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- November 2020
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And another day

Permanent Linkby OMNICELL on Tue Aug 06, 2019 5:03 pm

I have to migrate off social media
First, let me say that social media has been an central part of my recovery process; Ive dumped thousands of pages of information and feelings on those sites and now that Ive been on social media groups; its like having my own personal psych groups to report into every time I step into my apartment; I get on a *mod edit* group and start writing comments; its like being part of a real community. So; social media has had its part in my recovery. However, no free speech anymore; its turning into a strange form of communist conservative. Im still on the sites; I still use it for groups; And that hopefully will last, But the rest of the purpose of social media is now suspect; I see nothing but the collection of names for a money machine and censorship.

Dam feminists; bizarre. and the Mods on these groups; no better; ridiculous....
SJW's are now taking what Ive written on my social media channel and reprinting it in social media groups I and asking women if I should be in their groups because the stuff I write might appear like Im demeaning women. Well,, thats not the right words; more covert but plain. Reposting stuff Ive written to shame me to all people on the group. Why are the mods allowing this in the first place in a group; they are corrupt; all those rules; ridiculous. specific Social media sites have been taken over as a feminist headquarters.
Im smart enough not to respond; Ive had experience with this as is. I don't think anyones going to dump me from a group because of what I wrote on my own page/channel; but these days; you never know. Its attacks; their taking stuff off my page; its a *mod edit* issue. *mod edit* is about gathering people to make money from them; its trying to sell things to advertisers and gather information about people to make money; The feminist thing is a fronting. In the end its all about money and nothing more; but *mod edit* is dying as I can see it; for my intended purposes. Unethical behavior in every direction.
Ive written 10,000 things about women; the post they found was lite compared to stuff Ive written in the past. Im an American and I wont stand for this 2 faced nonsense in my country. Im outspoken about everything. But these social media sites are not America; and I mean that; they are on the internet; They are not a country.
My post was about loosing weight. I have to loose weight and get in shape if I want to date someone; this is biological; I don't have to explain it to anyone or a bunch of women; this is nothing new to have to get into shape if one is going to date; its common knowledge and common sense; its about attracting the opposite sex. Im a man; I wont work to be over weight... I have to loose thirty pounds; My issues are with food. Women dont notice me when Im extremely over weight; so I must loose weight and get thin.
I have food issues; I have to stop eating the amount of food I eat and the type of food must be changed and no snacking between meals. Simply changing my diet; allot of my weight will leave. I mountain bike all the time; so that only helps the situation of loosing weight. I can loose all the weight exercising; wont do any good; its a food issue.
Social media;
Ive already migrated to other similar sites.. Im basically done with social media ; but not yet.
I still like the groups on social media; the *mod edit* groups; the anxiety based groups; but Ive been kicked off several; either from over writing on them; triggering the bots on those sites or thinking Im advertising on sites; and of course; Im not advertising at all; but its gotten me kicked off. On the other sites; its about free writing styles; free speech.
Its not free speech on social media anymore; its not been free for a long while. At some point everything I write on my social midia page will be censored. Its not free speech on those sites and worse; someone else can set me up on those sites and get me kicked off; its happened a few times; and its happening now. The mods aught to know better; but no one said they were decent people; their not; its all fake; a ######6 joke; nothing is honest; its all communism or socialism.
Anyway; Ive got the universe on my side so Im not worried about it; Im just fascinated and curious as I watch how Im assaulted on social media; and many more complain about the same thing and are migrating to new social media sites.
IF you put a pic of something offensive to the social media group; I get a strike and knocked off for a few days. I dont agree that its offensive; its the truth; and the only people that dont like the truth are currupt liars.

Ill keep working with the universe and being out spoken words of truth until they shut down my page...

I have sites to dump my feelings; the universe is in control of all things; so; Ive dumped enough stuff on my social media page and social media groups; it doesn't matter if Im never on those things again; I got all my feelings out about the subjects I needed to get out; I dont like it tho. Nothing is ethical. No free speech; means head hunters can find something on your page and use it against you on the whole site; its like communism. And in the end; its all about making money for those who own those top sites; and thats all this is about...
When I see a post about someone complaining about dating; and bringing up size. Im like; " are you kidding"; the first thing that most go if I want to date is weight; Ive got to get thin and in shape or at least thin; my regular weight. I cant be carrying 50 pounds of flab and expect all the girls to jump me. It dont work that way; and everyone knows this; its biology. If I leave my opinion; " why dont you loose weight" Im suspended; some feminist comes on my page drags the stuff back to the group Im in; or if I leave a comment in the group; 400 women attack me which makes no sense; Im trying to help the poster; Im trying to get a real world concept shoved down their throat; " you dont get nothing unless work your ass off". Dating is not easy; non of it; Lots more required besides just loosing weight. But loosing weight is a must; its a must for me.... And the truth is good enough; its scary when censorship is used.

Back to social media;
The point is; they start looking to tare you down on specific social media; they come after you; thats whats happening to me; Im being hunted... because of what I wrote on my page. And on a few other sites; the comments I left. Its not free speech; not because of the feminist but because of the mods and who's in charge of social media. Its not free speech.... Its starting to look like a add machine on social media; an advertising machine. Get the names and numbers of the people from the social media information and send it to other sites and sell the names.
So; Im slowly migrating.
Social media is not what it used to be. At some point I hope to leave them behind; stay on specific new social media sites and other copy sites.. Ive already joined several other sites...
Social media is nice for groups; But Im running out of groups because I cant speak freely. That wont stop me; Im under orders from the universe; and the universe creates the world I need to survive in; so; for now; Ive got groups; the problem is the value of these specific social media groups; the mods on the groups are no better then the filth causing my problems on my page; in fact; they may be the same people. When I got in trouble on sites; it was me chasing the bad people who started the problems in the first place; I ended up leaving controversy posts on the group; talking about what was happening; and bam; I was stopped; I got suspended. So; Im at least a basic learner. Im learning; stop responding. The other day; a had my stuff taken from my social media page and dragged to one of my posts; Relational aggression attack by the SJW's. I work with the universe; and the answer is; dont respond; do nothing. How can the mods attack me I never responded to anything. But at some point they will or they can.
The key is to keep going; the universe has supplied this social media place for me to dump my stuff and get better; and its worked; Ive noticed an interesting situation; no matter where I go; I win; Im always winning; no one is dumping me first; or cutting me off; its always to late; the SJW's are always to late; everyone is to late that wants to dump me from a site; I always get all the stuff out and grow beyond the group or site before Im dumped; aways. This is the universe making things happen in my favor. Its been this way for awhile; it appears to be. They cant catch me because the universe is in charge. Still; it can get stressful.

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Dissociative Disorder
AVPD; Social avoidance
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Evolution didn't stop my death, God did .....Now what?
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