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- November 2020
emotions starting to bleed out; This is good
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Anxiety and dealing with the opposite sex
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The work is over my head; but thats OK
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Wont let the people I love into my life...
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Social and feeling worthy
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Loving myself for real
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Moving onward
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And her vision keeps getting closer
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On moving on and creating a new life
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Breaking the dating barrier
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Back to the drawing board with women
   Thu Nov 05, 2020 2:53 am
Changes are occurring; still isolated and lonely
   Tue Nov 03, 2020 6:13 am

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Permanent Linkby OMNICELL on Sat Feb 27, 2016 9:19 pm

Number 1 sex appeal of all time for a man to a women is confidence! If men would simply study women and about women; they would understand so much more and have to do so little! However, one must practice!

With dissociative disorder and amnesia! I remembered my name! But wasn't allowed to remember much else! I new the basics! " Im here now on meds" What happened! Everything else was blocked off to me!

So, I had to relearn everything! How to be attractive, how to notice if I was bing attractive to women! How to approach them, get them to face me, open things up!, have a story, be a performing artist! Close; " your cute, I godda go, give me your number"!

And much more; how to make myself sound and look interesting and mysterious! How to turn it all around on to her, make her seem grandiose and fantastic; then get her to prove it to me! Then get her number; female preselection and leader ship quality! And how to work a room to appear to own it and all the people in it and the women! How to pull one women in; thus pulling the curiosity of the rest!

How to get them to come to me! Im still working on this one; Im doing it, more skills!

Anyway: At the end of the day; it looks like this! " If I see a women, any women I think is cute anywhere! I must decide what I want! And what I want is; I will see a women I think is cute, walk over to her, approach her, start up a conversation! Im talking with her to find out if she is a flake or oK to date"! Im putting her through the interviewing process, not the other way around"!

My point; confidence rules all things! It means no fear and Im a sexy, confident animal that is wanted by all! Everyone wants me!!

Why is this important! Its great to see some hot chick! And be able to walk over to her, with an open stance and be myself! I have a sexy smirk! Much like a movie star! I don't smile like Im needy!

However, all of this sounds good! But its about practice! First you spend the years learning what you need to learn to approach someone! And then you keep studying and practice !

Nothings better then getting on a dating coaching site; listening to how to pick up women in various situations, knowing you've got 80% of down! Your just learning new ways and tips and trix! And in the end, with enough practice, you begin to open up around women, and be open and be yourself! And this around hot; really hot women!

Today, I was very open to a young women; hot hot hot! smok'n by any mans means! But you know how hot girls are; they throw up b-tch tests! And with her looks, its scares of most men! But not me! Ive seen her before! and walk up to her in a specific situation and ignored her and walked off! later, did this again and said; bye or something! today, I was much more open and strait forward! not scared, and she was nervous when she saw me, and ducked her eyes with her hand over her eyes! perfect! she's hiding something; I wonder what it is; maybe she likes me! So, I walk strait up to her and said something and walk around her and took care of business! Then I handed her something; it caught her off guard! And said goodbye to her as if I was not attracted to her to friendly and open; not needy! Of course, she could see my face, and those signals; she knows Im attracted to her! But fearless like a loan shark!

The point; Im not their yet! And it matters not if women finds me attractive; what I mean; if Im attractive to women; you need more then this; you need confidence!

Why is it important; all of this!

1. your never alone; you can ask a women out to coffee, or anyone out to coffee!
2. Your not alone to the opposite sex! life is; O, so much better with women in it! They make up 50% of the population! they make life worth living! life would be boring with out women! women make life exciting!
3. resentments must all go; forgiveness must all come in; and a new way of studied successful thinking must be the future!
4. Hobby it; Hobby, the study and art of picking up women! and science based succesful thinking! Add to this an athletic work ethic; meaning, In the gym and on a mountain bike most of the time! your life will never be boring!

No confidence; no go!

The other day a women caught me off guard and got close and looked me in the eyes! It freaked me out; I have allot of PTSD, and I looked at her in shock and horror and fear! That women wont come near me never again! She is totally creeped out! And thats the way it goes! Nothing is free, and the outcome is not mine!

What I must do; keep practicing, keep on studying and keep taking it all to God!

In the end, my world becomes a much more friendly place!

Practice successful thinking visualization techniques with women as the subject! see myself with them, shaking hands, talking, laughing, touching! everything! all success! run this through the emanation about 100 times in real firsts person POV; see what happens in the real world

One type of practice is asking women out for coffee dutch! Spend an hour 1/2 with them! Ive been doing it! Im having good luck but a very hard time connecting emotionally! Ive just started; it will take time

Practice random conversations with women! Short 3 minutes routines! Do not hesitate around them; hesitation is what causes creepiness! Be spontaneous and direction from the start! Have a script in your mind with your passion of confidence to go with it and go practice !

Practice is the key to success in this game! Its all about using techniques that ultimately loosen your fear that you be bold and yourself around women with no negatives!

Ultimately I have a final goal for a soulmate! But all this other stuff must be mastered first before I discover my soulmate down my trail!

Whats most important;

You're trying to get rid of your negative attitude! Negative does not build success! Thats the problem!

Someone owes me; Im a victim; Im instilled! All this stupid non-sense! wont work! has to be changed with positive thinking! I use 12 step groups to get rid of the resentments! and positive business science thinking techniques for success!

The ultimate is my future Asian wife! And that wont happen until Im willing to show the Universe Im willing! Show God Im willing to try! God sends me the coaches! I then pray and go try it!

And in this game; its about experiences; experiences builds confidence!

Keep up your standards! do not drop them!

1. Why is a person always thin and in shape! They see themselves as athletes!
2. How do people make money; simple! they see themselves; their standard as someone who is always making money and having money! They seem to find a way to make money regardless!
3. How does a person get fearless! simple! they are dedicated to the science and study of how to loose fear in any situation! they must study it; because fear is the mind killer! and it destroys all success!
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Dissociative Disorder
AVPD; Social avoidance
Previous/Psychotic clinical Depression
obsessive/compulsive disorder
Evolution didn't stop my death, God did .....Now what?
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