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new things; new start; lets start from the beginning
   Sat Jun 19, 2021 9:59 pm
Problems with women
   Mon Jun 14, 2021 12:00 am

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Permanent Linkby OMNICELL on Tue Oct 13, 2015 4:06 pm


I had a strange confrontation with a women at one of my groups!

The idea of some of these self worshipers; you worship them or your out! The minute you put yourself above them; your out!

Well, I have news for the world! I was above them before I ever stepped foot in those rooms for recovery!

When you start confronting the evil in the room with you; this is a sign you're leaving! You've put in your time and the evil in the room no longer scares you; therefore, the evil in the world no longer scares you! You get stronger and move outward and develop outside the box!

Im in those boxes for protection! They have acted as a sera gate mother father brother sister family!



The women are way way out of line! Or alignment! They have become the center of the Universe! Its truly sickening! It's so against God! Its pure evil!

I confronted a young women ( just for a moment)! I was friends with her before; but, with the understanding that she could do no wrong, and I could do no right but she would allow me in her presence anyway!
Soon, after listening to her talk, I began to get sick to my stomach! She had no conscious about anything! I was mentally ill at the time! Slowly working my way back to reality! So, I didn't really care who I was around! God put us together! And it worked to help me!

I FB her, and told her I was done with her! I didn't like how she acted around me! She was acting pretentious! Something was not right! She lied and told me everything was fine!

Later; a week later, I messaged her; I said the same thing again, because she was doing the same thing again!! This time she told me to stop playing games with her and that she would not play this game any longer!

I told her I did not want her around me any more! But, she said we would stay neutral! I guess this is a girl thing! Not letting go of relationships( friendships)! She said I was her best friend next to everyone else!

Ive been staying away from her because, simply being in her presence and dealing with her arrogance causes pain, every time Im around her! I finally cannot be around it any longer!

I see her at different gatherings or potlucks! Most of the time I stay away from her; but her kids love me, and I love them, and they run over and beat up on me all the time and I chase them! Theirs not allot she can do about it! But I say nothing to her!

Yesterday at a meeting, walking out, I confronted her! I looked her strait in the face! She was around her group of superiors! Meaning, they think they are better then everyone! And I got this look from her, strait in my face of contempt! But it was worse then that; it was prejudice!

It was sad! Sad that someone just randomly thinks they are superior to you! Superior to the point of spitting in your face!

This girl is not superior to me! In fact, I am superior to her and everyone in her little group! Im using them to get better! And then leave! I have no desire to know any of them! I never did! Because they are evil! They believe their evil is superior in power to my good! I get my strength from God! I don't think they have a chance in hell of winning!

I am a nice guy! So, I will give someone a chance! I am lowly of heart! Im just myself! Others who depend on evil do not understand people like myself! They think I should be or can be walked on as a weakling!

Heres the point; She is not in high school! This was not cheerleader practice in junior high! This is a women with kids, and her attitude is evil!

She's acting like a stuck-up adult junior high cheerleader! To say its gone to her head is not correct! Its something much more evil! She simply could not stand it! Stand the idea that I could stand in her presence without bowing to her! Looking at her face to face in the eyes! She looked at me with scorn and contempt! But this was evil being trapped by good! And Im on the good side! It's a bit scary!

ITs sad! Her heart is not with me! Its empty toward me, but Im a good person!

One has to learn! Im around the wrong people! You don't try to change the wrong people; You go find the right people!

Deceptive manipulators smile and act nice; while in side they hate you with full passion!

If you hate me then you hate the God I pray to! You hate me at the soul level! Why?!

If Im a nice person! Why would you hate me! What is their to hate! Nothing!

Im hated without a cause! And its truly sickening! But Im learning!

This person can walk away from me without a thought and always could! I could not! Now I can!

I could not walk away from anyone! I was in need! But it wasn't personal!

Many people think its personal! Think you love them like they are Gods and cant live without them!

I could not be alone! Thats what Im battling with! Who comes my way! It didn't matter! I did not want to be alone! I still don't!

Im starting to wake up; certain people I can hug, and certain people, I cannot! They are not safe!

They don't think I m safe! They make their judgments and stick to them because they are privileged! There not hurting! And never were! Its all a lie for them! They lie and deceive and play their game with others like themselves! I have to learn not to get caught up in this! I will be destroyed!


What Im learning;

Im learning, and have been learning, who my friends are and who they are not! I make others sick to their stomach when they see me! They think they are superior to me! And cannot stand sharing the same rug with me! Im slowly waking up to who these people are and looking at the consequences for knowing them! I must get away from them! But if I do; I become lonely!

These type of people will give you the time of day from a distance! But you are not good enough to associate with them or their group in a more intimate ritual! Meaning, you cant be friends with them or in their space; you're not invited! They are better then! And its invitation only! And Im not invited!

It's a sick ######6 group of people! But Im learning from them! They truly believe they got it going on and can use others as pawns to manipulated because they are superior to man and God! Its truly ######6 sicking!

The goal is to strengthen up and never go around them again!

And I will be honest! Most of this, not all, about 60% is women! Im not trying to be a women hater! Im just saying! Its allot of women! Or allot of the women that think they are better then the men and better then everyone else! Im not sure I get it or want to understand!

I know, I must be around lowly people! Not arrogant people in love with themselves, thinking they are God! It simply isn't working for me; wrong people!


The other night I had a similar situation with another women! One asks the question! Did this person ever want me in her life to start with! Was I intrusive to know her in the first place!

Dissociative Disorder
AVPD; Social avoidance
Previous/Psychotic clinical Depression
obsessive/compulsive disorder
Evolution didn't stop my death, God did .....Now what?
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