten numbers! I did my part! So, I've got nothing to loose!

Heres the point! 9 out of 10 women are not trained or interested in dealing with someone with my issues! why?, they are innocently not interested and never were interested in going out with a man with my problems! they were never looking for me! I hit on them or tapped on it because I thought they were cute! and I ask them out! or got numbers! and I found they did not have the development to respond to me; " they never saw me"; they never looked beyond the symptoms! Is this OK! its not personal! Its not a match; thats the problem! I did what I was suppose to do! its not my fault! and thats Ok! and I liked the girls! I liked all of them; all that I asked out! but you cant ask women be a doctor when they never went to medical school! ( that is a metaphor, figure of speech, I was not looking for a real doctor)! You get my point! I went on a random head count! I asked out women based on general attraction!
It is very confusing; all of this dating and attraction stuff; the defensive posture is to blame someone; " for Gods sake, is their no one to blame for this" " some one must be to blame; someone?"
Why does someone always have to be blamed! Is it possible I was hitting on the wrong girls! Yes?, if I hit on the right women; I get a good response!
I realized that that I was asking God to specifically help find women that would work with me concerning interaction concerns! Im supper shy, super bashful! I shut down quickly and easily! and if women does not recognize this in an understanding way; I get looked over; women simply loose interest, look at me as a kind of idiot retard and walk away! I mean; their nice n all! but they pass on dating me! Im kind of thrown away and ignored from then on; Im looked at as a harmless little weakling in the corner! At first I might have been a good prospect; but no more! However, I asked for phone numbers from all these women; I did not just stare at them or hover over them like a needy vampire!

Im working with the Universe, so " Don't Give up"!
And I realized! I was looking for something within women that not all women have! certainly not the ones in my circles! I was looking for women that God sent that wanted to work with me on my interaction problems; women that wanted to coach me along! wanted to be sensitive to these problems! This is a special kind of women who wants to help!
Are women available that want to help; yes, but they must see that you have a problem! Many women Ive tried to go out with saw me as a ruff tough kind of person; not safe! a shark! or a bear! not a nice one! I am very defensive! and that shut some women down! others; I was to mysterious! Those girls never did figure me out! After awhile, they looked at me as strange and dropped their interests!
Im learning; I never sent out specific signals to what I was looking for! I put out general signals to women of my interest in them; I got general interest back! And at this point; many men give up and walk away in frustration! Men dont get the responses they were looking for! mis connection!
I began to realize; Ive got a big problem; Im asking women to step in as a real therapist and play therapist with me! I never realized; most women are not trained for this; they dont have this special level of interest; They are not looking for a man they can play therapist; not the ones Ive found!
I have been asking women out; getting phone numbers, and a few of them are responding to me differently! Im creating space for them! Im letting them know I have my problems but Im willing to want their numbers anyway! and Im getting responded to! I mean; some women are responding to me; they are cheering me on! they are interested in me; just as I am, with my problems! And these women God sent me! These are the women that the Universe had in mind!
And I realized; it was not romance or sex or friendships I was seeking! I was looking for a women to respond to me and prove her interactive obedience! She had to be sensitive and understanding to my interactive problems! If she could do that; I could go further! if she was presented with my problems and had no interest; then I would go no further! and neither would she!
So, out of 10 women, 9 have no clue who I am! However, one did! and thats all that counts! and I asked all of them out! got phone numbers! and one must call those numbers!
So, one has to have faith! The goal is sending out the right message to the right people! If I can work with God on finding the right people to deal with my social interaction problems; I will have many more hits then misses! but its never anyones fault! its simply about re adjusting to the atmosphere!

So, a bit further down the dating experience and I have a better understanding of what women are looking for and what they see in me! Many times Im not expressing to women, what Im looking for!

The goal is experiences! dont give up! trust God and keep digging!

Dissociative Disorder
AVPD; Social avoidance
Previous/Psychotic clinical Depression
obsessive/compulsive disorder
Evolution didn't stop my death, God did .....Now what?
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