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Author:  OMNICELL [ Thu May 17, 2012 4:05 am ]
Blog Subject:  Blog 65 Dealing with people

Im having a real hard time with people. As I wake up , more and more people are offending me. Most people Im dealing with have emotional retardation radiation. There a bunch of stupid ###$. Arrogant dumb-asses. Thats that best way I can describe it; Arrogant is the best way..

Im a nice person, I would like to be around nice people. Im finding that I cant stand being around weirdo's/ People that want to control and manipulate people. Or those looking for status. When they think I have status, they re my friends. When they think Im low on the status loop, they think Im a looser. Im done with these kinds of people. I have to protect myself. Trust God and keep going.

One problem: Im giving the impression of intellectual capability in presentation. However, Im not able to back it up with a job or career. When Im honest about my situation, Im judged as some one of immaturity. Im neither a looser nor immature. Im might have walked over boundaries of others and they're retaliating. However, I don't care. If I walked over someones boundaries and they don't like me, they need to leave me alone.

When people start judging me according to status. Im through with them. They are out of my life. I don't have time for it.

Im a nice guy if I can back it up with a career, thats the message Im getting. Instead, I would rather back it up with the truth. The truth is good enough. I suppose Im needy. I don't have allot of friends. I don't have allot of anything or anyone.

I think its time to move on to different places and try new things. It gets so tiring being judged. Im so ######6 sick of it.

WIthout the proper status, Im looked at as a looser, regardless of my worth. Its horrible and confusing. I want to give up... I don't know who to trust. Im not sure what type of identity to present to people.

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