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- November 2020
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Changes are occurring; still isolated and lonely
   Tue Nov 03, 2020 6:13 am

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a younger women; a soulmate?

Permanent Linkby OMNICELL on Wed Jul 06, 2016 4:19 am

So, Ive been Spontaneously threatened again at different sites to quit writing about subjects dealing with women and men; age difference and the true effect it has on each other from my perspective!

Today class; we will talk about Omnicell wanting to date women 30 years younger!

Now; you might ask why! Because they wanted to date me or they took notice of me! And they still do! These ware women in they're early 20s!

I will describe my findings!

Ill approaching 54 in a several months! And I attract young women! Not as many as I did! I mean; at 54, most 19 year old women are not going to be presentable interested! However, I still attract some women!

How do I look at younger women!

Honestly, I see them as my soulmate! To me! Younger women are simply accessible if they are literally accessible!

2 requirements for me to be interested in a women; I have to be attractes to them and Their personality and we must click; I usually look for intelligence and the ability to communicate!

The problem; when women are very young, they are very cute; so the attraction part is always their! As for attempting to find personality! The problem is; she is so cute, Im going to cut corners to find a way to justify wanting her! Ill take her average personalty and try to make it into something that can fit! It wont fit! Ill talk to God about her!~ God doesn't know her! This means she's not of God! She's not being called by God to be near me!

Ive found that Godless women; the ones Ive seen; approaching around have had similar problems; Their unethical in their dealings with me! I assume they want to hook up with an unethical man! Certainly no decent man will be round! However, many are master manipulators! These girls don't want to do the hard work to find a soulmate the right way! Manipulation is their system! And unfortunately they are not for me! And I amaze myself by saying this! That I would be interested in such women! Very interesting! Ive been; thats the problem!

So, whats the real problem; Im only interested in her being a girlfriend! Im not interested in anything else! Thats not true; Im interested in sex!

I pray to God for help; to lead me to the right people!

Everything it seems in my life is wrong! It's not inline with who I am; not even the people I associate with Im unnoticed for my real value!

I have to take all of this to God and have him start sorting this out!

I read something; Stop trying to get others to like you and go toward those who do!


PTSD is blocking me! It wakes up whenever I get an idea in my imagination or a desire! Im learning how to have an imagination and desire anyway! Im reusing my imagination now! Its hard and it hurts! All the memories come alive when I was living at my Grandparents house! This is not good; its full human psychological neglect; school neglect! Human being neglect! Everywhere on both sides; psychopaths or sociopaths! All of them!


Spontaneous interactions! Saying hello to others spontaneously; this is a basic cure for most of this! Learning to say hi to people and not know the outcome! And no control of them coming and going! This will be very good for me! And very good when approaching!


Im afraid some of my problems have cause dissension with some of the drug addicts in the groups Im in! Im in the groups for addiction as well; however, I never used meth and some of the harder stuff they decays brain cells! my stuff was about drug use in high school, and alcohol in my middle to late 20s! this was a result of the decay of my personal like and the depravity of my existence and break down of my personalty! I had break downs; bad ones! PTSD based; long term! However, just as the alcohol started to become a problem; An intervention of sorts occurred! The next thing I know; Im in the 12 step system of several different type of addiction and recovery groups; including the base of psychological therapeutic help and SSi! State help!


So; as for the younger women as soulmate; know looking at this title; it seems silly! However, this is more about my ability to simply spontaneously say Hi to people! that simple ability gives me the in road to talk to any women I want! not being afraid to interact! and I can take it from there!


The real goal is say Hi! to people! randomly and spontaneously! taking chances with strangers! this builds confidence!

Dissociative Disorder
AVPD; Social avoidance
Previous/Psychotic clinical Depression
obsessive/compulsive disorder
Evolution didn't stop my death, God did .....Now what?
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