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Author:  OMNICELL [ Mon May 28, 2012 4:56 pm ]
Blog Subject:  Blog: 69

No editing!, This ######6 sucks. Bring it back you $%#@.;. 8) 8) 8)

I went to her in all innocence. She acted like she needed to be rescued. I rescued her, then she left me. She did something worse then betrayal. She did what Adolf Hitler did. He made excuses, then he turned on the human race. He/She tried to get to the top of the ladder by way of dead people. As a top American General once stated, " Hitler was an exceptionally bad person".

The girl Im talking about was an exceptionally bad person. What scares me; many people are like the girl from above; they will lead me on, act friendly, become my friend, act needy, play act every detail of the role of love and friendship, then with out warning, pull the rug out. Blow the ship up with me on it, laughing all the way to the bank. The problem: Im an honest honorable man, Im a man of integrity and decency. I am a citizen of my country. This girl was my countryman. Why would she try to destroy her own people. Why would she betray and dishonor an honorable upright honest person, for what gain? To gain status that she set up and destroyed an honest man? I loved her with all of me; Is that not what I was suppose to do. She acted like it didn't matter if she ever saw me again, or ever remembered me. What kind of humanoid is this? What kind of despicable demonic presence is. What kind of horrible people are my countryman creating. They have no conscious, Pure Evil is this! IT is?

If I love some one , does this not show value. If I notice and care about the personā‰„ What does this say about my virtue. If I call this person my friend; is there no higher position under God. I would die for my friend. Was I wrong. Yes, I was!, she was not my friend. She was not human. She was a demon in sheeps clothing,. The soldiers from WW1 talked about these types of people. They called them " Despicable fat cats" While the boys were out dyeing on the fields of France by way of bomb, flame thrower and Chlorine Gas, These Fat socialite Elite were making money of the bomb shells they sold. They sold there young people to the fields of death and misery. Murders and rapists of there own people, that is what the " Fat Cat" is. And this girl was no different. She was being groomed as a murderer. I murderer of the poorer classes. A murderer of those who cannot get up because of weakness and exhaustion and disability. These type of people prey upon the weak, the poor, the handicapped, the very young, the Innocent. As the General stated, " very bad people"

What is strange, she would have married me because I loved her. Why!, If she knew I loved her and didn't value it, why would she marry me. ANswer ;{ biology)....!

It was mindless, I built attraction by hitting on her hard; this showed resilience and persistence. This hit her attraction buttons. She felt safe, she was with someone that honestly cared about her. Yet, a black widow cares enough to be mated before she eats her counter part. Yum!!

Its despicable; and she is not the only one. More N More, I have met a million zillion bad people in this society. Trillions of them ( just like her!).

Im writing this slop to " Get it Out:", because I will be dating soon. The girls wont leave me alone, they keep look'n at me. Im Froggy and I want to jump!! Bling Bling!!

I do not understand, I do understand, I don't understand how someone could marry me and at the same time turn on me so viciously and purely as my enemy on a moments notice. I certainly understand wickedness; thats not the point. I understand evil, I know why the person did this from an evil aspect. I wonder why the person is so dam evil, or believes in Evil over God, over good. None of this makes any sense. Why would someone pride themselves in destroying an honest man?, this makes no sense, its as if I was a trophy put on the wall at an Evil party.

People crossing the lines of rape, murder and abandonment against there own people, all for a pat on the back and to be noticed by the social Elite.

I don't want to go through this again. Who can I trust, How do I know the next person I love wont attempt to have me killed. Am I suppose to trust a wife. Why?, Ive seen this hate for honest people, over and over and over again from so many in my country.

Mini rapists vs Mini masochists: Possibly I was caught in the middle of a bigger war of hatred. The world is at war, men and women are at war with each other. I am at war with no one. That may be the problem. I wanted to help this person. She thought about the change, yet, instead she took the money and prestige and influence of a more popular person with a better family. Meaning, a family that had money. She married popularity instead of love. She would rather be with Evil then be with me. It is a horrible un-Godly thing. It is the most horrendous of the demonic influences. A contempt for those that are decent, upright, honest respectable, giving, sharing, loving and caring acceptable people.

Adolf Hitler considered humanitarians weaklings, much like the Darwinists believe. Both these entities believe its all right that a child should die that they live as they wish. No human compassion remains in these entities. God help all of us if God is removed completely from the land scape. All human beings will be in danger of extinction.

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