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- July 2021
4 days to go; back on Facebook
   Tue Jul 27, 2021 4:58 am
Im back
   Sun Jul 25, 2021 7:04 pm
Next blog
   Sun Jul 25, 2021 12:44 am
What car to buy
   Sat Jul 24, 2021 4:56 pm
Economic and sexual abuse when a child.
   Fri Jul 23, 2021 10:14 pm
moving forward in through the past. Learning how to express
   Mon Jul 05, 2021 3:38 am
The hard work of things.
   Fri Jul 02, 2021 4:56 am

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Permanent Linkby OMNICELL on Sun May 20, 2012 1:57 pm

Do not worship societies. Societies are a gathering of people for the betterment of everyday working and living. Hope is gathered when one is not alone. A rope is stronger with more strands, if the bead is tighter then the thugs pulling on it. A rope alone has no purpose, it hangs itself.

Do not believe in societies nor worship them. They are symbols of constructed boredom from the everyday workers creative mind. Society does not exist. All the world is a cyber stage and we are just junky monkeys dying in it, living in it, praying it. playing with it.

The person next to me is what matters. God above matters. Nothing else matters.

I was told the cage is a better place to live. A monkey alone is in bad company. Fill the cage with monkeys and survival is a sure thing. However, strange things happen when monkeys coexist; dominance occurs in strange forms.

The nice monkeys are ruled by the aggressive monkeys with no hobbies; dominating other monkeys is there hobby. The nice monkeys become sick from being dominated. They begin to exhibit strange behavior. They are no longer normal. In order to survive; nice monkeys become insane monkeys, there minds rearrange themselves to deal with the dysfunctional environment.

A great monkey from the nice monkeys appears. He tells the truth of how he sees the monkey cage; its origins and original purpose. The dominant monkeys do not like what the great monkey is freely saying. The death of the great monkey is certain. The death threat has caused the nice monkeys that are now insane monkeys to retaliate and start the first monkey war.

Arguments occur among the monkeys. No monkey can be trusted. Right has become wrong, wrong has become right. Monkeys just wanna argue. Monkeys just wanna have fun!

The war begins:

Innocent, younger, and less aware monkeys are pitted against each other in vulgar landscapes. Thus, no escape is born.
What started out as a grand plan to bring monkeys together; ( i.e. the cage) ,is now causing the monkey generations to die. Death to the monkeys on the right, death to the monkeys on left. No monkey shall escape persecution. It is better to be wise then happy.

After 4 years of brutal fitting no peace can be seen!. The landscape is torn to pieces. Banana bombs are being shot from cannons. Hordes of monkeys are being evaporated at a single blow.
Many monkeys are maimed, many monkeys die.

War monkey poets sing of tragedy and false lies as they watch there friends crippled and rattled.

One monkey back home on the streets in the cage " Its better to be happy then wise"

Back in the fields:
Many monkeys are in shock; shock from exposure to the banana bombs. These monkeys are taken away and studied. Many new attributes to the human mind are discovered from the strange agitation's of these banana manas. A new term is coined that describes these strange agitation's. PTSD. Unfortunately these shocked monkeys do not survive, after a short time in the field hospitals they hang themselves.

From these gatherings of war, scientists of the cage suggest a new disease description for the continued crippling effects of banana bombs. Its a disease of the mind; the crippled monkeys cant see, cant stand up or sit down, cannot walk strait, cannot speak, seem to shake uncontrollably. Yet, no physical injury has been witnessed to the cause of these conditions. These conditions are coming from trauma created by the continues shelling of banana bombs dropped; not on, but next to the unsuspecting soldiers.

This new condition will be called Mental illness; a general term, it describes physical disabilities created by dysfunctional rearrangement of the cognitive attribute. This is a severe trauma based condition.

The war ends;

Many Monkeys are dead. The rest are sent home to the cage.

Back in the cage the soldiers contemplate a new problem, a shocking problem,

The family systems in the cage appeared to be similar to the battle fields in every aspect. Closely watched members of families in the cage, the returning soldiers took notes. The dysfunctions of rape, murder and abandonment are killing children, making them hang themselves. Its as if the children in the cage were hit with banana bombs all day long. The child's behavior included; complete emotional, psychological, spiritual; and at times, physical shut down. The children could not reason or use intelligence, At times they acted out hurting themselves and others. As the family system grow more dysfunctional some soldiers opted to return to the military fields of war then stay in the cage. Several monkey soldiers stated that the cage was a fearful place, a place of actions with no consequence. A police force was induced after the war to keep the piece, it created socialism. Now every monkey has quite desperation, yet is always wearing a face pasted plastic smile hiding a false identity of pain and betrayal.

Could the living conditions of the Cage be the cause of the Family system breakdown; it might be better to be alone and with God then be part of a society.

One monkey gave up, got on her knees and started praying for help.

It might be better to be alone and with God then be part of a society.

Dissociative Disorder
AVPD; Social avoidance
Previous/Psychotic clinical Depression
obsessive/compulsive disorder
Evolution didn't stop my death, God did .....Now what?
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