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Economic and sexual abuse when a child.
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The hard work of things.
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Believe first; then see

Permanent Linkby OMNICELL on Sun May 15, 2016 4:13 pm

If I believe with all my heart!

The children have it right! If they believe with all their heart; then it will come true! I believe first, then I see it!

When one is abused; the mind is destroyed and destroyed! All spirituality is gone! And it is replaced with the psychopaths mind set of mindless predator! For they see what is in front of them, then go after it, to assess its strength and where they can attack!

The human being dreams first and believes, then the Universe brings it to them!

This is the difference between good and evil! Innocence and corruption!

The poor are taught not to think but to perform or else! It is beat out of them to have dreams or use their imagination! Certainly in poverty they are not learning to believe then see!

The human mind and intelligence and soul and spirituality must work! Or the human malfunctions!


First believe, then see!

The first lesson Im learning is; first believe and then see! Or then I will see it! And this is the big lesson Im working with! This is the change back into successful thinking! Im not sure how long it will take or what smaller lessons Im must learn along the way! I don't know! We will see!

First I believe with all love and gratitude with all my heart! And then God will bring it to me! Or me to it! The path will appear! And this is what children have who are not destroyed or war torn to pieces! Or raped out of existence! Or tortured into permanent dissociation!

I must work with God and those God sends and my journey that I believe first, then I will see!

I must believe I have a house first with all my heart, before it appears!
I must believe I have a soulmate, before she appears!
I must believe I have a purpose on earth before it appears!
I created it first! I am the great creator! I create realities for my future! And I must believe this first then I will see it!

This takes practice!

All things pertain to one direction; learning how to believe first, then I see it!



I must believe first, then see them show up! I must imagine seeing them with me, interacting with me, then they will show up! I must create it first in my imagination, then it will show up!

I must practice writing out my story of being popular with women! For it must be so; I must be popular with women, after this is established, then my soulmate will show up!

I am happy first, then happiness will show up!

When I am fulfilled by women around me; then my soulmate will show up!

It starts with chance taking with others in front of me; and learning host to negotiate them! And this starts in my imagination; I imagine Im with others and interacting with them the way I want to interact! And I work with God for this to happen! I believe first, then I see it come to pass!

One way to over come the present is to write out the future on paper as if its already happened!

Write my future any way I want; think big big big! And write up anything I want for my future, keep doing this until the limiting beliefs implanted in my brain from others is gone!

And I must forgive all! And I must learn to keep rebuilding what was taken from me in the past; create a story of myself in the present with all the things I wanted from the past that are gone! I have them all back, all things are regained! All of them!

Believe first; then I will see it!


Lets say I wanted a new truck for 35000 bucks!

I say to myself that I dont have that kind of money, how can I have a truck!

Because I dont have the money, I will stop believing! and the vision of the truck disappears! and I have no more visions! no more goals!

However, if I really want the truck; I learn to believe first! I learn to believe first in the right to have this goal with no doubt! It is fact! And I learn to believe this is fact first!

I believe first, then the Universe shows up with the truck!

A path is created! When I believe strongly enough with love and gratitude; the path lights up before me and I see it! it is this path of events that lead me to the truck!

And I practice seeing myself with my new truck in my imagination in first person POV! I see myself riding around in my truck! and I see my truck with my coat in it! I make my new truck lived in, before I ever get it; all in my imagination!

Does this process hurt! dam right it does! its extreme, but it works! It takes time, it takes what it takes to practice this stuff; this way of thinking!

This enriched way of thinking is what I used to do as a boy! it made my life worth while!

Dissociative Disorder
AVPD; Social avoidance
Previous/Psychotic clinical Depression
obsessive/compulsive disorder
Evolution didn't stop my death, God did .....Now what?
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